Visiting Temple – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Temple is a place where people go to find faith and holiness, in a dream temple symbolises spirituality and your personal beliefs.

Temple,  church, mosque are places where humans go to find hope, to pray for forgiveness and to be connected with something bigger than them.

People make mistakes and after making them they need to feel clean so they pray or go somewhere to seek calmness and peace.

Sinful people at some point have a strong need to change their ways and they have to get some guidance in order to succeed at that intention.

Maybe we do not want to admit the fact that faith is a part of us we find ways to ignore that, when everything is great we forget about God or some other belief but when things start going wrong or differently not according to our plans at that point we choose to believe and pray.

If you had a dream where you see a temple or you are walking into some temple this means that you are seeking forgiveness for something you have done or that you are feeling hopeless and now you are seeking hope and faith into something greater than us.

Symbolism behind these dreams is connected with religion, beliefs, God.

It is a symbol of us trying to get close to God or something else we believe in.

It could also indicate that you are too uncertain and indecisive about your boundaries and path that you want to go through.

Sometimes this is a symbol of failed expectations and disappointment that is caused by some situation or people around us.

Also it can be connected with lack of self-confidence or that you are putting yourself down in order to make others more comfortable.

Details are also very important for example lightning in  the temple, are there shadows or is it bright without any darkness inside.

Darkness represents failure and doubts, is the temple empty or full or in what shape is that temple maybe it is so old that is crashing down on you.

Everything you see in a dream is helping you to find your true meaning behind that dream.

So if you had this dream it doesn’t mean that you should worry it is not a bad sign but it doesn’t have to be a good sign either it all depends on what you see and how you feel while dreaming of it, your current experiences are playing a big part while trying to figure out the message your subconscious is sending you through this dream.


This dream should be considered seriously in order to improve what needs to be improved.

Perhaps it is a sign that you are not appreciating everything you have enough, maybe you are taking your loved ones for granted and now you need to stop before it is too late.

Conflicts in your head are taking over you and your life decisions so resolve them, this could be a sign that you need to start believing and praying again or that you are in the wrong track and your bad choices are not making this better for you.

Trust God or the Universe whatever you need to feel safe again, but the lesson you need to learn is that nothing is under your control so you never know what is coming next and you never know what’s  best for you.

The Most Common Dreams Of Visiting Temple

Dreaming about visiting temple and staying in there- If you had a dream where you are going inside a temple and staying inside for a bit this means that you are trying to find something or someone that is important for you.

Perhaps you are trying to find some solution or you are seeking for faith.

You are finding peace in your religion and spirituality, you are understanding that if you want to succeed you need to have faith in yourself and something bigger than you.

Also this could mean that you are feeling like you are not going the right way, that your actions are not right and you feel like you need a new path.

Dreaming about visiting a temple but having second thoughts before going inside- If you had a dream like this where you are not sure that you should enter a certain temple then this is connected with your insecurities and unsteadiness.

You are uncertain about your next moves and paths, your future is not clear from your point of view.

Uncertainty will lead you to disaster so this dream is a sign for you to decide what you want and follow that way that will get you what you want.

This could also mean that you are afraid of jumping into something unknown, perhaps a new opportunity is not familiar to you so you are not sure about taking it.

It all leads to you, only you have power to change your life so sit down revaluate all of your beliefs and start making firm decisions in order to be happier.

Dreaming about visiting a temple to pray-  When you have a dream like this it means that you are searching for answers to your questions.

Some kind of a situation made you feel like you are not thinking efficiently and now you need to find other meanings that will help you with understanding yourself and others.

Perhaps you are thirsty for knowledge so you are looking for answers to your questions through religion and history, and all of that information that you gather will be used the right way.

This also indicates that you are constantly doubting yourself and your own potential, you are feeling like you are not good enough or that you are a bad person.

You should consider that maybe your surrounding is making you feel this way, someone could be trying to mess with your head or you have gone through something that ended with you losing yourself and your confidence.

And there is one more meaning to this dream and that is love that awaits you in your near future, this person is going to help you through your dark times and make your life better.

Dreaming about visiting a beautiful temple- If you had a dream where you are visiting a beautiful temple this indicates that your life is soon to be filled with happiness and good times.

All of your fears will become nonsense, your dreams will be reality very soon so you should relax and enjoy it.

All of your prayers will pay off in the end, you will be surrounded with people that are good for you and your mental health.

Dreaming about visiting an unknown temple- A dream like this is not a good sign for the person who had it.

Dreaming about visiting some kind of a temple you know nothing about indicates possible health issues and you will discover something you are avoiding to accept.

Perhaps a betrayal, your partner or someone close lied to you about important things too long and now they are coming clean but it is too late to fix what is done.

Or there was some kind of accident, perhaps even death of someone you loved so it is shocking for you and unacceptable.

Whatever happens this stage requires strength and courage to move forward without looking back and blaming anyone for what happened.

This dream is a sign for you to be prepared and again this may not be something severe sometimes it is nothing so don’t stress yourself out right now but you should consider the fact that this could be true and is a warning sign from your subconscious .

Dreaming about visiting a temple and talking to people while doing it- If you had a dream where you are visiting a temple and chatting with others along the way this indicates on your desire to find a person that means something for you.

Perhaps this is an old love or you are searching for a new partner, you feel like you are missing that part and you are looking for it in everyone you meet.

In other cases this dream could mean that you are likely to get to know a person that is going to change your whole perception of this world and death .

This individual will help you in so many ways without even trying to intrude in your personal space and life.

Especially if you have lost hope and faith once you find this person everything will become brighter again, their positive energy and perspective will somehow transfer to your life.

You will become a better person because of this person so keep them close.

Dreaming about visiting a temple with a group of people-  If in a dream you are entering a temple but this time with people by your side this means that you character is weak.

You are presenting yourself as something that you are certainly not, you are creating false pictures in people’s minds and it is going to cost you big time.

Living in a lie shortly is manageable but living in a lie for a longer period of time is impossible, of course it is possible if you are some kind of a psychopath that can wear a mask till the end but let’s assume that you are a person that will break under pressure by trying to maintain something that isn’t even real.

This dream is a sign that you should be true with yourself in order to be truthful to others.