Massage – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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People need a massage when they feel stressed and stiffed. If you had a dream of getting a massage, it could mean that you need to take a day off and relax.

Sometimes people work too much and they don’t realize that they need to rest and get their energy back.

If you are stressed out then you should try to find some time for yourself and collect your energy.

Also, you may feel lonely and you need someone to be there for you. Loneliness can be the reason you had this dream because you lack physical attention and touch in reality.

During the massage, people feel relieved, so it could be that you will finally get over some problems that have been bothering you for a long time.

You might find the answer for something you were indecisive about.

Getting a massage in a dream means that you will need help from someone and you will likely receive help.

It could be that you are overwhelmed with problems and you need to share them with somebody. When you say what bothers you, you will feel less stressed and relieved.

Also, maybe you are sexually attracted to the person from the dream and you want to get closer to them.

The most common dreams about a massage

Dreaming of receiving a massage

If you enjoyed the massage, it means that someone will help you with your problems. It is likely to be someone from your family who loves you the most.

Also, it could be that you are physically attracted to the person in your dream, but it depends on the type of massage you had.

Maybe you feel too stiffed and you need to take time off from work. Your shoulders are carrying too much of a burden and you can’t take it anymore.

Dreaming of massaging someone

If you were massaging someone, it could be two things. First, maybe you feel attracted to that person and you want to start a relationship with them. The feelings are the same on both sides and you should give it a chance.


Secondly, you may help someone with their struggle. You will be like a guardian angel to them and they will respect you. You are kind and generous and you always want to help others out.

All in all, this dream is a positive experience and it suggests that you will make a good connection with somebody soon.

Dreaming of massaging your neck

If you felt pain in your neck during the dream, and you massaged it, it means that you carry a lot of burden on your shoulders. You can’t keep your head up and you feel like giving up.

You are tired of your responsibilities and they are strangling you. There is too much pressure on you and you wonder if you will be able to persist.

Try to distance yourself from the source of negativity and look at life from a different perspective. Also, try to do more physical exercises and move your body.

Dreaming of a back massage

If you had your back massaged in the dream, it means that you have people who support and love you. They got your back and they will do anything to protect you. You feel safe and appreciated.

Also, you have good friends that want the best for you, which means that you are a good friend who deserves that treatment.

Be proud of those people and never forget who was there for you at the worst times.

Dreaming of getting a foot massage

If this dream had a sexual context, it is your subconscious mind telling you that you are sexually attracted to someone. You miss physical touch and that is completely normal. If you can’t find anyone who suits you, try to focus on other things such as work, hobbies, etc.

Also, it could be that your feet hurt and it means that you feel tired of trying to please everyone. Pain in the feet is a symbol of walking the long-distance for someone who wouldn’t do the same for you.

However, massaging feet means that you take care of yourself and you are not letting anyone treat you like a fool.

Dreaming of being a physiotherapist

If you had a dream about yourself as a physiotherapist who massages other people, it means that you will likely change your partner.

You are tired of being the only one who puts effort and you need to make a change for your own good.

Dreaming of erotic massage

The message of this dream as bright as day. Froid would say that you should question your sexuality. But, this dream can represent your need for attention. Maybe your partner is not giving you enough time and energy and you feel neglected. You need to talk to them and see if you can make things right.

However, other than having a sexual context, it could be that you should take more care of your health. See a doctor if you are suspicious of something.

Dreaming of a shoulder massage

You need to let go of your fears. You live in constant fear for the future and that is holding you down.

You can’t improve if you are scared of tomorrow and that is a big problem for you.

You feel a lot of pressure on your neck and shoulders and you might wonder if you are strong enough to get through this period.

Massaging your neck is a symbol for you to start making a positive change and stop being afraid of unreal scenarios that are not likely to happen.

Practice your mind to be more positive and excited about life, and stop letting your thoughts scare you and make you feel anxious.

Dreaming of oil for a massage

If you just saw an oil, it means that you feel like you don’t belong somewhere. It could be at work, school, etc. You have to get back to reality and face your fears.

If you don’t like something, try to change it or adjust to it.

The massage oil is a symbol of disbalance and incompleteness.

You have to face unknown people and you are worried about your appearance. Work on your confidence and don’t let your fear ruin good possibilities and chances.

Also, you may find yourself walking on a slippery road and you wonder if your plans will work out. Nothing is for sure and you are currently standing on thin ice.

Dreaming of a hand massage

If someone was massaging your hands and it felt good, it means that you will unexpectedly receive an offer you can’t turn down.

Hand massage symbolizes someone who wants to help you and be there for you. You have to let people get closer to you and stop putting big boundaries.

If you were massaging your hands, it means that you don’t need anyone and you can handle everything on your own. You are a strong, independent person who always knows what to do.

Hands are a symbol of trust and hard work. It can be that you are tired from working too much and you need to rest.

Also, you trust someone from your surrounding and you would never doubt their loyalty.

Dreaming of anti-cellulite massage

This dream indicates that you are unconfident about your body. You worry about what others think of your appearance and you stress too much about your weight.

There is no need to hate your body because it is different. This dream is a sign for you to stop being anxious about your body and try to appreciate yourself more.

If you want to change yourself because of others, that is not going to make you satisfied either. Learn to love yourself.