Giraffe – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Giraffes are the tallest animals, their nature is elegant and graceful.

They are not harmful or scary looking, giraffes live in Africa and they do not eat other animals.

Their appearance in a dream could have different meanings, and in general dreams about giraffes are pretty uncommon.

They represent a strong desire to not fit into the crowd, giraffes are a symbol of something that is special and unique.

As animals they have elegance which is unusual, so in your dream they could represent your inner elegance that you are maybe hiding from the world.

Giraffes can be signs of success, happiness, interesting opportunities, something unexpected that is likely to happen in your near future.

Sometimes they are a sign that you need to change your point of view, maybe look at things from a different perspective in order to have more understanding with others and yourself.

Also this can be a sign that you are not satisfied with your life, it is missing some kind of excitement and adventure so this dream is sending you a message to explore new options and move somewhere else.

Your need for a new life is reflecting through dreams like this, and perhaps you need these dreams to realise what you truly want out of your life.

Giraffes are truly a suprise in a dream, sometimes they can be a warning signs for a person to change their behaviour which is starting to be toxic.

Sometimes dreams like this are appearing because of seeing giraffes on some documentary, after  watching it your mind collects those pictures and information so it is not unusual that it appears while you are sleeping.

Observe everything that is happening in your dream so you can find a meaning that suits your current situation.

The Most Common Dreams Of Giraffes

Dreaming of a dead giraffe- Having a dream like this can be disturbing and it is a sign of challenges and harder times.

If you dream about seeing a dead giraffe you should prepare yourself because the storm is coming very soon and if you do not choose to be brave you will lose.

Life is strange, at one moment everything is perfect and in the other everything is falling apart.


But it is what it is, we cannot control anything but we can control our actions and attitudes in some situations.

It is a message that no matter how hard and hopeless it looks like it will not last forever.

Dreaming of a giraffe running- If you had a dream where you see a giraffe running indicates that you are ignoring facts in your life and following some kind of a fantasy.

You are avoiding to face something, perhaps you were lied to by your partner and you know what they did was wrong but you are not accepting that it happened.

There are a lot of different examples but in the end it all comes to one thing, you are avoiding to hear or know something that you know will hurt you.

But at one point you have to accept everything for what it is not what you want it to be.

Dreaming of seeing a giraffe- If you had a dream where you are seeing a giraffe this is a good sign, it is connected with your accomplishment and success.

The thing is that you will need some time to work things out, your results are not going to be there right away so you must stay patient with yourself and trust your skills.

Everything is going to be great and you will be so happy, so if you have worries lose them right now so you can focus on yourself the right way.

Dreaming of riding a giraffe– This is an interesting uncommon dream that has well an interesting meaning.

If you had a dream where you are riding a giraffe and you are feeling happy this is a sign that you are a special person but you are wasting your time by proving that to others.

Dream like this reveals that you are a person that has a need to show everyone how unique you really are, you are constantly doing things to be accepted by others.

Their opinion matters to you and you just want to be someone in that group.

This is common with teenagers in high school, everything around them is a competition so it is normal to wish that you stand out of that group.

Sometimes this indicates on desire to have power over others in some way.

The message behind this dream is to be yourself and live your life, stop making a fool out of yourself just to make a point.

For the right people you will be the most special person in the world.

Dreaming of petting a giraffe- Having a dream like this where you are petting a giraffe is a sign of happiness and success .

This dream is a good sign so you should enjoy future moments and good times.

It can also be connected with your work and possible job opportunities, or even finding a new partner that you will love.

Perhaps there are going to be some positive news and changes in your life that are changing your point of view in every way possible.

Just continue doing what you are doing and be grateful for everythung.

Dreaming of a giraffe talking to you- Dream like this looks like a cartoon so giraffe talking with you is possible in cartoons, stories or well dreams.

Meaning behind this dream is simple you need to educate yourself better and you need to be more flexible with some decisions.

This dream is a some kind of help and a sign to resolve some problems that are a part of your life and it may be hard to fix something but you have to do it if you want true peace.

Perhaps there will be some strange situations in your near future.

Dreaming of a giraffe sleeping- If you had a dream where you see a giraffe sleeping this means that you are going to earn more money and that you will find ways to get to the top.

So this is a great sign for you, your fortune will improve and your luck is changing in a positive way.

Dreaming of a giraffe feeding of a tree- If you had a dream where you are seeing a giraffe feeding itself from a tree this indicates that you are likely to complete your dreams.

It is a good sign and sometimes it means that someone is going to help you on your path.

Whatever you wanted to accomplish you soon will, your dreams are going to become reality and your life is filled with happiness.

Dreaming of a baby giraffe- Babies are cute and pure.

Having a dream about baby giraffe means that your children are being good, your parenthood was okay and it shows now.

If you do not have children it means that you are worried about someone who is like a son or a daughter to you.

Dreaming of giraffes fighting each other– If you dream about giraffes fighting this dream means that you are finding solutions to your problems.

You are not waiting for everything to resolve on its own, it is up to you to fix everything and bring back calmness into your life.

Dreaming of a giraffe in your home- Having a dream like this is a good sign,

When you have a dream where a giraffe is inside of your home this could mean that you will meet new people that are likely to become a huge part of your life.

Do not be scared of letting people in but be careful about trusting too much.

Dreaming of owning a giraffe- When you have a dream about you owning a giraffe this means that your life is positive and so are you.

You are important to people and you have some true friends, you are lucky.

Dreaming of a hurt giraffe- If you had a dream where there is a hurt giraffe this indicates that there are certain troubles on your path and that you will have to find a way to overcome them.

Nothing comes easy and if you truly want something you have to be ready to make some adjustment in order to find a way to get what you want.

Every single day is a challenge and how we deal with it is what matters, that makes us who we are.

Dreaming of a giraffe coming close to you- This dream is a good sign.

It represents ending of something bad and start of something better.

Perhaps you are having thoughts about destiny and what is happening to you.

At one point everything is good and now it is not so you have to wait for it to be good again.

Think in a positive way and your life will always be awesome.