Hospital – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Most people hate hospitals probably because of a past traumatic event, because of losing their loved one or because of the fear that someone they love is going to end up there during an  accident or certain illness.

Hospitals are buildings that are providing great health care and staff that is doing everything they can to save lives.

While in a critical position or if you just need to check if everything is fine you go to your doctor in a hospital and he runs some tests, creates a therapy program does everything to help you.

But fear is always there, fear that they are likely to find something or that someone you love is going to end up there and that they won’t be able to save that person.

Hospitals are buildings filled with lots of stories, experiences,  miracles but also death.

Dreams about hospitals are not uncommon, especially for individuals that are spending time there working or visiting or being a patient there.

Hospitals in a dream could be a symbol of uncertainty,  stress sometimes they symbolize a person’s state of being and the need for healing.

They indicate on possible health issues and anxiety that you need to resolve sooner or later.

These dreams could also be a sign of mental or physical problems,  that you are not taking care of yourself in the right way.

Your subconscious is sending you message through dreams, whatever thought you have is processing and can appear in your dream maybe not in a form you thought it would but it does appear.

If you are a doctor, nurse or a part of medical crew dreaming about hospitals and actions inside of it is not unusual at all.

When you do or see something every single day it is completely natural for it to appear in your dream.

Sometimes these dreams do not have a meaning but sometimes they do so analyse your life and your dream.

The Most Common Dreams of a Hospital

Dreaming of a hospital in general- If you had a dream about seeing a hospital then this dream is an indication that you are likely to go through a certain process of healing inside and out.

This dream appears if you are letting go of yourself, you are giving up on you and that is not a great sign at all but this happens to everyone so do not worry too much about it.


So the appearance of this dream is showing and telling you to put focus on your own needs in order to be healthier,  more stable or even happier.

True change starts in your daily actions so be wise about them, focus on things that are constantly bringing you joy and feel the change filling your body and mind.

Clear your head, go somewhere new well these current situations are not really allowing you to travel but you can always go and take a walk through the forest or go camping maybe even a simple car ride can do the trick.

Do what makes you happy and take care of your own health no one is going to do that for you.

So cut those late nights and poor diets, start being serious about your own growth.

Dreaming about being inside of a hospital- If you had a dream like this where you are inside of a hospital then this type of a dream means that you are losing your direction.

You have changed turns somewhere along your path and now you feel lost, you lack discipline which is making you miserable and desperate for something bright to happen in your life some kind of a chance to do better.

The truth is if you want things to be better then go and make them, not even God can grand your wishes if you do not take action in order to fulfil them everything is there you just need to be smarter and make your life better.

It also indicates that you are stuck in one place and that you need to move in order to achieve your goals.

Dreaming of an empty or abandoned hospital- Well this type of a scenario in most cases appears in horror movies, so dreaming about being or seeing an empty hospital can leave some consequences like panic or fear in the dream and in the morning after waking up from it.

If you do have a dream about an empty hospital then this type of a dream then the meaning behind it is slightly deeper than you think.

It is more of a sign that you are insecure and not ready to do some things to make your life the way you want.

For example college or a job, you want to go and study art but you are aware of potential losses so you are torn between your wishes and reality.

Gather your thoughts and strength, if you want something go and get it without hesitation.

But there are cases where this dream is a bad sign, sign of possible illness or that you are fearing to have a certain disease.

Dreaming of a mental institution- If you had a dream like this about a mental hospital then this type of a dream is a sign of lets say craziness.

Maybe you are not mentally ill but this type of a dream is a sign of possible chaos that is going on inside of your head.

Your thoughts are on a thin line between madness and genius, this should concern you perhaps your actions are showing a different side of you that you are not even aware you had.

Insanity is a part of your life at this point so this means that you are likely to have a certain outburst or some kind of a scene.

Maybe you feel insane because you cannot collect your thoughts.

Depression can also be the cause for these dreams to appear.

Dreaming of an hospitalization- If you had this type of a dream then this means that your health, both physical and mental, could be critical.

Maybe your habits are damaging your health and this dream is a message from your subconscious to be more cautious while making decisions that are affecting your wellbeing.

So this could be a sign for you to talk with someone and express your feelings, fears, desires in order to feel better.

Or start doing something that can improve your physical health that is connected with your mental health for example exercise, clean diet, a new hobby like reading or something else that is going to have a positive impact on you and your life.

Working on yourself is a number one priority so do not put yourself down for anything or anyone in this world.

Dreaming working at a certain hospital- If you had this type of a dream where you are working at a hospital as a nurse, doctor, surgeon then this dream is a positive sign.

It is a sign that you have the ability to make others happy, to heal them from their traumas and to simply help people when they need your help.

But the thing is that perhaps you are not using this ability because you do not see it as a good thing.

You should help people, always be careful around them because there is a thin line between helping someone and being used by that person.

Dreaming about having a surgery- If you had a dream about performing a surgery or you are the one who is cut open then this dream is a sign that you have to release certain energy, habits and people in order to be free.

Maybe you are holding on to something just because it feels safe and familiar but the thing is you have to try new things, meet new people, live a whole other life because everything passes so quickly and if you are at the same place your entire life then what is the point?

Stop doing that to yourself, stop settling for something when you know  that you do deserve better so go and get it.

Let go of everything that makes you feel like you are not worthy or that you are not special.

Let go of toxic people, of toxic habit and toxic way of thinking.

Dreaming about a hospital that is filled with people- When a hospital is filled with people well it is not a positive sign, it causes anxiety and fear.

So dreaming about a hospital which is crowded with people is not the best sign either.

It may be an indication on your possible health issues, perhaps there is a sickness on your way.

But these dreams are also caused by problems in your life that are leading to your overthinking which is stressful and hard.

So this type of a dream is a sign for you to try and relax no matter how hard it is, breathe and try to find a positive perspective.

Everything passes so hold on to that thought, no matter how hard and painful it gets in your life that will pass sooner or later.

So keep fighting and moving forward it is going to be okay in the end.

Dreaming about an unclean hospital- This type of a dream where you are in an hospital which is lacking hygiene and clean environment is a sign that your thoughts are everywhere.

Your emotions are in control, and you have no idea how to collect yourself and how to be calmer.

This is a troubling period for you and it is not an easy one.

But take some time and let things be the way they are, maybe start writing a journal in which you can express your feelings and deepest thoughts.

That way you can have a clearer head and sight.

Dreaming of leaving the hospital- If you had a dream like this then there could be multiple meaning behind this dream, when dreaming about leaving a hospital it can be an indication on possible misfortune or on your bad behaviour and timing.

Some people say that right timing is everything, so when you master the ability to find the right timing to do or say something you have made it in your life.

And some say that there is no right timing because everything happens when it is supposed to happen.

Whatever the situation is you have it wrong, you are not a compassionate person which is hurting the ones around you and you need to change it as soon as possible.

Misfortune like losing your job, lower salary or no income at all could be a part of your life in your near future so be ready for everything.