Lake – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Lakes in a dream are often related to our emotions and deep feelings that we keep inside ourselves.

The lake is a symbol of our soul, spirit, and emotions that we have for this world. It represents the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

If you had some emotional events or you were emotional earlier that day, that is the reason why you had this dream.

A lake is a mirror of our feelings and it can appear in our dream as a product of our subconscious mind that knows how we feel.

If you had some negative feelings like sadness, hatred, anger, it is possible that you saw a dark, dirty lake in your dream.

However, if you saw a crystal clear lake that was peaceful, it means that you feel love, relaxation and that your emotions are positive.

The most common dreams about a lake

Dreaming of seeing a lake

If you had a dream about a lake, but you can’t remember anything specific about it, it means that your emotional state will change soon.

Something will make you feel a certain way and you wouldn’t be able to control the expression of your feelings. This can be anything, from good to bad.

Maybe you will start liking someone and you won’t be able to hide it. Or, you will express your negative thoughts and feelings for someone openly and you will let them know that you don’t like them.

Dreaming of swimming in a lake

If you were swimming in a lake, it means that you will be able to comprehend your emotions and deal with them.

You are the kind of person who can always keep their feelings to themselves and you don’t like to tell others how you feel.

Even when you are falling apart, nobody can notice it because you are so good at dealing with your emotions.

Also, swimming in a lake can be a symbol of enjoyment. In the next period, you will experience some very beautiful moments so you should focus on positive things and be open to them.


Dreaming of drowning in a lake

Dreaming of drowning in a lake is a symbol of the inability to deal with your emotions. Some emotions are too overwhelming for you and you can’t control them.

You are a very sensitive person and people can easily make you happy or sad. This dream indicates that you are not able to hide or control your emotions so whenever you are stressed or unhappy everybody can see that.

This dream is a sign that you will go through a tough time and you will feel like you reached the bottom. Maybe some things won’t work out the best for you and you will be very disappointed. As you are more sensitive than other people, you won’t handle the situation well

That can affect your personal life and your state of mind. Maybe you will start feeling depressed or anxious, so be ready to fight for yourself and don’t let that happen.

Dreaming of dried lake

If you had a dream about a dried lake, it means that you are feeling empty inside. Seeing a dried lake is a sign that you are not feeling inspired and that your emotional battery is running out.

Maybe you have been struggling for a long time and now you don’t have any strength left. This dream indicates that you feel dried out and that you need to take some time for yourself and collect energy.

Maybe some people around you have made you feel this way. If you are the kind of person who always helps others even if others don’t appreciate it, then certainly that is the reason for you to feel this way.

Maybe you have been giving yourself too much and that didn’t pay off. You are probably exhausted from being a support for others without having anyone to support you.

A dried lake is a symbol of being washed out, feeling empty and lonely. These emotions are usually triggered by something from the outside world and if that is correct, you need to stay away from that source of negative energy and focus on yourself.

Dreaming of a monster in a lake

Seeing a monster in a lake is a sign that you are afraid of your emotions.

A monster in a lake makes that lake dangerous to swim in. Maybe you are afraid to dive into a relationship with someone because you are scared of getting attached to a person.

Everyone is scared of being hurt, but that is not the reason to avoid any kind of relationship.

This dream is a symbol of insecurity and a lack of confidence. Also, it is a sign that you are not ready to accept your feelings for other people.

This dream indicates that you are distancing yourself from others because you think they would take advantage of your feelings. That is why you act so cold and you play hard-to-get.

Maybe nobody around you sees that because you are good at pretending that everything is alright. Others might think that you are just cold, but the reality is different.

You are not cold, you are afraid of getting hurt, so you maybe even hurt others before they hurt you. That is not a way to cope with your fears and you should know that.

Dreaming of a clear lake

A clear lake in a dream represents the end of the pain and suffering and is connected to positive feelings and new beginnings.

The water and air are the clearest after a storm. This dream indicates that you were in pain in the past but that time is gone now and you can move on with your life.

Maybe you were hurt deeply in the past and it has left a significant mark on you, but you decided or you will decide to move forward and build your future the way you want it.

This lake represents your calm feelings and your stress-free life. You will feel at peace and everything will be alright.

On the other hand, it can be that you have finally accepted something that was bothering you for a long time. Maybe you didn’t want to face the truth and you kept lying to yourself.

But this dream is a symbol that indicates that you will finally let it go by being aware of it and realizing that the truth is important. Once you stop rejecting things, they will stop attacking you.

When you accept the situation you are in, it will fade away, or at least it will become easier to go through it.

Dreaming of a muddy lake

If you saw a dirty, muddy lake in your dream it means that your heart is filled with hatred and jealousy.

Maybe you don’t want to admit it to yourself, but this dream is a symbol of hating someone or something.

The reasons for that can be various, but what is important is that you shouldn’t feel that way for too long because it is toxic and bad for you.

This dream indicates that you are not satisfied with your life and you carry a lot of anger inside you.

That anger is eating you from inside out and you can’t control it. Maybe it is towards someone who did some bad things to you or you hate your life situation because you can’t do anything to change it.

Like this lake is filled with poisonous things, that way is your heart and mind filled with negative thoughts and feelings. You need to clean it up because it can affect your life deeply and make it worse.

Dreaming of a turbulent lake

Seeing a lake with waves is an unusual thing.

If you saw a turbulent lake in your dream it means that you are feeling stressed because some outside things are stopping you from being calm. Your nature is calm, but everyday life is making you feel less calm.

Maybe you are worried about your job or something else that is not in your hands. You can’t control these things and they are making you very anxious.

However, you can always try to control your reaction and the way you take things to yourself.

If you manage to separate your inner self and the world outside you, you may find a way to stop being so stressed.

Dreaming of a calm lake

A calm lake in a dream is a symbol of complete relaxation and peace. You are in peace and your life is very beautiful.

You are the kind of person who never yells or shouts, and you always find a peaceful way to solve things out.

This dream is a symbol of purity, relaxation, and it indicates that your life will be filled with peace and love.

Dreaming of passing by a lake

If you had a dream about traveling, and you were passing by a lake, it means that you are not paying enough attention to your feelings. You are busy doing other things during the day and you don’t see yourself.

Maybe you should ask yourself how you feel and what you need because neglecting your feelings can lead to negativity and sadness.

This dream is a sign for you to be more aware of yourself and try to listen to yourself.

If you are too busy with your work or something else, you won’t find time for yourself and that can have serious consequences on your life in the future.