Dream of Being Homeless – Meaning and Symbolism

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Home represents our safe place, walls are supposed to protect us from bad things that are on the other side of our doors.

We are all the same and we all deserve a home that provides security and warmness.

Differences are present but as people we shouldn’t be putting someone at top and others on bottom, unfortunately throughout our history people are divided constantly by the same principal- poor and wealthy.

Sad truth is that if you do not have money you are nothing in this world, do not expect any help because everyone is busy surviving somehow.

Today kids in schools are being laughed at if they are not wearing a new brand or something expensive, it is all our own fault and sadly change is not going to happen on that matter.

How many homeless people are there on this planet, how many were there and how many will be born that way?

Money is a powerful tool that is being controlled by individuals on a higher level let’s put it that way.

No one really cares about who is starving outside through winter and cold weather, people without a home are considered failures and disappointment to that community.

The thing is that every single one of us has a chance of losing everything we ever worked for, it is not people’s fault that they have no where to live it may be caused by fire, flood, war, earthquake, in some areas tornado.

It is easy to lose something yet building yourself and your home never really stops.

Dreams about being homeless are quite uncommon and rare.

They could have different meanings but mostly they are connected with bad choices, destructive behaviour, bad past that still affects you etc.

A dream like this could be a sign to get yourself together and start again, perhaps you should change you behaviour through conversations and habits or this is a sign that you are starting to realise some important things you wish you knew earlier in life.

Dreaming that you are homeless could also be connected with depression and negative thoughts, past traumas that are following you along the way or some other kind of a troubling behaviour and the way of thinking is dangerous for you and it means that you need therapy or some good friend that will listen to you and stay with you through it all.

Symbolism behind this dream is related to maturity, giving people second chance but it could also be related with your bad behaviour and attitude towards yourself and people around you.


Dreaming of being homeless is also connected with your love life and that is not a good sign, usually It indicates on heartbreaks and disappointment towards relationships in general.

You should consider analysing this kind of a dream in order to find a way to become a better version of yourself and to be more prepared for challenges on your way.

Sometimes this doesn’t mean anything, perhaps you have seen a homeless person somewhere along the way and it stayed in your head.

The Most Common Dreams Of Being Homeless

Dreaming of being homeless along with your family or partner- This dream is a bad sign.

If you had a dream of being homeless and your family is homeless with you this indicates on possible financial losses and complications.

Reason behind this could be bad organization and prioritization, decisions have been made without thinking through them efficiently so now it is a huge problem.

This is a sign for you to be smarter and stop playing with your money, if you are not capable of taking care of your debts and finances then find someone who is.

Dreaming of being pregnant and homeless- This is a strange dream, pregnancy is often considered a disappointment and it is considered like that in this dream too.

This disappointment can be financially and personally.

You may have experienced something that is devastating for you in your love life and this could happen again to you because you are making the same exact mistakes.

Learn from your mistakes and stop repeating hurtful part of your life.

Maybe you have invested or gave your money away into something that was not certain and safe so if you did just know that this risk is not going to pay off in fact this could lead you to losing a lot more than you planned in the first place.

For example you are booking your plane ticket on some site that offers cheaper plane tickets than the rest so you pay for it and in the end you discover that it was all a scam and you stay where you were.

Don’t trust anyone and always analyse everything more than it should be analysed especially in you financial field.

Dreaming of  being homeless in your own city- There is one episode in the series called How I Met Your Mother where this girl Robin moved to New York and years have passed since her arrival but in one episode she still doesn’t feel like she belongs there.

She has been in that city for years and still isn’t feeling like a new Yorker.

This is your case, maybe you are born in that city but somehow you just don’t fit in there at all.

Or you do but you think that you don’t or someone else is trying to make you feel that way.

Perhaps you are not getting enough reassurance from your friends and family, and maybe you are not even talking about you feelings and problems to anyone.

This dream is a sign for you to either move out of that town or talk with your friends and family about it, just because you are feeling this way it doesn’t mean that this is the realistic scenario.

Don’t push people out of your life let them in and talk.

And maybe you should go on some kind of a vacation and explore your opportunities.

Dreaming of being homeless and barefoot- If you had a dream where you are homeless and you don’t even have shoes on your feet this is a sign of guilt.

This guilt can be caused by your past and mistakes that are still following you in your life.

Perhaps you have done something that was so wrong and it hurt the people you love with your poor behaviour.

You are realising that you were wrong about a lot of things,  your attitude was wrong and everything else you did was destructive.

This was probably a period where you were young or in your teenage years and you were just immature and reckless.

Now you feel sorry for behaving the way you behaved before, the thing is now you are trying to fix your past and that is not alright.

You can learn from your past and focus on your future, but if you spend too much time in your past then you will miss out on a lot of new opportunities and life in general.

Whatever was done is gone, you can’t undo anything so keep moving forward and correct your behaviour along the way.

Dreaming of being homeless in a foreign city- If you had a dream like this then this is a sign that you have no idea what you are doing with yourself and your life.

When having a dream where you are homeless in a foreign city, you feel lost in that dream perhaps looking for shelter but don’t know where and how to find it.

This is a reflection of your life, you start doing something or looking for something and then you switch to something else and that repeats again and again.

Your indecision is affecting your life negatively.

This dream is a sign for you to start deciding what you really want out of this life go and take one path and follow through it stop going back to the beginning every time when you feel unsure about something.

This dream could also mean that you are not appreciating what you have so you constantly go out there looking for something, you always feel like you need more of something but you are not even turning around to see what you already have.

If you don’t start appreciating people and things you have now you are going to regret it so much, nothing lasts forever and unfortunately humans have a bad habit where they only appreciate things when they are gone instead of living in the moment.

Be grateful.

Dreaming about moving and transporting homeless- A dream like this where you are transporting and moving homeless from one place to another is a symbol for you trying to move something out of your life.

These dreams are common after a break up or ending of some kind of a relationship for example your roommate is moving out.

After that situation you have a need to clean your life and you start doing that by cleaning your home, you are trying to get rid of every memory of that person because they hurt you deeply.

It is a sign that you should let go of everything that is hurting you.

Dreaming of working at a homeless shelter- If you had a dream where you are not the one being homeless, you are the one who is helping them this indicates possible job opportunities.

Perhaps you have helped someone and by helping them something opened up for you, new chance or new beginning without you even expecting it happening.