Dream of Potatoes – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dream of potatoes is pretty uncommon dream but it is completely okay to dream about them, you eat chips, fries you see potatoes almost every day so it is not unusual to see it in your dream.

If you had a dream of potatoes do not worry because these dreams are not bad signs.

Potatoes in a dream could represent new chances and new trials on your path.

Sometimes these dreams are a type of a warning sign for you to change your habits so that you don’t ruin your future.

Dares and trials are a part of your profession and work in this case, or if you are in school or college then you will have some challenges it is up to you to find a solution.

They represent your personality and the way you handle issues in your life, they could be a sign for you to change your behaviour or to be more careful with your attitude towards life and people.

In a dream potatoes could appear as french fries, big or small potato, rotten, baked and it all has a specific meaning  so when you had a dream about a potato try to remember what you saw in your dream and did it feel good or bad.

It could also be a sign of your improvement in many areas it could be a better position regarding your job, first place on a competition, working things out with your partner because you learned to communicate more effectively.

Potatoes are healthy and they are used in many ways to make a lot of different meals so it could also be connected with your life for example you get the opportunity and you just know how to use it to make something big out of your life.

You are a person with vision and abilities to take the most of this life and these dreams are here just to remind you of that in case you forget.

Meanings are different from person to person so it is up to you to figure the true message out.

The Most Common Dreams Of Potatoes

Dreaming of french fries-  If you had a dream about fries this indicates that you are becoming the best version of yourself.

It means that you know what you want and how you want it, you are evolving and making progress every single day.

You are ready to challenge yourself and to push yourself in order to be great.

Keep going and don’t doubt yourself along the way.


Dreaming of harvesting potatoes-  This dream is a good sign, it indicates that you are changing your path.

You are finally coming to a realisation that you are not making progress because you are in the same comfortable spot and you are planning on changing that.

If you dream about harvesting potatoes it means that you are starting to create new opportunities for yourself, you are not waiting for someone to see your potential because youu are aware of it and that is all that matters.

Your new path is going to be difficult but you are not afraid of that, if you want it start making changes around your daily routines right now.

Dreaming of seeing lots of potatoes- This is also a good sign for the dreamer.

Meaning behind this kind of a dream is you allowing yourself to search for new desires and goals.

You are a person with great characteristics and a personality so you need to take advantage of your own skills don’t ignore them.

Do what you are good at and do it proudly.

This dream is a sign that you are full of understanding towards yourself and you are done with being judgemental about your past mistakes.

You are focusing on the future and you will be great just change your path.

Dreaming of black potatoes- If you had a dream where you see black potatoes this indicates possible illness that you are aware of but not taking measures to prevent it.

It is an important sign to stop joking and not taking your condition seriously, go to your doctor and run some tests if you don’t do anything at your early stage of illness it is going to be worse and worse.

If you don’t want to do it because you don’t care about yourself think about people that love you and that care about you so much so don’t mess with your health and change your thinking in order to avoid overthinking that leads to stress and depression.

Dreaming of white potatoes- If you had a dream about white potatoes you should know that this is a good sign.

A dream like this is connected with calmness, maturity and peace with yourself and situations in your life.

You are matured and ready to deal with life the right way, your reactions are not childish anymore and you are doing great job with handling conflicts in your life.

Now you have to make decisions about your future and you are looking for something stable you are not interested in experiments anymore.

Dreaming of a big potato- This kind of a dream indicates challenges and trouble on your path.

Perhaps you have made some kind of a problem that you need to resolve and you will need your close one to be there with you while you handle it.

It is up to you either you are going to learn and grow or you will end up judging and hating yourself.

Always remember we are all humans who make mistakes and some really bad choices but that is not the main part, what truly matters is the moment after how you chose to fix what you broke is what makes your character.

Dreaming of a baked potato- If you had a dream of a baked potato it means that your life is now only controlled by you.

You have goals that require discipline and commitment and you are ready to do whatever it takes to get exactly what you want.

At this part of your life you are no longer interested in drama, the only thing you need is peace and quiet.

Dreaming of rotten potatoes- These kinds of dreams indicate misfortune.

Your luck is about to change in a negative way.

This could be tricky time for you and your decision making process, do not make any big decisions and promises at this moment because you will fail at accomplishing them.

The right thing to do at this moment is to take a deep breath and wait a little bit for a storm to pass.

Do not do something that you know will be a big mistake which you will regret in the future.

Dreaming of buying potatoes- If you had a dream where you are buying potatoes in some store then this means that something great is about to happen to you.

It indicates on a new chance that could change your life completely.

Maybe it is an opportunity to travel the world, new love, new school or a new profession whatever it is you are lucky enough to get it.

But this dream also means that you are relying to much on the other people, you have huge expectations that they are obligated to help you whenever you need it.

And maybe they are always there but if you keep on avoiding your own responsibilities you won’t be able to keep what you get.

No one is going to take you seriously and you may even be considered a fraud and a schemer.

Try to depend only on yourself and don’t trust people too much, stop telling them more than they need to know.

Dreaming of peeling potatoes- This kind of a dream is a sign of strength and awareness.

If you had a dream about peeling potatoes then be aware of a bad stage coming your way.

It will last for some time but it won’t last forever, this period will be a lesson for you it is up to you to choose the way to understand it.

You need to be courageous and do not let fear lead the way.

Think positively and have a bigger vision, this stage will pass and you will survive it without complications hopefully.

Dreaming of  potatoes with worms- Worms are something you avoid in fruits and vegetables, if you had a dream where there are worms in potatoes it means that you are trying to avoid certain mistakes but sometimes no matter how hard you try to avoid it you make a mistake anyway.

Your poor judgment and poor decision making will lead you to a problematic situation that you are not likely to solve easily.

Everything bad that is happening to you is your own fault so admit that you are wrong and continue your life now with changed behaviour.

It could be a sign of immaturity and it means that you should find a new way to grow better.

Dreaming of red potatoes- If you had a dream where potatoes are red then this means that you have an opportunity but you are not up for it .

You are a person that plays it safe their whole life, not crossing any limits just a steady boring life that provides with what you need.

Maybe you have some goals but you are not the kind of a person that just follows them, you need assurance that it will work out you don’t risk anything.

This is a sign that maybe you should try new things, try to relax and see what happens.

Everything is a risk and in most cases it works wonders and could make your life better, if not you have a lesson that will guide you through life.

Dreaming of pulling potatoes out of the ground- If you had a dream like this it could mean two things.

When having a dream about pulling potatoes out of the ground the first meaning is that you are improving with your finances, you are finding a way to organize better and spend money smartly.

In other cases this could mean that you are trying to repair your image which someone ruined with rumours about you.

This is common in high school where teenagers are constantly under the influence of social media and gossip.

Maybe your enemy made something up about you to hurt you and it took you some time to heal from that.

Now you are trying to grow from that and feel clean, you want people to see the truth but actually it doesn’t matter what someone thinks what matters is how you feel about yourself and if you know that you are a good person don’t waste time proving it.

Dreaming of boiling potatoes-  If you had a dream about boiling potatoes to make some meal it means that you are prepared to go after your dreams.

You are finally happy with knowing what you want and now you want to get it.

It is a sign that you can do whatever you imagine,  do not lose hope and do not doubt yourself and your skills.

No matter what someone  says to you just know what you want and be careful with people you chose to be your friends.

You only need to start and everything will be alright as long as you don’t quit.