Dream About Bed Bugs – Meaning and Symbolism

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When you think about a bed the first thing that pops up in your head is sleep and peace.

After a long day all you think about is your bed, it is a safe place for a person no matter what kind of troubles you have going to bed to sleep it off is sometimes the best medicine.

The only time we are hundred percent comfortable is  when at home watching a movie and lying down enjoying our time with ourselves.

So when you have a dream about bed bugs this means that something is disturbing your peace and personal space.

When thinking about bed bugs you get that feeling of discomfort and anxiety, if a bed is filled with them you are more likely to throw the whole bed out of your house than to lay  down in that bed.

A dream like this is connected with guilt, you are feeling dirty about something you did or you are thinking about doing something that will ruin your name and reputation.

These dreams are not a good sign they represent something bad that is likely to happen very soon to the dreamer.

They could indicate on misfortune, health issues, betrayal, chaos, your life is not going to be filled with positivity and it may be your own fault.

This could be a sign for you to stop letting people in too soon or it is a red flag that someone is forcing their entrance into your personal space.

Another reason behind this dream is possible attack planned by your enemy , it can be work related or related with your relationship if you or your partner have an ex that is still obsessed that person is going to try to split you two apart.

Your environment is not safe anymore so you should leave it and start somewhere new or stay and try to resolve problems to feel safe again.

As already said only you can find a true meaning behind this dream because only you are aware of your current situation .

The Most Common Dreams About Bed Bugs

Dreaming of killing a bed bug- If you had a dream where you are killing a bed bug this could be a good sign for you if you take this dream seriously.

This dream is a sign for you to change something that needs to be changed in your life.

Maybe the problem are your habits, poor judgment that constantly leads to bad decision making which complicate your life there are so many bad things that people should change so whatever yours is you should work harder to overcome that problem.


A dream like this is a positive sign that you will succeed at it only if you take action.

It could also be a sign of you starting to make your environment comfortable for you, it means that you are finally setting yourself as a priority.

Dreaming of a bed bug biting you- If you had a dream where a bed bug is biting you is a bad sign and at the same time a red flag.

Meaning behind this dream is danger and betrayal that you will soon experience from people you considered friends but those people never even liked you.

Your faith in people is going to change and this is going to be a realty check, you should not blame yourself for being played sometimes you just can’t see those type of red flags from people.

But you should consider this as a big life lesson so you do not get hurt the same way again.

People are mean and destructive with others and their lives, do not trust people not even your closest friend even that person can turn against you.

In this case you can be attacked in your profession or personal life whatever that is it is going to be hard dealing with it later on.

Also someone could be making something up about you and your life to destroy you.

This dream is a bad sign but you can take this as  a good sign too it all refers to the dreamer, disasters can be avoided if you change something soon.

Dreaming of a bed bug crawling or moving- If you had a dream about a bed bug moving this is not a good sign.

Dream like this indicates possible sickness in your near future and it could develop into something more complicated.

Your illness will be caused by you and your thinking, currently you are stressing yourself about a lot of things that are not even relevant to your life.

Stress is the main cause of health issues and constant stress could lead to depression and it can cause more problems regarding your health.

This is a sign for you to stop overthinking and to change your patterns for example drinking, smoking etc.

Dreaming about seeing a bed bug and not be concerned about it- This dream is a good sign that your character is strong and firm.

It means that you are more likely to face your trials rather than running away and avoiding them.

It also means that you have been through a lot and you have learned a lot from your past experiences, now you are not surprised when you see something bad because you know that it could be worse.

You are in the part of your life where you are at peace with yourself, you know what you want and you don’t stress about anything anymore everything will resolve when the time is right.

Keep going that way and you will be okay, this dream is a reminder for you that you are doing things the right way.

Dreaming of a bed bug covering your bed- If you had a dream of a bed bug covering your bed this means that you are feeling unsafe and unprotected.

Reason behind this dream could be that someone is making you feel that way and you are letting them do that to you, it is a sign to build your boundaries and get rid of toxic people.

But in other cases this means that you are feeling unsafe because of your own feelings and choices.

Perhaps you are overreacting and overthinking your life and looking for reasons to feel bad.

It also means that you are not at the best stage of your life, you are not collected and neither is your life.

You are letting your emotions control you and you can’t even figure out how you truly feel.

You are feeling unsteady and you seek for help but you are not finding it where you want it to be so you should try to look for help somewhere else .

This is a message from your subconscious that you should collect yourself soon or you are likely to damage yourself and people around you.

Dreaming of  seeing a bed bug on your body-  Having a dream like this is not a good sign.

When you have a dream of seeing a bed bug standing or crawling on your body this means that you are not a positive person anymore.

Your mind-set is currently bad, your mind is filled with negativity that is leading you through current life obstacles and challenges.

All of that negative energy is affecting your life, all of that stress, anxiety, judgmental behaviour will reflect on your future.

This dream is a sign for you to stop doing that to yourself and start changing your mind-set if you want to succeed.

You are letting yourself down and that’s what is hurting you and blocking your view.

Different perspective is everything, you can stress yourself out your whole life in the end you will realise what you can realise now that you shouldn’t worry about everything because everything is going to pass at a certain time you can’t control that and you can’t control things that are destined for you.

Dreaming of different coloured bed bugs- This dream is a sign of disappointment on your way.

If you had a dream where you see bed bugs that are medium sized and all of them are coloured differently this indicates heartbreak and disappointment regarding love life.

Reason behind this dream could be that your partner has cheated on you or lied to you, maybe they are not the person you thought they were and that is killing you inside.

Sometimes you are disappointed in love in general possibly if you have met the right person at the wrong time, people say there is not such thing as a right person in the wrong time but there actually is.

You have found the love of your life and they have to go to college somewhere far or they are too old for you right now but they won’t be in couple of years.

So you are thinking about how everything would be great if only you found them later and not now, the thing is we don’t actually have much say in who we love and when we find them but we do have a say if they are worth fighting for now.

It is common and don’t worry if you are meant to be you will find a way to be together later.

Just because a person or a situation ruined your picture of love it doesn’t mean that you have to shut yourself out of this world and to hate everyone.

Always give love you will not be sorry if you loved too much but you are going to regret it if you didn’t love enough when you had a chance.

Dreaming of a big bed bug in the middle of your bed- If you had a dream where you see a big bed bug in  the middle of your bed this means that you should prioritize better.

Perhaps you are focusing on something that isn’t worth focusing at the moment, you are forgetting about the true things that matter in life like love and health.

Your subconscious is sending you a message through this dream to wake up and realise what you need in life, go and hug your parents and family, spend more time on traveling, do what makes  your soul happy.

If you are working too hard don’t forget to try and spare some time for your kids.

Or even if you are spending too much time on your phone following nonsense go out with your friends.

Currently you are wasting your life and you could lose a lot if you continue doing what you are doing so stop with those habits and create new ones.

Dreaming of attempt to kill bed bugs- If you had a dream where you are trying to catch and kill bed bugs then this means that you are closer to achieving your goals.

You are close to finishing what you started but you still have something to finish you are not done yet so don’t hurry your process take your time.

Maybe you are getting close to start a relationship with a person you have loved your whole life but you were separated for some reason or you are close to get that promotion or to be accepted to some prestigious college.

Everything will fall into its place and this is a sign for you if you had worries that you will fail know that you won’t just don’t stop and don’t quit.