Spiritual Meaning of Spiders in House

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Taking into account that, in general, the characteristic of any symbolic interpretation is never to be exclusive, but on the contrary, to understand in a broad syncretism all possible interpretations.

That symbolism is the best means to reveal the teachings that have always been taught to us has been transmitting ancient wisdom throughout all traditions, in the symbolism of the spider we see that three important aspects overlap: creation, destruction and centralization.

Spiders – Meaning and Symbolism

The first of these is her creative capacity, extracting the substance from herself to make the thread with which she will build her own fabric.

The second, of destruction, can be observed in its aggressiveness to hunt down all the insects that approach it incautiously and that constitute its food to be renewed every day, and the third is the perfectly woven network in a spiral from a center, in which she positions herself and remains alert to react immediately to any aggression.

Observing and “reading” in the great book of Nature, the spider will give us multiple keys: we can “see” in it the symbolic image of the center of the world, of the great manifestation emanating from the First Principle from which everything is born and at the that everything has to come back; the double path of descent and return that must exist after the evolution and cyclical death of everything created.

In India it is considered in this sense as the image of the Mayan goddess, the eternal weaver of the veil of illusions that conceals from our eyes the true reality of who we are.

The spider can go up and down, rise through its delicate thread and return to its own center each time it makes an escape to the world to explore the external environment and search for new foods, thus treasuring the experiences with which it will once again rise to its point.

Rest, until the beginning of necessity forces you to make another descent again.

In Greece she is Arachne, a Lydian maiden disciple of Athena in her functions as goddess and teacher of spinners and embroiderers.

The beautiful Arachne embroidered so well that her arrogance led her to challenge Athena herself, for which she was first warned and later punished to have to continue spinning and weaving, throughout her life, a cloth whose fragility and instability makes break easily with the mere blow of a mortal. The radiated shape of her cloth symbolizes the Sun and the thread is the support of spiritual realization.

The Moon also appears in many myths represented as an immense spider because of its passive character, of reflected light, and because of its different phases of waxing and waning, affirmative and negative, which corresponds to the sphere of the phenomenal manifestation that it weaves. With its threads the destiny of men.

According to M Schneider, the spiders, building and destroying incessantly, symbolize the continuous investment through which the life of the Cosmos is kept in balance.

This same symbolism penetrates the life of man (microcosm), to signify the continuous “sacrifice” of his life, through which he is transforming and passing from one world to another, from his human part to the divine through the “sacrum fire “,

That is,” making sacred “, and ritualizing each act, each important decision throughout its entire existence, which is developed in that” bridge “or hinge between reason and the heart, between the sensible and the intelligible.

The spider has always been a symbol of mystery, power, and growth. In addition, constancy is also related to it, since we can see the incredible cobwebs that only one of them is capable of making. This reminds us that, just as the spider builds its web, we are capable of building our lives.


When we come across a spider, we must ask ourselves several questions: How are the choices I am making affecting my life? How can my choices improve my life? How do my choices affect other choices I must make? In the future?

Not only does the spider or the cobweb call our attention in terms of the vital choices that we must make, they also give us a new point of view, which is how we can manipulate our way of thinking in relation to the construction of the life we ​​want. .

What we have explained so far is an inspiration due to the way spiders build webs. These are functional, practical and with an ingenious design, since they serve as houses, as food stores, as egg incubators; they have a functionality that seems to have no limits.

When we consider this ingenious diversity, we can see our lives as a spider web that we build ourselves. If so, how would we design a more effective life?

When we attend to our decisions, choices and actions, we can see it as a spider web that we have built. The spider symbol reminds us that we must be aware of our behaviors and behave rationally in order to build a good web.

Another aspect that is related to spiders is the concept of infinity. This is because spiders have 8 eyes, 8 legs …

The number 8 is the symbol of infinity, since if we knock down the 8 it gives us this symbol as a result. This insect is also related to cycles, the passage of time and evolution.

Some of the concepts associated with it are: progress, femininity, cycle, rebirth, death, creation, protection and destiny.

For Native Americans the spider symbolism had to do with protection against torrential storms. For other Native Americans the spider (personalized as grandmother) was the teacher and protector of wisdom.

For the Indians, it was associated with the term Maya, which means that it has no limit. This term describes the natural illusion of appearances, so we are reminded that the things presented to us are not always what they appear to be.

The symbol of the spider in Egypt, it has been associated with the world of hunting and arrows. In relation to hunting, this insect is also related to creation, specifically to the recreation process.

