Seeing Marriage in Dream Is Good or Bad?

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We as humans need and crave for love, even if you do not want to admit that you need love and someone who makes you feel appreciated someone who will be there for you.

Of course you can be alone and enjoy your company but no one really can stay alone their entire life.

People need others to survive it is a fact, now you have isolation and this situation when they say stay in your isolation for two weeks it seems funny but when you go through those two weeks all alone you are feeling a lot of different emotions like panic, fear, you begin to crave for a simple hug.

We are created to live with others that way we evolve and grow, it is important to have times for ourselves also but that requires making a balance between those things.

Relationships are messy that’s why people avoid getting attached to someone, sometimes it is fear and sometimes a person prefers to remain alone to avoid issues that come with making a commitment with some other individual.

There are healthy and toxic relationship it all depend on choices and boundaries you and your partner decide to make.

It is hard sometimes but in the end if you truly love someone then it will be worth all of the trouble.

Everyone has their own choices to make, it is completely okay to be married at eighteen but it is also okay to not have a marriage even when you are forty age means nothing it is all about how you feel and what you are ready for.

There is no rules, marriage could be the best thing that happens to you but it can also be your worst nightmare.

Seeing marriage in your dream could mean a lot of things and sometimes it is something good and sometimes it is not.

Marriage could be a sign that you are unhappy with your current partner or relationship or it could be a sign that your relationship is really good and that you are expecting the next step.

Perhaps it is not even about your love life it could be about new opportunities on your way.

Or this dream could mean that you are still single while everyone around you is getting really serious with their partners while you are still on the same place .

Maybe your love life just isn’t working out the way you wanted it, you had this big plan you are going to get everything while you are in you twenties and by 25 you will have a family well it just doesn’t work that way.

The fact is marriage in a dream could be good or it could be bad it all depends on the person who is dreaming about it, that persons life situation and their surroundings so if you had a dream like this first thing to do is to analyse your life and your true desires.


Details in your dream have a huge importance too so try to remember them.

The Most Common Dreams About Marriage

Dreaming about getting married to the wrong person-  This right here is the biggest fear we all have inside us, marrying the wrong one because we missed our true love along the way.

Dreaming about getting married to the wrong person is connected with your job in most cases.

It could indicate that you a going to be promoted or moved somewhere better, new opportunities could be coming your way and you may discover a new way to collect and earn money.

Or this could be a reflection from your life if there is a big uncertainty that you are experiencing with your partner and now you have second thoughts.

Again maybe you seen this in some movie or you know someone who married someone they don’t  love and you are afraid that it could happen to you.

Dreaming about getting married while in a marriage- This kind of dream where you are marrying someone else while being already married means that you are not happy with your partner and your marriage.

This could be because of some problems that you are experiencing right now or perhaps during your time together you are realising how unhappy you actually are with that person

This dream is indicating that you should have a conversation with your significant other and decide is it worth saving or maybe it is time for you to leave.

Your subconscious is telling you that you are not achieving your goals and you are  not living life you wanted to live so if you cannot fix it try to consider starting over somewhere fresh by yourself.

Dreaming about attending a wedding ceremony-  Well dream about being at some wedding or marriage is not the best sign.

Meaning behind this dream is that your family and you are going to go through some tough path from now on.

It could be related to health issues, your relationship with them, some kind of shocking news whatever it is its not good.

This is a sign for you to be closer with your loved ones and no matter what happens just stay together and go through it as a family.

This may be that sign but you should not expect that something horrific is going to happen you cannot know for sure and you cannot control your fate and future.

Dreaming about wedding accessories- Almost every bride has a beautiful white or whatever colour she wants dress and she looks like a princess.

At a wedding there is food, drinks, decorations and if you dream about something like that this could mean that there is something good waiting for you in your near future.

Perhaps it could be a new job, your true love, something unexpectedly good that will make your life so much better.

So this dream is a good sign and a message for you to take your new chances and not miss them because you are scared or uncomfortable.

Dreaming about you partner marrying someone else-  This can be frightening dream and now that you are awake you are fearing that it might come true.

It is common to dream about your partner cheating on you or in this case moving on with someone else, this is reflection of your feelings and views.

That person means so much to you and you are afraid that at one point they will just stop loving you and that they are going to find someone better than you.

Your insecurity or even jealousy is causing these kinds of dream and it is normal to feel vulnerable while in a relationship but not all the time.

What you need to know is that you cannot make someone be loyal to you and you can’t just tie them up so they don’t leave you it doesn’t work that way.

Go with the flow people say, if your partner doesn’t  love you then he would not be with you especially for a long time while there are some truly stupid people who play with people’s feeling you can’t just assume the worst.

Love yourself that is what your subconscious is trying to tell you because no one can respect and love you unless you do that first.

Dreaming about being a Marriage officiator-  If you had a dream where you are a marriage officiator you should know that the meaning behind this dream is very positive.

This kind of dream means that you are in control of your life, you are making the right decisions that are building a bright future.

Your hard work will pay off eventually just continue doing what you are already doing.

Everything is falling on the right place and you should be proud of yourself.

Dreaming about your parents attending your wedding-   This could be related to the actual wedding in your life or some huge choice you are about to make.

Your relationship with your parents is going to improve and you are going to receive understanding and unconditional love from them.

Maybe this is about your partner and you were scared that he will not be accepted by your family and they are proving you otherwise.

Your judgement for your parents is about to change and now you are going to realise that they are on your side not against you but with right there with you.

Message from this dream is for you to appreciate them more and to trust them because only they wish you the best in this world.

Dreaming about a wedding without any guests-  Every wedding has guests or at least small circle that will be there for you and you husband or wife.

But when having a dream where there is no one except you and your partner then this keans that you think that your partner is not welcomed by your family.

Perhaps you are from different worlds, he or she could have a different religion than your family and you know that they do not tolerate that or that person is working with something that your parents won’t approve.

This is like Romeo and Juliet, perhaps you and your partners found love while your families are despising each other.

And only you truly know the reason, this is a period of conflicts with yourself.

You and only you need to decide what to do, is that person truly the one for you if yes and if that person makes you happy then your family will be happy too.

Never forget that parents only want to see their children succeeding and being happy just talk with them.

Dreaming about getting presents from your guests- Meaning behind this kind of dream depends on little details.

If you see your guests bringing you presents for your wedding it is important to remember are they looking happy truly for you or do they have some weird face right there.

If your guests are happy then this means happiness for you, you and your partner are accepted and everyone is rooting for you but if those guests look like they are unpleased then you must know that your friends or someone else is either jealous of you or perhaps wants to see you fail.

Sometimes people think that you are too good for your partner or reversed that you are bad for your partner.

This should not be troubling for you, it only matters that you are happy but you should take this dream as a warning sign so you don’t trust anyone with your relationship.

It is not necessarily good or bad to dream about a wedding, it all depends on your mind-set and you current situation which is only known by you.