Giant Spider – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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The most common fear is a fear of spiders that sometimes evolves into a phobia which is not unusual at all.

Spiders are scary, fast, their construction makes them even scarier and the fact that there are species which are poisonous.

For a person with phobia seeing even the smallest spider could cause a panic attack.

Lucky for you spiders in a dream don’t really represent something that scary, actually they are a good sign in some cases it all depends on a type of a dream.

Giant spiders do not live in every area but they can be found in Asia, Africa, parts of Europe people tend to avoid places where there are giant poisonous spiders.

Spiders are interesting, their webs are all different and the way they make it is fascinating.

You may think that seeing a giant spider in your dream is a nightmare, it could be shaped as a nightmare especially if you have phobia and fear from spiders but the meaning is not that scary so don’t worry you won’t be chased by spiders when you wake up.

It could reflect on your life perhaps you have seen a spider and you kept thinking about it or you were watching some documentary about giant poisonous spiders and you dream about them.

Of course it could be much deeper than that, they can represent fear, red flags in your life, but also they can represent new opportunities and happiness it always depends on the look and movement of that giant spider.

Some people actually like spiders in their house and reason behind that is that spiders eat other bugs and flies that appear inside of that house.

Spiders use web to capture their food, sometimes you can’t see them but they are there.

Giant spiders are mostly dangerous and life-threatening but there are species that are not venomous no matter which seize they are.

Well-known fact is that female spiders are larger than male spiders, female spiders like black widow can eat their partner when hungry.

Remember the details and try to be aware of your situations so you find a true meaning.

Giant spiders indicate something big so it is a big issue or a big relief.


The Most Common Dreams About Giant Spiders

Dreaming of killing a giant spider- To kill a giant spider by yourself requires courage.

If you had a dream where you are killing a giant spider it is a good sign.

This dream indicates that you are finally brave enough to resolve all of your issues you were avoiding, finishing all of your tasks and facing your fears.

You are taking back control so now you are creating your life on your own terms and from now on you are learning to relax and enjoy your life and all of the little things.

In some cases this kind of a dream could be connected with your bond with your parents especially mother.

Your bond may be stronger than before or you are working on your relationship and showing her appreciation that she deserves.

Dreaming of a giant spider laying eggs-  If you had a dream of a giant spider laying eggs then this is not a good sign.

This kind of a dream indicates issues related with your health, maybe you are going to be ill or if you are already in a bad condition it may become more complicated.

Another meaning for this dream is that you are feeling trapped somehow, like someone is trying to harm you in ways that are not familiar to you.

This could be your partner,  colleague you never really know who wants to see you fail.

Dreaming of seeing a giant spider-  This is actually a good sign, it indicates that success will appear in your life.

This means that you are devoted to your goals and you are not slacking off not even for a minute.

You are working really hard all day and all night to get what you imagined.

It is a sign that you are going to succeed if you keep going, but you should consider to take a little pause to take care of your self and your mental health.

And have some faith that everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

Dreaming of a giant spider attacking and biting you- If you had a dream where there is a huge spider attacking you and in the end biting you this is a sign of possible betrayal from your partner or someone you consider a big part of your life.

Perhaps your partner found someone else while you were not around and  they are considering leaving you.

In other cases that could be a family member that was never truly connected with you and they are ruining your chances and opportunities, they are making your life miserable and it shocks you.

Colleague at work or someone from you college or school that you considered close was actually jealous of you the whole time and now they are trying to make you fail in order to be better than you.

You never know what to expect from people,  at one second you are trusting them with your whole life and in the other they are stabbing you in the back because of jealousy, selfishness or they make up something in order to stop feeling guilty about their deeds.

The only person you should trust is yourself and this dream is a sign for you that someone is going to attack you so you need to be more cautious and hold your guard up.

Dreaming about a giant spider in your bed- This dream indicates possible troubles in your relationship.

A giant spider in bed is a symbol for your ex or someone who is trying to mess with your marriage or relationship.

Someone wants to split you and your partner apart so that you are available for them.

Do not let people into your relationship problems and secrets.

You are going to overcome this only if your bond is strong and the trust isn’t shaky.

Dreaming of giant spider webs –  Spiders use webs to haunt their pray and to eat them alive.

Right now you are a pray, someone is holding you on by force and you need to get out of it.

This is usually related with toxic relationships, you want to leave that relationship but you are stuck somehow.

It can also be connected with your job or some specific situation in your life where you feel like a prisoner.

Sometimes meaning behind this dream is good, it means that you have achieved some kind of accomplishment you worked hard for.

Dreaming of a giant active spider- This one is a nightmare, if you had a dream where you see a giant spider constantly moving in your room or somewhere else this means that your dreams could be reality very soon.

Of course this could also mean that you are trying to end your relationship with your partner because of unhappiness and difficulties that are playing a huge part of your relationship.

This could indicate that your friends are going to leave you alone maybe even for good because of your selfish behaviour.

Perhaps there are going to be disagreements, conflicts and arguments in your life that you will have to resolve so your next stage of life requires patience and calmness.

Dreaming of a tattoo of a giant spider- If in a dream that you have a tattoo of a poisonous giant spider this could mean that you are about to make a destructive choice that will ruin your life.

Your decisions will affect you and everyone around you so be wiser and more careful.

If a giant spider is not a poisonous species this dream could mean that you feel a need to show your creativity and original ideas to the world.

Perhaps you are hiding your true talents because you are scared of reactions from people this is a sign that you fear is still present and you should overcome it.

Dreaming of giant spiders crawling all over your body- Even when you just think about giant spiders all over your body you feel sick like you are going to pass out, so when you have this kind of dream it can leave some consequences for a little while.

This dream could be considered as a nightmare.

In this dream it is important to remember details like where was the location of these spiders, maybe mouth or some other part of the body.

These dreams could indicate your problem with expressing yourself and your opinions in general and that is affecting your relationships with people.

It could also mean that you should listen more to you mom, maybe you have done something she told you not to and now you are regretting your decisions and actions.

Mom is a strong figure and she is a person that gave birth to us so it is normal to feel guilty if you are not listening to her, remember she is your only true friend in this world.

This dream can be connected with awareness and control, sometimes it means that everything is under control and other times it is a sign to get yourself together.

Dreaming of giant spiders in different colours- Colours are important details when looking for the true meaning behind your dream.

Giant spiders in a dream could be in a lot of different colours and every colour represents a different feeling and meaning.

For example red spider is connected with happiness and joy, black spiders are representing disappointment and hurtful experiences, green spiders represent calmness and sadness, white ones are connected with faith and religion etc.

By remembering small details your meanings become clearer and your vision about your own life gets better.

Dreaming of a tarantula- Tarantulas are best known giant spiders.

They can appear scary but some people take them to be their pets.

Dreaming of a tarantula means that not everything is how it appears on the first sight.

If you want some answers you cannot just rely on some words you need to look deeper and you need to find a way to do it without causing trouble.

Maybe you have a habit of judging people easily, their actions bother you and everything they do is wrong according to you.

But the truth is you never know what someone is going through so you should practice a skill of understanding .

No one and nothing is perfect not even you so don’t forget that.

This dream is a sign for you that your current behaviour is unacceptable and it will lead you to a disaster if you don’t change your way of thinking.