Jumping Down From a High Place – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Jumping or falling from a high place is a common motif in dreams. This dream can have many meanings, depending on how you felt and what details occupied your attention in the dream.

If you were happy while jumping, it can only mean good things in your life. Maybe you are finally ready to embark on a new love adventure or a new business venture.

Whatever you expect in the near future, you are happy and excited about it. This is truly one of the highlights of your life. You enjoy your success.

If you felt great fear in your dream while jumping from a high place, it means that you are probably very scared because of some big changes in your life that will soon occur.

You probably subconsciously think that you will not be able to cope with new and unknown life situations.

Changes are an integral part of life and only those who adapt to them and accept them succeed. You have to work hard to overcome your fears in order to become the best version of yourself.

When it comes to jumping from a high place, it is also important where you jump from, whether you jump freely or, for example, from a bungee or a plane.

All these details speak more about the meaning of your dream.

Below are the most common dreams of jumping down from a high place.

The most common dreams about jumping down from a high place

Dreaming of jumping off a bungee

If you dreamed of jumping from a bungee, it means that you are deceiving yourself in some way or pretending some emotions. You are not quite sure why you are doing that, maybe because of your upbringing.

A big change in your life may follow, for example, a wedding or moving to another city to study and work. Something that is qualified as a big change in life.

Intimately, you don’t feel very scared or excited, but you act like you are because of others. You make a little drama about nothing.

You are aware that you are safe even though you act as if you are taking a lot of risks in life. Be honest with people close to you and tell them how you really feel instead of hiding your true feelings.

Sometimes people dream of jumping off the bungee when they have to do something they are not very comfortable with or when they have seen the bungee jump live or on television.


Dreaming of jumping off a bungee that has come off

This dream must have been a nightmare. Most people are afraid to jump off the bungee because of this possibility, which is unlikely.

So, in your dream, you experienced a breakthrough, so to speak. You have broken through the protective layer of your subconscious, that is, you have exposed yourself to your greatest fear, and that is sudden death.

Everyone is afraid of death, but they mask their fear well so that they can continue to behave rationally in real life.

A torn bungee can also represent your insecurities and dilemmas you have about an upcoming project or event. You may worry too much about some things that you cannot change.

You need to try to truly relax in life, so whatever happens, let it be!

Dreaming that you have jumped from a high place against your will

This dream represents your weakness and indecision. Big things are obviously happening in your life, and you pretend not to see them.

You would most like someone else to decide for you. You need to wake up from that long-term dream and take the reins of your life into your own hands.

The life you live is yours, not your relatives, friends, or partners. You have to decide for yourself the things that directly concern you.

If you continue to let others decide for you, you will wake up one day with a sense of failure. Gather courage and play a major role on the stage of your life.

Dreaming of jumping down from a high place into the water

Water signifies some mystery and a jump down from a high place courage and determination. You may have decided to finally deal with all the unknowns and fears in your life.

You want to know where you stand. This probably applies to all areas of your life, from a love affair through the family to work. You are ready to go all the way to discover the truth in your life.

It no longer matters to you whether and how much you will be hurt. You have finally matured as a person and you are ready to deal with all the misconceptions and taboos.

Be careful in your campaign. Not everyone around you has matured emotionally, nor did they deserve to be hurt by your directness.

Dreaming of jumping from your home which is on a high place

If you dreamed of jumping from your window or your terrace, it means that fear is your constant companion. You are always afraid of something.

It is possible that the fear you constantly feel is not so strong, but it has been with you for a long time.

You were probably afraid of someone or something in your own house as a child.

You have to slow down in life and go back in time to face the inconveniences and fears that still live in you.

When you do that, you will see how much happier and better your life will be. Now you are not even aware of how much your constant anxiety prevents you from fully enjoying life.

Dreaming of getting ready to jump from a high place

To dream that you are at a great height and getting ready to jump means that you have a great desire for freedom and a need for adventure. You feel emotionally satisfied and fulfilled.

You may want to end a relationship or situation in your life that is holding you back. This dream is sometimes a sign of happiness and prosperity. You may be questioning the person you are becoming.

Dreaming that you are at a great height suggests that you rationally assess your goals and the means to achieve them. You progress through life according to your conditions.

Basically, it is possible that you will neglect your emotional life in order to have a successful career. That is the path you will choose.

Dreaming of someone else jumping from a high place

The dream of someone else jumping from a height is a sign of something you are missing or needing in life. You feel like you are not in the center of attention, not even your own attention, let alone others.

You don’t have time for yourself and for the activities you love. You feel like you’re getting lost in the constant work and jobs that come one after the other.

You no longer know exactly why you work so hard and what are you hiding from. This dream tells you to stop and try to discover yourself and your interests again.

You can’t let your life pass by you like that while you’re finishing work. There will never be an end to the work unless you decide so. Take care of your spiritual life.

Dreaming of feeling dizzy before jumping down from a high place

The feelings we experience are fundamental to all kinds of dream interpretations

. Obviously, having dizziness in a dream is not a good feeling and that is why from here we can begin to understand that something is not going well in our life.

Some situations require a lot of attention from us and should not be underestimated.

In short, dizziness before jumping from a great height in a dream can indicate a very bad period, in which things do not go absolutely well and in which we cannot find valid solutions, because our mind is blurred and deprived of any positive and optimistic idea.

In this situation, it is best not to take big steps in life, that is, not to make important decisions. Wait for things to clear up.

Dreaming of flying off after jumping down from a high place

This is a very unusual dream, which predicts that help will arrive at the last minute.

You will soon find yourself in a very unenviable situation and you will not be able to find a way out. You will think that everything is lost.

However, at the last minute, you will get sudden help and get out of an awkward situation. Simply, you will be lucky! Try not to miss that happy circumstance.

This dream can also signify your tendency to fantasize, which often leads you to laziness and laziness. You have to get out of lethargy if you don’t want to lose important things in your life. There is nothing like fantasizing without a path and a goal.

Dreaming of jumping from a high waterfall

If you dreamed of jumping from, for example, Niagara Falls, it means that your sexual energy is awakened. You are bursting with sexual desire.

It is possible that you feel a strong sexual attraction towards someone and you cannot and do not want to hide it. You act a little childish. You feel in love and you do not care if the whole world knows about it. Be careful if that person is a business associate or superior.

Soon, you will discover whether that person feels the same about you.