Spiders in the Home – Meaning and Symbolism

Spiders are insects that can be present in many regions of the world, they are a very large and diverse group, which by the way are a fundamental part of nature and play a very important role, but do you know what it means to have spiders at home? Many people have encountered more than one.

On many occasions, these arachnids go unnoticed, in fact, the ones we can find are neither aggressive nor dangerous, although it is known that there are some very poisonous species that may not represent danger and that they are even doing you the favor of eating insects or even other spiders.

Although we think that our houses are safe places, suddenly, a spider may appear and there is probably no danger. These insects are usually generalist predators, they eat anything they hunt, in fact, and they catch annoying pests and even disease-carrying insects such as mosquitoes.

Although spiders are usually beneficial in your home, by reproducing quickly they can cause an infestation, which means that you should ask an expert for help.

Having spiders in the house means good luck, it is believed that if you find this insect on a table or on your clothes, you must capture it alive and taken to a more appropriate place, in this way fortune can come to your life sooner what you imagine.

Although they are usually lucky, especially in Japan, they are considered evil beings, if you see a spider at night in any place it should be eliminated, since all spiders that appear at night are goblins! Belief!

Having spiders at home calls us to be aware of our behaviors to be intelligent about our lives, but also more than luck and prosperity, it is invites us to a time of reflection, patience and inner wisdom. Invite to develop your projects successfully.

If it is one or two, leave them where they are, they are eating insects that you can reproduce more, if it bothers you, what you can do is take it outside and leave it alive. But if there are a lot of spiders, the best thing you can do is call an expert.

If there are a lot of spiders in the house, then inadvertently acceptable conditions for their habitat are created. These are representatives of the animal world, but are often called insects. House spiders are generally harmless.

However, the neighborhood with them is not pleasant for everyone, with the condition of the home deteriorating due to cobwebs.

The source of food is small animals, insects. Only a representative of one of the varieties (horse) eats acacia cabbage. Spiders in the house and on the street have one method of catching prey – with the help of a net.

It can appear in the most unexpected areas, but more often in the corners of the room. Many such living beings can lead to a decaying house. The black house spider and other species kill the victim with venom. Then the digestive juice is injected into the trapped body. All that remains is to suck out the resulting nutrient solution.

Domestic spiders come in several varieties. Everyone has a different way of life, but the main difference between them is the external signs, the size. Among them are the hay of long legs, gray-black domestic appearance, “tramp”, horse.

It is often called window. This is an inner spider, whose belly size does not exceed 1 cm. Moreover, the leg has a considerable length – up to 5 cm.

As you can see, the paw is much longer than the body. There are a total of 8 pairs of limbs. Such an insect in the house lives in the corners of the room or by the window.

Most of the time living beings spend upside down, observing potential victims. When an oversized insect is found, representatives of the long-legged species sway the net.

These spiders, which live in private houses, are smaller in size. The length of the body together with the legs is 14 cm. Black spiders in a private house, like their gray counterparts, weave a web of complex structure. At first it resembles a cylinder.

When the victim is caught, the integrity of the network is compromised. Once these little spiders renew their web, it becomes more complex. Females usually wait for a potential victim next to the cobweb.

More unusual animals can appear and stay on the territory of the apartment. Such spiders appear in the apartment in raids and live a little.

They do not use the traditional method of catching prey – the net. A representative of the tramp simply runs into the victim, acting quickly at the same time.

It injects a poisonous substance and devours prey. Tramps sometimes bite, but do no harm. The danger posed by bites exists only in the tropics.

It is capable of jumping but does not attack a person, which means that the maximum damage they cause is fear. The peculiarity of the representatives of this species is 8 eyes, which are located in several rows, and more precisely – 3 eyes.

It has an unusual color and moves easily on smooth surfaces (for example, on glass), which provide small claws on the paws and hairs.


When asking why there are so many spiders in a house, you need to consider the accessibility of the facility: the presence of cracks, unprotected windows, often open doors, and other factors.

Also, this living creature is often carried along with things that have been stored for a long time. If you inspect the apartment carefully, you can understand where this type of insect comes from.

Many do not express a desire to take over the body and legs of this living being.

However, if there are a lot of spiders at home, you still have to deal with them.

Due to their small size and poor physique, they cannot harm a man. Even if a spider bites in a bathroom or other room, it is enough to treat this place with an alcohol-based agent.