Hand – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming of hands symbolizes the way you see the world and how you see yourself. Hands show how you treat yourself and your relationship with the surroundings.

Also, hands can be interpreted as problems that will arise in your life, depending on how many fingers you see.

There is also a belief that seeing multiple fingers in your dream, meaning more than five on each hand, indicates the little problems in life.

And, seeing a fingerless hand is a sign of indecisiveness, inability to make a good decision. It can be that you can’t find your place in this world and you feel lost.

Hands are part of the extremities that people use to do various things and are really important for normal functioning.

If you dream of paralyzed hands or having no hands, it could mean that you are not able to do something or you have a blockage in your mind that stops you from achieving your goals.

You either have a great potential to achieve something, or no potential when it comes to dreaming of hands.

The meaning of the dream depends on the context of the dream and your feelings.

Let’s see what are the most common dreams about hands and what they could mean

The most common dreams about hands

Dreaming of beautiful, soft hands

This dream is a very positive one and it indicates that everything is going the way you wanted to.

You will have health, a love life, and financial stability because beautiful hands are a symbol of positive life and great achievements. It means that you are capable of doing things great and you are very skilled.

Also, softness is a symbol of emotional stability and you will probably find a partner and start the relationship.

Dreaming of deformed hands

If you saw deformed and ugly hands in your dream, it is a negative sign. It could be that you will feel sick or get ill; this dream is a sign of health complications and has a negative meaning.


You should take care of your health and live a healthy life.

Also, this dream can indicate that you won’t succeed in your plans and you will feel devastated. Your hard work won’t pay off and it will make you feel incapable.

Dreaming of deformity in your hands is a symbol of bad health, no prosperity, and bad times.

Dreaming of having old hands

If you saw your hands as old, it means that you are getting tired and washed out by your current obligations or job.

You need to take a rest and give yourself some time to relax. Working too much can lead to health problems and negative emotions.

Also, it could be that you will be given a task that is too tough for you and you will feel incompetent.

Dreaming of baby hands

If you saw baby hands in your dream, that is a symbol of innocence, vulnerability, and good temperament. You are the kind of person who never hurts anyone and you easily love people. That is why some people could try to use that for their own needs. Be careful and don’t let anyone bring you down.

Babies’ hands are a symbol of a good personality and generosity. Keep in mind that your positive nature shouldn’t let others use you and hurt you.

Dreaming of bloody hands

Bloody hands are the symbol of dishonest behavior, bad personality, and troublesome nature.

If your hands were bloody, it means that you have done something wrong and now you regret it.

Your subconscious mind is reminding you of your negative actions and that is a sign to change your behavior.

Also, it could be that you regret making some choices that don’t necessarily have to be negative for others, but yourself. You can’t hurt others without hurting yourself and that is called conscience.

Dreaming of missing one finger

If your index finger was missing in your dream, it means that you should stop telling everybody what to do and start looking at yourself.

Sometimes you point fingers at others but you don’t see yourself and your flaws.

If you were missing your thumb, it means that you will experience a negative situation that will make you look dumb.

If it was the middle finger you were missing, that is a sign that you should stop being stubborn and close-minded. Open your eyes because there are beautiful things to come to you once you let your ego down.

All in all, missing a finger in your dream doesn’t have to be a negative message. Often, it is a sign for you to change your behavior so you can lead a better life.

Dreaming of hairy hands

If your hands had too many hairs than usual, it means you are having a secret that nobody knows for. You wear the mask in front of other people and no-one truly knows who you are.

This dream can also represent your insecurities which are the reason why you don’t show your real face to others.

The symbol of this dream is a lack of confidence, mistrust, and self-pettiness.

Dreaming of having a scar on your hand

Seeing a scar on your hand means that you will do something that will leave a huge mark on you and you won’t be able to take it back.

What you do now will make permanent consequences in your life, so you better make decisions wisely.

The scar is a symbol of permanency and actions that leave big consequences. The message for you is to be careful with what you do and don’t rush into things because it can be fatal for you.

Also, it can be that you will get hurt by someone and that will leave a scar on your heart. Maybe you will be betrayed by your partner or close friend.

Another meaning is that you are emotionally unstable and you are not ready to get into a new relationship.

Dreaming of smaller hands

If you had a dream in which you had much smaller hands than in reality, it means that you are a conservative person, patriarchally orientated.

You have strong beliefs that no-one can dismiss, and there is nothing wrong with that. But, if you want to make a change and improve your life, you need to try to look at life from a different perspective.

Dreaming of someone kissing your hand (for women)

This dream indicates that someone adores you, but it’s not your partner. This dream is a warning and is telling you to be careful around that person because you don’t want gossips to be spread around.

Dreaming of admiring your hands (for women)

If you had a dream in which you felt love and adoration for your hands, it means that there is a lot of men who would want you as their partner.

You are considered to be a beautiful and charismatic lady that is always at the center of attention.

Also, this dream could mean that you will start a relationship with a man who is too jealous, so you should be careful with that.

Dreaming of tied hands

If your hands were tied in the dream, it means that something is holding you down, stopping you from shining your light. You need to figure out what it could be and start dealing with the problem.

This dream can be a symbol of emotional instability, fear of getting into a relationship, and lack of confidence.

Dreaming of an amputated hand

If you had a dream about an amputated hand, it is possible that you will get into a fight with your partner. There will be a misunderstanding between you and it will shake your relationship.

Also, it can be that you don’t like the way your partner thinks and you don’t approve of some of his actions.

Dreaming of dirty hands

If you are a hard-working person, then this dream is no coincidence. Dirty hands a symbol of hard work and a lot of effort.

However, another meaning of this dream is that you will have to give everything you have into something if you want to succeed. It will take you a lot of time, money, and patience in order to achieve your goal.

Also, dirty hands are a symbol of honesty, justice, and good personality.