Dream of Ice – Meaning and Symbolism

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When we think about ice the first thought that pops up in our heads is coldness and something that is frozen.

Ice is dangerous it leads to accidents in a lot of cases, it could even be fatal for someone.

In a dream it can have different meanings, it could mean that you are not expressing your emotions enough that you are too cold to people around you, it could mean that you are feeling stuck you are not changing in any way so that steadiness is dangerous.

Ice in a dream could indicate that there is stress in your life or is a sign of a bad fortune coming your way for example illness.

These dreams should worry you because they are reflecting on your life which is not going up or down.

Reason behind these dreams could be your nine to five work everyday or that you are single for years without ever giving anyone a chance.

Perhaps there are issues waiting for you in near future that could cause some huge damage in your life that could be betrayal, death, severe illness, or some other kind of trouble.

To know exact meaning behind your dream it is important to remember the details from your dream.

You can dream about eating ice, ice melting in your hand, slipping on ice or someone else slipping on ice, falling through ice etc.

All of these dreams could mean that you are stuck and they indicate your fears, irresponsibility, a lot of different emotions and situations from your life are in shape of these dreams.

Symbol of ice is death, unknown places or situations, it is a symbol of hate so love is not associated with ice of course.

This dream could help you in some way if you find a true message behind it so think wisely.

Most Common Dreams Of Ice

Dreaming of walking on ice-  Walking on ice is risky and you could fall through ice at any moment it is dangerous and also a walker feels unstable while doing it.

If you just had a dream where you are walking on ice this indicates that you are fragile and not sure about what is happening in your life.

Perhaps you are not enjoying things that usually spark joy in you, maybe you are having some kind of stage like depression or anxiety.


Reason behind could be you doing something disgraceful that could and will affect your personality and people’s perception about your character.

Mistakes you have made are following you now and causing chaos in your head.

Being indecisive is harmful for you and doing something for someone else will not make you happy.

Your subconscious is sending you a message and a warning to think about what you want out of your life.

Dreaming of ice in general- If you had a dream about ice in general it is not a good sign.

It represents unhappiness, misfortune and negative thoughts and energies in your life.

It can also mean that someone is trying to harm you indirectly or directly.

If you are making some plan for the future or you are in the middle of a project for your school or job you should know that the main message from this dream is to keep your business private do not let people know anything about your life.

Perhaps your colleague or classmate will try to make a fool out of you or to use you in order to succeed.

Your environment is not safe for you and people around you probably have some hidden agendas so try to be more smarter and careful in that area.

Dreaming about you making ice-  If you had a dream like this where you are making ice then meanings behind this dream are bad.

First meaning could be your bad personality and attitude that is ruining your life.

If you are a person with too much ego and pride that could harm you or if you like to talk about people behind their backs or you possess some other kind of toxic trait this is a warning sign to be a better person.

Your relationship could be falling apart because of your toxicity and you are not admitting that to yourself so your behaviour will cause you a true damage if it stays the same.

Other reason for this kind of dream is possible health issues caused by your toxicity and stressful situations so you should be more careful and take better care of yourself because right now only reason of your problems and unhappiness is you no one else.

Dreaming of eating ice- When having a dream where you are eating ice in some form maybe it is in a drink or ice cream this is a bad sign.

Ice sometimes is a relation to illness in this case if you dream a dream like this it is an indication for some kind of illness that is probably going to affect you or someone close to you.

This sickness is actually going to make you feel tired and you are going to have some hard time while trying to get rid of it.

Sometimes this dream is connected with our feelings and reactions so it means that if your reactions and assumptions were uncontrollable and too quick now your mind will slow down your emotions.

You are going to be peaceful and maybe you are going to learn how to control your temper.

Dreaming of ice floating in water- If you had a dream where ice is floating on water this indicates bad luck.

You were on a roll as they say, your job was great relationships were on point everything is just how you want it to be.

You are lucky and happy but everything has its ending so does your luck.

From now on everything will seem impossible and hard, you will feel miserable and hopeless your faith will be weaker because you are going to be mad at everyone and everything.

