Fairy – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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If you see a fairy in your dream, it could mean that you will have an unexpected situation that will shock you.

Fairy is a symbol of unexpectantly, weird and funny situations. It is also a sign of positive energy and lots of laughs.

You have a good period in front of you and you should appreciate the little things in life that make you happy.

Maybe you will hear a piece of good news which will lead to a celebration, so you might throw a party.

Seeing a beautiful fairy is a sign of positive emotions and making new memories.

There are many dreams related to a fairy, so let’s see if your dream is here!

The most common dreams about fairy

Dreaming of seeing a fairy

If you only remember seeing a fairy in your dream, it could be that you will receive great news or be in an unexpected, thrilling situation.

Maybe you will be proposed, and start living with your partner. The fairy is a symbol of love and affection, so you will experience these in near future.

Also, it could be that you will get pregnant or your partner will give birth to your child, depending on whether you are a woman or a man.

Dreaming of a beautiful fairy with wings

This dream is a very positive one and it suggests that you will receive many compliments.

People think of you as a beautiful person with lots of good qualities and everyone respects you. You are an easy-going person who is always smiling and in a good mood.

Many people find you very attractive and some of them would want you as their partner. But, you are free and you don’t like being restrained by others.

You have a free spirit and you live for your freedom. No-one can take it from you and you enjoy it.


Dreaming of an old fairy

This dream is telling you to care about yourself more and to stop stressing out with your look. Caring is not pushing yourself to be the best but accepting that you are just a human.

Don’t let beauty standards make you feel insecure about your face and body and learn to love yourself the way you are.

Also, maybe you will get a piece of advice from someone older than you and you should take it because it is said with good intentions.

Dreaming of being surrounded by fairies

If there were many fairies around you in your dream, it means that some people don’t want the best for you and are probably gossiping about you.

Some people around you are trying to fraud you and make you look like a fool. Don’t let them do it and be stronger when it comes to defending yourself.

You know your worth and don’t let others let you down with their jealousy and hatred.

Dreaming of a fairy in the woods

This is a magical dream and is telling you to never stop believing in miracles. From time to time, they happen and they surprise you.

Don’t give up your hopes and dreams because you have the chance to make them come true.

Also, this dream means that you will soon see an old friend you haven’t seen in years and you will realize how much you have missed them.

It will be a great time to remember good memories and create new ones.

Dreaming of a dancing fairy

If you saw a fairy dancing, it means that someone is trying to make you believe their lies. They are hiding behind their mask and they want something from you.

It could be a colleague or a friend that wants what you have and is not your true friend. Be careful and don’t let others fraud you.

Dreaming of many fairies dancing

This dream indicates that you will have to change in order to adjust to your new environment. You will have to do things you don’t like if you want to fit in.

It will be hard for you to be someone you are not, but you will have to do so if you want to achieve your goal.

However, you are strong enough to take that pressure and get what you want in the end.

Also, this dream may mean that you will be misunderstood by a group of people and that will lower your confidence.

Dreaming that you are a fairy

This dream is indicating that you will be someones’ benefactor. You will help someone get through the tough times and that person will be infinitely grateful for your help.

Besides the material things, you will give that person advice on what to and how to act if he/she wants to get out of a bad situation.

You are a true hero and you will help one person keep fighting and trying to become better.

Another meaning of this dream is that you see yourself as a beautiful, caring person who will always help others in need.

Dreaming of getting killed by a fairy

When a fairy kills you in your dream, it is a sign that you should be careful with trusting someone close to you.

A dangerous fairy represents the powerful, evil person in your life that doesn’t like you for who you are.

There is a person you truly trust, but that person will let you down. So, keep your eyes wide open, and don’t let that person take advantage of you.

You don’t deserve that and you should distance from that person if you notice anything strange.

It will be very hard for you to get over that and to move on, but it’s better to know who is your true friend than to live in a lie.

You will realize that you can’t trust that person and that it’s better for you to ditch them.

Dreaming of fairy singing a song

If you saw a fairy singing a song to you in your dream it may mean that you will hear some gossips about yourself soon.

The song of a fairy is considered to be fake and evil because it can make people believe in their lies, according to mythology. Their song is dangerous and tends to make people crazy.

Some people can’t stand your success and are jealous of you, but that shouldn’t bother you.

People who are your true friends won’t believe those lies and will help you forget about the negative people.

You deserve to be respected and appreciated and you should never let others bring you down.

Dreaming of a dead fairy

This dream has a negative connotation and it suggests that your dreams and hopes will be gone with the wind.

You won’t succeed in your plan and it will make you feel really sad and depressed.

Maybe you will be rejected on a job interview or you will get fired. You will feel like there is no way out of that situation.

But, you should never give up on what you believe in. Every failure is one step closer to the top.

Dead fairy is a symbol of lost hope and giving up. It suggests that you might get in a crisis that will be too hard for you to get out of it alone.

You might need someone to help you and be there for you.

Dreaming of a baby fairy

If your fairy was a baby, it means that some really good things will happen to you. You will have beautiful moments filled with love and trust in next period.

You will see your friends more and you will have a great time. That will end your loneliness and make you motivated for the future.

Everything happens for a reason and this dream is telling you to patiently wait for the sun to shine on you.