Pomegranate – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams can come from various themes, from conquering cosmic expanses to eating delicious fruits. Let’s try to analyze what the vision means, in which the seer had to eat pomegranates in a dream, looking for interpretation in special dream books.

To understand what it means to see pomegranates in a dream, you must first remember the details of the dream, even the most insignificant ones.

In fact, the interpreters will only help to understand the essence of the plot, and a full analysis of the image will be possible only with the smallest details.

Pomegranate – Dream Meaning

Dreaming is free and that -especially in these times- is a pleasure. Who has not dreamed of winning the lottery or fulfilling his greatest vital wishes?

Who has not wanted something with all the energy of it and this longing has felt like a dream. Who has not wished that a dream would one day come true?

Life is a dream because it is full of dreams and because dreaming is a human condition from which we cannot escape. For this reason, the mind and the subconscious have their great ally and a form of manifestation in the dream.

Thus, in the same way that dreams to be dreams have to be dreamed – otherwise they will never be dreams and they will never be anything – in the same way, the fact of dreaming can only be done through dreams. Can you dream something that is not a dream?

For the classics, dreaming of a city-shaped grenade heralded the taking of a city where the shell was the walls and the grains were its army.

Today, psychoanalysts – who are the ones who study dreams best – have confirmed that dreaming of a grenade reflects a great desire for conquest, fertility and wealth.

Dreaming of an open pomegranate showing its grains confirms the desire to find someone who will fulfill our wishes.

Because the pomegranate is a symbol of fertility, abundance, wealth, life and dreams. Of course, it is one thing to dream of Pomegranate and another thing to dream of Pomegranate. But what is Pomegranate’s dream?

According to the dream book, see Pomegranate (fruit) – Pomegranate is a symbol of fertility due to the abundance of seeds under its dense skin.

It is also a symbol of perfection and rebirth. If you dreamed that you were eating pomegranate, that dream may indicate a quick addition to the family.

If you pluck grenades, expect success in business and well-being. If you stomp on grenades in a dream, then in life you do not appreciate what nature gives you, for which you can pay, for which the dream book interprets the dream you dreamed of.

To dream Pomegranate (fruit) – if you dreamed of pomegranates, you will correctly apply your talents and not waste them in vain. If in a dream the loved one treats you with a grenade, then in reality you will resist against insidious feminine charms.


The pomegranate is considered a symbol of passion and pleasure. If you dreamed of it, then before spontaneous intimacy, which will give you an abyss of pleasure. They cleaned the grenades in a dream – in s*x you like to delay pleasure in order to strengthen it. You are very skilled in love affairs, no one will argue!

Pomegranate – Dream Symbolism

The dream in which the dreamer sees grenades should be considered as the line that divides the rational actions of the eruption.

That is, seeing the fruit in a dream is a kind of clue as to what the seer expects in the real world in the near future. Consider the interpretation of the vision of a pomegranate in a dream with detailed details:

If in a dream a richly flowering pomegranate were dreamed, the dreamer would have harmony and peace in the family. Why do dried flowers dream, given the interpreter?

Most likely, the dreamer will have to solve a lot of family problems.

Seeing and tearing an immature fetus in a dream is a sign of receiving support from a very influential person.

Eating pomegranates in a vision, especially large and red, is explained in the interpreter in two ways: Dried or rotten is a pomegranate in a dream, it should be considered as a bad omen, indicating an inevitable misfortune.

The interpreter interprets the vision in which the dreamer uses pomegranate seeds as follows: soon the seer will have a spontaneous sexual pastime.

If the dreamer drinks pomegranate juice in a dream, most likely, he will have to fight with feminine and very destructive charms.

And, most likely, he will not be able to come out of this confrontation as the winner. The dream fetus of a woman or a girl will tell you that the above decisions were correct and wise.

Seeing a garnet inspired by a dream, to which bees fly, will inform you about the development of a rather delicate situation.

However, not the dreamer himself, but a member of his family will fall into such a situation.

When interpreting dreams, it is equally important to remember what actions the image took and what feelings it experienced.

If in a vision the ripe fruit of the pomegranate is seen in the artist’s image, and the examination of the painting will cause the seer many positive feelings, in the real world the dreamer expects success in almost all endeavors.

Having seen a dream in which bees fly around a grenade, and the dreamer watches the flight of insects, it must be remembered what emotions caused the vision.

If the evoked sensations are positive, then this sign can be considered very good, heralding harmony in the family, financial wealth, and even the fulfillment of a cherished wish.

If a pregnant woman dreams of eating a ripe fruit, such a vision can rightly be considered as a harbinger of a favorable childbirth.

Peeling a fruit in a dream and seeing ripe red pimples under the skin promises the dreamer very pleasant sensations from an early meeting with an interesting person.

In a dream, buying fruit is a hint to the sleeper that in the near future he will have to find himself in a rather unusual position that will surprise others.

The interpretation of the dream, in which the seer squeezes the juice from the fetus, sounds like this: soon the sleeper will do some rash actions. They will regret the latter in the future.

Taking into account the decoding of the lover’s dream book, there is a grenade in a dream that will tell you about a meeting with a worthy and very attractive person.

It is possible that such a relationship will be long, and soon the dreamer will get married.

If a young man dreams that his beloved feeds ripe pomegranate seeds from his hands with grains, this is a very good sign that suggests that there will be love, respect and mutual understanding in the relationships of young people.

Whichever dream book is used to decipher the dream, you must first try to remember with what thoughts the dreamer woke up in the morning.

After all, if a dream inspired joy and positive emotions, this is a clear positive sign that promises the dreamer a favorable future.

Fruits must be present in the diet of each person, replenishing the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

In a dream, see Pomegranate – The dream in which you see the pomegranate means pleasure and enjoyment.

If you dream that you enjoy a pomegranate, it means that you will try non-standard sex and you will like it.

You will experience many positive emotions, and passion and desire will embrace you.

If you dream that you are peeling the pomegranate, it means that you like to put aside the pleasure and then enjoy it to the fullest. It makes you a skilled lover, and having sex with you is a real pleasure.


Dreamers who observed grenades in a precious dream, will be able to avoid trouble, possibly in the near future.

But even a dream stone can carry information about a certain danger, but you will receive a phone call in which there will be information on how to avoid it and solve some problems.

For a woman, the pomegranate in a dream has another meaning, joyful and changing her life for the better. She will receive a marriage proposal and will be married successfully, especially if he was there.