This change of your luck may be natural or someone is messing with you without your realisation.

Whatever it is you should be prepared and ready for new challenges ahead walk boldly and do not give up keep on trying nothing lasts forever not good or bad days are going to be for the rest of your life.

It is a battle we all have to fight.

Dreaming of ice on trees-  If you had a dream where you see ice on trees this means that you got something for granted.

Maybe your college degree, grades, job some kind of appreciation letter it was not your work perhaps you took credit for someone else’s work or perhaps your parents or grandparents build your way to the top without you even lifting a finger.

At this moment maybe you are feeling guilty about that or you have a fear of someone discovering your parade and crushing you down.

Right now you are living a lie and this dream is a sign for you to be truthful and accept the consequences for your actions in order for everything to be alright if you continue with lies and deceives your problem will become chaotic.

Dreaming of ice on the roof of your home- This is also a bad sign related to your mental and physical health.

When you dream about ice on the roof of your home it is a sign of a depression or some kind of other illness that no one from your circle is taking seriously.

Tiredness, anxiety, not having any motivation or creativity are first steps that lead to depression and that depression could be so hard that it leads to severe sickness.

Your negative mind-set is causing all of your troubles, maybe you don’t even have any real problem but your overthinking creates it.

Habit of overthinking is dangerous and if it lasts it could change your whole perception of life so if you catch yourself doing it stop it you can control your reactions.

This is a sign that your life is somehow on hold you are depressed and you need time and space to conquer that.

If you feel like you have suicidal thoughts or if your depression is getting worse seek professional help do not ignore it.

Dreaming of melting ice- Ice melts on higher temperature it is a well known fact but what does this mean when you see it in a dream?

If you had a dream where ice is melting it indicates on your awareness for your behaviour.

It actually means that you are finally seeing and realising your toxic traits and you wish to fix them.

This is a big step and it requires courage and strong will to change your ways.

Your current behaviour and attitude is causing so much damage in your life and it affects other lives too.

If you had a need to be right, you were jealous or possessive,  you had no understanding for others or something else this dream is a message for you that you should not wait anymore start right away and start getting to know yourself a little better in order to grow through life.

Dreaming of  ice on the streets-  This kind of a dream means that you are not patient at all in your life.

The saying happiness comes to those who wait isn’t just a saying.

Sometimes in life you need to wait for something in order for it to work, if you rush things and try to do it all at once you will not only lose the opportunity but you will lose yourself.

This dream means that you should be more aware of your behaviour and impatience.

Your subconscious is sending you a message that you are overwhelmed and insecure because of your slow progress and that is wrong.

It is a sign to start changing your perspective and mind-set.

Dreaming about snow ice- If you had a dream about snow ice this means that there are a lot of challenges for you to overcome.

In order to have a secure life and happiness you have to overcome all of the new challenges on your way.

And only then you will be happy and done, but you don’t have too much time to resolve that.

You have to face them right away, no avoidance or laziness can be accepted.

Message from this dream is to do the hard stuff now and then enjoy later.

Dreaming of ice falling from the sky- This kind of dream where ice is falling from the sky is a sign for you that success is on its way.

Your troubling period and life stage will soon pass, problems at work or relationship issues are soon ending and from now on your life will be more calm and enjoyable.

This also means that you are not playing it safe, you are trusting your instincts and waiting to see how that will end.

All of your instincts and risks will pay off and you will succeed in your plans.

Do not stop with what you are doing right now just continue to grow.

Dreaming about an ice lake- Dreaming about an ice like is a bad sign for you it comes to you as a red flag actually.

Meaning behind this could be that your circle is filled with closed-minded people who are preventing your growth and desires, they are controlling your life without you even realising that.

If your circle is not filled with people that inspire you and motivate you to do something great then you are in a wrong place you have to get out of there.

Success requires sacrifice, if you truly want something you need to find a way to get it and follow through your plans.

Whatever it is that is holding you back you need to cut it off.

In other cases meaning behind this dream is your poor choices.

You didn’t think through enough about your choices and actions and now you are haunted by them.

Consequences will be severe.