Gas Station – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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The gas station in a dream is usually related to a job and career. It often means that you have neglected everything else because of your job.

Also, it can mean that you will be surprised in the future. Maybe someone will try to make you happy by giving you a present.

The gas station in a dream can be related to your financial situation. If you had a dream about a closed gas station, it can mean that you will be in a bad financial situation.

On the other hand, this dream can be a sign of love and a new chance to show your affection for someone.

In this article, we will try to make an interpretation of your dream and help you understand its meaning.

The most common dreams about gas station

Dreaming of approaching a gas station

If you had to go to the gas station in your dream, it means that you will soon need help from a friend of yours.

Maybe it will be financial help because this dream indicates that you will be in a bad financial position in some near future.

Dreaming of refueling your car

If you went for a refuel on a gas station in your dream, it means that you will soon be very excited about something great.

You will hear great news which will make you very happy.

Also, this dream indicates that you will meet someone who will change you.

You won’t believe that something like that can happen to you and you will be mind blown. It might be love at first sight and it will bring you happiness.

Dreaming of buying fuel at the gas station

When you dream of buying gasoline, it is a symbol of material stability. A great period in which you will live in abundance is waiting for you.


You will enjoy the fruits of your labor and try to give family members things you could not have.

If you look at your life, you realize that it is a constant struggle and that you deserve to relax. You will probably go on vacation to gather strength for the obligations that are yet to come.

Dreaming of selling gasoline

Dreaming of selling gasoline suggests that you will be in a complicated financial situation.

Maybe you will have to do two jobs or change your current one because you will need to make money for your family.

It’s not likely that you will receive any help from other people because they won’t agree with your decision. 

Dreaming of running out of fuel

If you had a dream about running out of fuel in your car, it means that you spend too much energy on unnecessary things that make you tired.

You are trying your best to make people around you satisfied and that is why you feel too tired and you can’t find time for your own needs.

However, you think those people deserve everything you give them and that is why you can’t neglect them and stop putting yourself into their needs.

You need to rest and collect energy if you want to be of greater help to the ones you love the most.

Dreaming of a gas station

If you saw a gas station in your dream it means that you put your work on the first place and that way you put other things aside. You spend too much energy and time on work and you don’t find time for people around you.

Maybe you have neglected your friends or family members because you are too occupied with work.

Try to find some time to make it up to them because you can become very lonely.

You know that you have to work hard to satisfy the needs of your family and you are torn between free time spend with your family and a job that gives you money.

Your family is probably telling you that you should be more at home but they are also aware that you need to work. You have to find balance between these two if you want to be happy.

Dreaming of setting a gas station on fire

If you had dream in which you set the gas station on fire, it might mean that your impulsive reactions will give you a lot of troubles. You might react too hard to some situations and that can bring you no good.

You need to learn how to control your reactions because you are not aware of the consequences that might occur after your raging scenes. You don’t want to lose people you love just because you are easily irritated.

Your impulsive reactions and hard words might cause you a lot of damage because people around you might not understand the reasons you act that way and they might distance from you.

If you want to keep people around you and be happy with your life you should change your attitude and be more aware of your negative sides.

Dreaming of someone else setting a gas station on fire

Dreaming of someone else setting a gas station on fire means that you have a secret admirer. Someone has a crush on you but you don’t know about it yet.

That person might be from work because that is a person you know and you spend a lot of time with them.

Your appearance has attracted them and they like you for how you appear to be. They don’t know the real you so you should keep in mind that they might be in love with the false image of you.

That person won’t tell you their feelings because they are afraid of rejection. Maybe you seem to be cold-hearted and that is the reason someone doesn’t want to confess their emotions to you.

And if you saw a gas station on fire, it’s a symbol of destructive behavior that might make a big problem to you. You should take care of yourself and stop sabotaging your own life.

Dreaming of a gas tank

Seeing a gas tank in your dream indicates that you will have to do much work for a short period of time. You will be forced to work every day for many hours if you want to finish the work.

That might make you very tired and grumpy but it will be worth it. Also, you will have to do that work on your own because no one will offer to help you so you’ll be alone in that.

Be prepared to be exhausted and tired all the time during that work. You will probably have an eating problem because you won’t find any time for yourself.

Dreaming of a burning cistern

If you saw a burning cistern in your dream, it can mean that you have hidden feelings for someone.

Maybe that person is not interested in you so you keep your feelings for yourself, but it’s very hard for you to act normal around them and you can’t stand that pressure.

Maybe you haven’t even talked to them because you are afraid you will look stupid.

Dreaming of setting a gas tank on fire

This dream indicates that you hide a big secret. Nobody knows for it and it’s becoming a burden to you.

Maybe you will feel better if you tell that secret to someone.