Olive Oil – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming about olive oil is a pretty uncommon dream with different meanings.

If you had a dream about olive oil then there are a lot of reasons for it to happen but sometimes these dreams are just a product that are mind randomly chooses to reflect it in our dream but of course there are deeper meanings for these appearances and that stands for everything in dream world.

Our mind is one really fascinating matter, it plays games with us and we still cannot even begin to guess all its wonders.

Neurons in our brain are constantly working, there are a lot of chemical reactions in our head and a lot of specific places for parts of our brain, you new where the parts and centres are but in which part are our dreams happening this same goes for memory there are certain parts that are considered to be home of the memory but actually we have no clue where that processes.

So dreaming about olive oil is not the biggest mystery in the world.

Olives in our dreams are a representation of luck, positivity and fortune while olive oil is not that positive dream.

It is more of a critical dream which is analysing your actions and problems and then showing you those problems indirectly through a dream.

Our subconscious knows a lot more about us than we do but we choose to not listen to it sometimes just like our gut feeling.

These types of dreams when connected with love life are indicating that you have no love life or that you have some trouble with it.

They also mean that you are likely to choose to do some drastic measures in order to improve your chances in that field.

Love is something that should happen spontaneously,  without rushing it or pressuring something so it is normal to feel lonely especially when everyone around you is committed and looks happy but remember relationship is not just a cute Instagram picture.

Being committed is so hard, tiring and you need to make some sacrifices of course that implies for your partner also.

But when you have that one special person by your side it is not so hard, everything seems easy and fun with them and if that isn’t the case then that person is not the one for you.

These dreams can also be an indication on possible emotional disability and unbalanced thoughts which could be serious so you should check with someone about your mental health.

Also these dreams can be a sign that you are finally satisfied and happy with yourself and your life, you are still figuring everything out and learning by going forward but it is worth it.


You know what makes you happy and you make that a big part of your life.

Dreaming about olive oil can be a sign that you have some issues and that requires a lot of your time, nerves, patience, attention and you have to be quick with finding a solution before this becomes something unbearable in your life.

Always choose peace over anything and anyone else, you only need peace everything else falls down where it belongs.

These  dreams can also be a sign of possible bad habits that are wasting your time in a really negative way.

Those daily routines are not bringing something good into your life so that means that it is time to change them and be happier.

Habits like late nights and long mornings, drinking, going out every night, skipping breakfast, not drinking enough of water or fluids need to stop as soon as possible because you are damaging your health and your mind with these actions.

The Most Common Dreams About Olive Oil

Dreaming about oil in general- If you had a dream where you are seeing, eating, touching, anything in general where there is oil then this type of a dream is actually a sign that you are missing love and affection in your life.

This, in most cases, is usually connected with love life.

Perhaps you were focusing on your career and profession or something else for a long period of time so now you see that all of that isn’t really the only thing you want out of your life.

Everyone can be alone for a certain period of time but eventually we all need that special person that loves us, protect us and makes us feel appreciated of course this goes both ways.

Love is what we crave, desire and want but that love is beautiful only if it comes from the right person.

There is that person that will make you believe in everything again, that is going to give it their best to make you happy and safe, someone that is going to wake up early to make you breakfast and coffee so they make your day better.

And this is what you want but the thing is with true love there is no rush, no time limit, you can’t just start a relationship because you feel like it with someone that is not your future then you are wasting time for both of you.

If you want something real learn to wait and be patient, if you are too occupied with work consider taking a vacation that will help you put things into different perspective.

Don’t give up just focus on yourself first and your priorities.

Dreaming about olives- If you had a dream like this where you have a dream about olives then this type of a dream indicates that you are feeling happy and satisfied.

This dream has a lot of meanings and do not worry they are good.

It is closely connected with positivity in your life in all areas, your mind and body, your work place, relationships, etc.

It is also connected with fortune and good luck, perhaps you are going to win lottery very soon try it out.

Or in some cases this is a sign that you are finally getting some answers for your questions, or that you are figuring out how to fix a major issue that is in your life.

Sometimes it means that there is a big job promotion heading your way.

It also represents that your friends will be there for your side and show you that you can rely on them in any given situation, you will possibly meet some new friends in strange ways but they are going to turn out to be ride or die type of people in your life which will be unbelievable to you.

Well in conclusion this dream is a great sign for the dreamer, something great is about to happen your life is balanced well so you will enjoy this stage of your life.

Dreaming about spilling olive oil- Spilling something isn’t really that uncommon so when you have a dream about that action it can appear because you have seen someone spill something that day.

But dreaming about spilling olive oil suggests that you are emotionally unstable person.

Perhaps there was a certain type of trauma that left marks on your mental health, your emotions and reactions are unbalanced and sometimes even dangerous.

In a way our choices define who we are so making some irrational decisions while being angry or under a big pressure always leads to disaster.

This period of your life is determined by your feelings, you feel everything and you absorb all the energies in the room you have no boundaries.

Perhaps you have some issue that is causing these things to happen to you.

Sometimes it is just lack of sleep, lack of vitamins even you should analyse your daily routine and habits so you can find the true cause of your problems.

Dreaming about drinking olive oil- If you had a dream like this where you are drinking a glass of olive oil may be an indication that you are doing something but not by choice.

Perhaps a task like school tasks that are suffocating your or maybe you have to run some errands because you have to and not because you want to.

It also means that someone is forcing you to something, for example your parents are forcing you to go to medical school or law school but that is not what you desire.

Maybe you are feeling like no one listens to you and that is the cause of this dream.