Ostrich – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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An ostrich is a bird portrayed in lots of cartoons because it looks unique and interesting, it may have a funny role in cartoons but in a dream it has a deeper more serious meaning.

If you had a dream about an ostrich you should know that this dream is sending you a certain message that isn’t really that positive.

So it can be said that these dreams are a type of warning signs for the dreamer, of course certain types of these dreams can be a sign of something great waiting for you but at the same time some forms of these dreams do not have the best meaning in the world.

These dreams are symbolising your avoidance of this world and reality itself, you spend a whole day daydreaming about something great instead of trying to make your life that way.

This is a problem for you, avoidance of reality can be a cause of depression in some cases and also you spend a huge amount of time running away from the present without seeing how time flies, in a second everything will be over so then you will realize that you should have done more things to enjoy your life the right way but then you will be sorry and guilty .

Except that these dreams can be a sign of you trying to fit somewhere where you do not belong just to be a part of the crowd.

Sometimes these dreams mean that you are letting go of something that should have been erased from your life before a long time.

Or that you aren’t working the right way in achieving your goals and desires.

If you want to find the true meaning behind your dream you have to have all factors on your mind, your life in general and details from your dream.

The Most Common Dreams About Ostrich

Dreaming about ostrich egg- If you had a dream like this where there is an ostrich egg then this dreams indicates that you are likely to fail at something in some areas in you near future.

Perhaps you won’t pass the test for your driver’s licence because you didn’t prepare well for it or maybe you will have some difficulties in work area, school, college.

It can also be connected with failed relationships, friendship or a romantic relationship.

So this dream is telling you that you are going to go through some failures and that your routine and habits are a cause of these failures.

So start being serious about your life and priorities, after you fail you will have to spend even more time on fixing it and moving on so a lot of effort is needed in order to be better.

And whatever happens do not stay there move on, find something new, do whatever you need to do but do not fall into depression or something like that.


Embrace your mistakes and be better.

Dreaming about cracked ostrich egg- If you had a dream like this about an ostrich egg that is damaged or in this case cracked then this type of a dream means that you are finally letting go of the past and now you are trying to move on from that.

So if you had this dream you should not worry about it because this dream is actually a good sign, it represents upcoming events and opportunities that are likely to change your life in a positive way.

So good luck and enjoy, now that you are healing or healed from whatever broke you life will show you that the sun does shine again and all you have to do is relax and be happy.

Dreaming about hatching ostrich egg- If you had this type of a dream where you witness an ostrich egg hatching somewhere then this type of a dream is a sign for you if you are a part of female population.

This dream is a symbol of fertility so if there is a chance for that you should go and do some tests maybe you are pregnant.

But this dream can appear in a male’s head too, this is a sign that someone from your family or surroundings is expecting a baby so that news is surprising for you.

Sometimes it is a sign that you are actually considering the idea of having children with your partner.

Dreaming about an ostrich chasing you- If you had this type of a dream where you are running from an ostrich then this dream is a sign of short temper.

You are type of a person that doesn’t know when to stay calm and quiet, you have to say everything right away without thinking about the consequences.

This is a bad trait because it leads to chaotic problems and situations so in a way this dream is warning you to control yourself or at least find a way where you can silent your temper.

Dreaming about riding an ostrich- If you had a dream like then this is a sign that you are free from something that has been holding you back for quite some time now.

This dream can appear if you are moving out of your parents house, if you have your first job, or any other activity that is somehow bringing you that feeling of independence.

Dreaming about a white ostrich- Colour white in a dream is mostly symbol of peace  and calmness, dreaming about a white ostrich doesn’t really have that type of a meaning.

It actually means that you only see people in a shallow way, based on their first appearance instead of seeing them as who they are and meeting them before making some assumptions.

This dream is a message from your subconscious that you are making a mistake with that behaviour and that you need to change it as soon as possible.

Dreaming about a black ostrich- Well having a dream about a black ostrich doesn’t really have a dark meaning, it indicates on some new chances that could appear in your life.

So in a way this dream represents an unknown path filled with positive opportunities.

Dreaming about a baby ostrich- When you have a dream about a baby ostrich be aware of your daily activities and thoughts that lead to the appearance of a dream like this.

You are probably asking yourself what is the meaning behind this dream?

Well it means that you are living in your own world that you made up in your mind, your days are going by and you are living inside of your head the whole time.

This dream is a warning sign for you to start being present and to focus on this life because as soon as you know it well it will end with or without your notice.

Dreaming about a dead ostrich- If you had a dream about a dead ostrich this may appear unusual sometimes even scary or confusing but the meaning behind this dream is pretty simple.

This dream is a sign that you have some emotional problems caused by stress at home or somewhere else.

It also means that you are losing your boundaries and standards because of these situations.

Dreaming about giant ostrich- If you had a dream about a giant ostrich then this type of dream may suggest on your bad habits.

Doing before thinking this is your main problem and this dream is trying to show you that there is a lot of damage because of your poor decision-making skills.

You rush everything in your life, whatever you do it is rushed and because of that those things don’t last long.

Nothing done in rush can look good in the end.

If you speed up the process that is supposed to be done slowly and precisely then you will end up making chaos.

Dreaming about a group of ostrich- This type of a dream is a sign that you are likely to take the path that everyone is taking this could be referred to college choice or a profession even style and clothing.

This could be a problem because there is a chance that you will lose yourself while trying to be like everyone else.

Also this could be good for you no one can really tell but be careful and know who you are before making some decisions.