Hamster – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Hamsters are friendly little animals that are usually connected with mice, so people that fear of mice do not like hamsters either.

Hamsters are animals that can be pets for people and they are pets, a lot of people holds them inside of their house where their home is their cage.

Kids love hamsters because of their size and their cute face.

So what happens when they appear in our dreams?

There are a lot of reasons for this appearance in our dream world .

Hamsters in a dream is a symbol of great opportunities and start of a new chapter.

They can be a sign of pregnancy yours or someone’s that is in your circle of people, they can also appear because of the desire to have children and to start a family together with your loved one.

Everyone eventually wishes for a family and a house, dogs, the whole package so those thoughts can be transformed in this kind of a shape which is weird and maybe even funny but our mind is a strange place that works wonders all the time so we can never truly understand it how it works.

Hamsters in a dream can be a sign of misfortune and bad luck, perhaps even some rough road in front of you that will be harder to pass than you thought.

And sometimes hamsters in a dream may be an indication on possible illness in your family or yours, it depends on your current situation.

The truth is that sometimes hamsters have no meaning whatsoever but you never really know until you check it all.

To find a true meaning you have to have a lot of factors on mind like colour of the hamster, its action and your reactions to it.

It is not really a disturbing dream for the dreamer it may cause some confusion but in general these dreams are not that scary or common.

The Most Common Dreams Of Hamster

Dreaming of baby hamster- If you had a dream like this where there is a baby hamster then this type of a dream indicates that you are likely to have someone new in your family in other words this dream is a symbol of pregnancy not yours necessarily but some member from your family.

There will be excitement, positivity, joy in your life with the arrival of the new baby.


Perhaps you will consider taking the next step with your partner after witnessing this happy family moment, your heart will melt after seeing that baby.

Or if you are the one who is going to have a birth soon then this dream is not uncommon, your thoughts are causing it so relax everything is going to be how it is supposed to be.

Dreaming of a white hamster- If you had a dream like this where you see white hamster that is standing or running around you then this type of a dream suggests that opportunities are coming in your near future.

It also means that you are going to be happier in these next chapters of your life, perhaps a certain person is going to be the main reason of your happiness.

You could be satisfied with your life and these unexpected turns will make you love your life even more.

So this dream is a great sign for the dreamer, it may look unusual or scary for people who in general are not fans of mice but you should be glad you had a dream like this.

In some cases white hamster is a symbol of possible new relationship coming your way.

Dreaming of a brown hamster- Hamsters in general are brown, there are different colours but let’s say that the brown is somehow more frequent than others.

If you had a dream where you see a brown hamster then this type of a dream is not the best sign for the one who dreams about it.

It is, in most cases, closely connected with possible illness especially in a time like this where this virus is on the every corner.

Any sign of something different should be checked and analysed on your body , head.

This doesn’t refer only on physical health but also on mental health.

If you have anxiety attacks or some kind of a change in your behaviour, reactions and way of thinking perhaps you have depression that you aren’t curing or dealing with properly.

Sometimes we do not realize that we are sick, so go to your doctor and run some tests see if everything is alright always remember better safe than sorry.

Dreaming of being bitten by a hamster- If you had a dream like this where a hamster attacks and bites you then this type of a dream is a very bad sign.

It represents bad time and misfortune, possible situations that aren’t good at all in any way.

Perhaps something bad will happen that is going to cause a major damage in your life.

Dreaming of a dead hamster- If you had a dream where you see a dead hamster then this type of a dream is a sign that you are not communicating the right way with your boyfriend or girlfriend, fiancée, husband or a wife.

This may appear because you do not feel safe with opening up to your partner because you are not right for each other sometimes this is that simple, but your love for him or her is stronger than realization that perhaps that is not working.

Dreaming of a hamster running with a wheel that is spinning endlessly –This type of a dream where you see a hamster running with a wheel spinning endlessly is a sign of trouble connected with work in most cases but this can be connected with relationships and family also.

Your work is full of complications that are tiring and difficult and you do not know how to cope with that.

Dreaming of taking a hamster out of its cage- This type of a dream is a sign of you coming out free and independent, perhaps a certain situation that was holding you tight is finally gone or you grew out of it so now you see yourself improving at every step you take.

Dreaming of testing a hamster in a laboratory- If you had a dream like this where you take and analyse or test a hamster in a certain laboratory then this dream is a sign of your unhappiness.

This can be caused by the bad career or a partner choice.

Dreaming of finding a certain hamster inside of your house- If you had a dream like this where you enter your house and find a hamster then this dream is a sign of you making a decision about something and taking action about it immediately.

This will influence your life in a very positive way if you do it smartly.

Dreaming of a fat hamster- If you had a dream like this where in a dream you see a fat hamster then this dream is a sign of your emotional references.

You are a type of person that can engage in intercourse without catching any feelings, so in a way you have a big wall or a line between intercourse and love which may be good for you if that is the life you wish to carry on.

Dreaming of eating a hamster meat- Well this dream may look disgusting for the one wjo dreams about this.

If you had a dream like this where you are baking or roasting and after that eating some hamster meat means that your finances are about to increase drastically.

Perhaps you had a side hustle that is paying off after some time or perhaps you will win some kind of a lottery you never know what life can bring you so try everything.

Dreaming of a hamster giving birth- If you had a dream like this where you witness a hamster giving birth then this type of a dream is an indication that you are going to meet a person that may be the love of your life or that you will spend some great time with your partner that you already have.

It is also sign of health, prosperity and happiness.

Dreaming of playing with a hamster- If you had a dream like this where you are spending time with a hamster and playing with it then this type of a dream is a sign that you are multitasking a lot of different things.

Sometimes the only choice we have is multitasking but it is stressful and the truth is if you continue doing it you will lose a lot of energy and in the end you do not have an extraordinary result you only have few that are ordinary.

And that is not the way to do things, it is better to choose one thing and do it the best way possible instead of being involved with everything and not being great.