Dream of Missing a Flight – Meaning and Symbolism

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If you had a dream where you have missed a flight to somewhere then you should know that this kind of dream has more than one meaning.

In most cases missing a flight is caused by being late, your alarm did not wake you or maybe you had to go back because you forgot your passport or something like that, this is the most frustrating reason you are planning that vacation for months and now you have missed it.

Losing your ride is connected with losing something in your life, maybe you are losing your love and you don’t know what to do about it or you are too afraid of letting that person go because you think they are your true love and that you will never find anyone like them.

Or there is illness in your family and you have a fear of losing someone close to you because of that.

Perhaps you declined a job offer that was better than you thought and now you regret that decision so you are scared that you are going to stay where you are for too long and that you won’t be happy anymore.

There are a lot of different meanings and reasons why you dream about this and it is not good or bad sign actually it is more like a warning for you or a message from you subconscious based on your thoughts and fears.

In some cases reason for this dream could be a movie you watched with your friends or by yourself, maybe it is Christmas season and now you are watching home alone you see Kevin’s parents being late for their flight or Kevin missing that flight and it stays in your mind without you realising it.

Perhaps you are planning a trip to Maldives and it is getting close so you are nervous about forgetting something or being late in the morning there are cases.

You could have a fear of flying and dreaming about this could mean you avoiding facing your true fears and that means you are not improving anything in your life.

These dreams are pretty common and they are not that scary for a dreamer.

Consider to take these dreams more seriously for what is worth they could show you what you need to change in order to live a more fulfilling life.

The Most Common Dreams About Missing a Flight

Dreaming about losing a flight that is in sight-  The person who had this dream where they are losing a flight that is in their sight has some issues in their life.

Maybe there is something toxic that you want to get rid off, maybe a person or a job.

Your circle may be uninterested in ideas and innovations and they are holding you and your desires back.

Now you wish to change your life and you are realising that you have to make some sacrifices in order to grow and evolve.


It may be a though period for you it is never easy to lose people that are with you for long time but if you care about your happiness you should let them go and do your thing.

When you are satisfied and focused on the right things your life will be filled with right people then, your subconscious is telling you to follow your dreams and to trust your gut.

Dreaming about missing a flight due to lateness-  Being late is considered to be a bad and annoying habit, but again everyone is sometimes late you cannot always be right on time you never know what kind of situation can get into your way.

So dreaming about being late for your flight means that you are confused and that you do not really know who you are or what you stand for.

Your character isn’t really completed and you are unsure about everything.

This is a big problem because if you continue with uncertainty you won’t really succeed at anything and you are going to miss out on this life.

This dream is a message for you to stop and think about who and what you are, find out more about yourself and learn to prioritise in order to get your life together.

Be careful about making decisions based on other people’s dreams and plans, all of this is causing stress for you so if you let the stress go on much more you could have health issues.

Do not stress yourself out just sit down and decide all you got to do is to decide.

Dreaming about losing a ticket for your flight- When thinking about this it can cause anxiety, losing your ticket or passport is a nightmare.

But in a dream it means that you are also confused it is pretty much similar with a dream about missing a flight due to lateness.

You are not making the right decisions because you do not know who you are.

Maybe you just had a divorce, breakup and you are not coping with it the way you should probably because you had a life planned with that person everything was figured out and now you have to start all over again.

Life is difficult right now for you but do not worry too much you are going to get over this and you will find yourself but you have to start doing some work in order to change and build a new future.

Dreaming about someone else losing their flight- This kind of dream where you see a person losing a flight or someone you have waited to come maybe your parents lost their flight could indicate about disappointment that you are about to experience.

Perhaps you are a person that trusts everyone too much, you are naive and people can take advantage of that and you will end up looking like a fool.

Maybe someone you love will disappoint you with their actions and decisions, if you are a parent perhaps your child lied to you or your teenage girl got drunk at a party and did something with a boy, it could be your best friend telling someone else about your secret there are a lot of different scenarios that are likely to happen and the main thing here is to not blame yourself for actions of others.

It is not your fault and you cannot control anyone but yourself .

Dreaming about being relieved after missing that flight-  Sometimes people are glad they missed their flight there could be several reasons for that feeling of relief.

When you have a dream where you just missed your flight but you are not angry or frustrated about it this indicates that you are losing negativity from your life.

Perhaps you were under so much pressure because of your job, partner, family issues, bills or whatever it is that is causing you so much stress.

Now all of that issues in your head and life are resolving so you are free.

Enjoy this period this is a really good sign for you, everything is falling right were its it’s supposed to be.

Dreaming about missing your flight because you are stuck in a traffic-  Traffic is really annoying, in most situations it is the number one cause of being late somewhere.

When stuck in a traffic you get angry and impatient because of the crowded road, you wait and wait and sometimes that can last for hours.

Thing is you never know what could happen on a road, car accidents or something else is always popping unexpectedly.

When you have a dream like this it is your subconscious showing you all the stress and worries you are supressing.

It is a sign for you to try and deal with it, maybe talk to someone or find a way to get rid of that problem which is bothering you.

Perhaps you are avoiding dealing with some kind of issue and this is your cue to face it and get over with it.

Dreaming about missing a flight because of your fear of flying- Fear of heights  and flight are the most common fears that are in human nature.

It is unknown and unsafe a lot of people fear of that but if that fear is stronger than you, if that fear is not under your control it means it is controlling you.

If you are controlled by your fears you won’t have any experiences, you won’t grow or evolve in any way.

And if you are not taking risks then what are you doing with your life?

This kind of dream is a message for you to face your fears, your life is limited by them and you are missing on some new opportunities.

Your subconscious is reflecting on your life through your dreams, you already now that your fears are in your way but you are not feeling ready to deal with it and that is the reason why you should deal with it right now.

If you love someone go and try it with that person, if you don’t like your college or you do not feel like you are meant for that job then leave it and start over again you should embrace change and have some hope because in the end everything will be alright but you cannot skip right to the end it doesn’t work that way .

Dreaming about being uncertain about your flight- When you are having second thought about your trip and when you have a dream where you are second-guessing your decision it means that you are stuck between deciding what you want and what you need.

For example you have to decide where to go for college, you want to go somewhere far away but your parents want you to be closer to them or you are deciding about what you need from your relationship and you want to end it but you are stuck you cannot do anything because you truly love that person.

It is normal for a person to be indecisive and uncertain that is in our nature but if it lasts longer and it becomes your habit you are never going to be happy and you could hurt people around you.

This dream is a sign for you to just decide you can stay or you can go but you have to decide what you want out of your life soon.

Choices we make define us, don’t let yourself be someone who can’t even life their own life they way they want if you don’t do something about it you will stay in the same place everyone will be ahead of you in many ways while you will live a life others have picked for you.