Lunar or Solar Eclipse – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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An eclipse in a dream is a symbol of a non-positive change in your life.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a sign of something bad, but it tells you that some aspects of your life won’t be the same or the way you wanted them to be.

Maybe something you planned won’t turn out to be exactly how you wanted it, but it doesn’t mean that it will be negative for you.

At first sight, some things may look really bad to you, but if you look closely, from a different perspective, you will realize that it is exactly what you need, not what you want.

A solar eclipse is related to situations and physical states such as your job, health, and friends, and a lunar eclipse is a symbol of your emotions and thoughts.

Dreaming of a solar eclipse is a sign of change in your financial status or the worsening of your relationships with people. Maybe you will get in a fight with someone close to you or you will lose your job.

On the other hand, dreaming of a lunar eclipse is more related to your inner self and your thoughts and feelings.

It is possible that you will feel down and you won’t be much productive or in a positive mood. However, that will change and won’t last forever.

Dreams about an eclipse represent something current and non-temporarily. You will have bad days but they have an end. After the rain always comes the rainbow.

The most common dreams about an eclipse

Dreaming of Solar eclipse

If you had a dream where the day became the night, meaning that the Sun was covered by something causing it to stop giving light, it means that you have a tough period coming.

You may get in a conflict with your coworkers or friends, and it will make you feel misunderstood and lonely.

Try not to give much meaning to that and try to understand others and their actions. Not everyone can cope with stress and you mustn’t take it to your heart.

Whatever happens, it won’t last forever. You will get through all the negative situations and you will forget about them. There might be little inconveniences in your everyday life, but nothing big will affect your life.

Nothing irreversible will happen and you don’t have to worry about your future. The symbol of this dream is a message for you to be prepared for small arguments and disagreements, but don’t let them overwhelm you.


The Solar eclipse is a sign of an outer factor that will affect your life and you must not give in to that. Be stronger than negative situations and show them that you are better than that.

Dreaming of Lunar eclipse

If it was nighttime in your dream, and suddenly the Moon was covered by something, it means that you will have some emotional problems.

Maybe you will feel irritated by everything because you won’t be satisfied with your life and you will be very annoying to others.

It might be that you will realize something negative about yourself and you will be disappointed in your actions and words.

The Lunar eclipse is a sign of negative emotions and represents fears, trouble, and difficulty in understanding yourself.

Also, this dream is warning you about others that could hurt your feelings. Maybe someone will try to make you feel bad and will do anything to see you suffer. Don’t let them and try to stay aware of your qualities and good sides.

This dream is a sign to be more aware of others and their actions. Not everyone wants the best for you and you should be aware of the possibility to be hurt and scammed.

Another message from this dream is to listen to your gut feeling. If you are suspicious about someone, listen to your heart and don’t be blind to your intuition.

Dreaming of a total eclipse of the Sun

If the Sun was fully covered by something from the beginning of the dream, it means that you might have some health problems. Take care of your body and mind and don’t stress too much over things you can’t control.

Also, be prepared for bad news in the next few weeks.

Dreaming of a total eclipse of the Moon

This dream indicates that you need to be more careful with people around you and to stop giving them everything you have. You will eventually feel exhausted and used without any awards.

Sometimes it’s not bad to keep your thoughts and emotions for yourself if you see that expressing them won’t bring you any good.

Dreaming of an eclipse of the white moon

This dream has a positive message and it tells you that you have many possibilities and chances in your life. You will be given a chance to start doing something that satisfies you and you will finally find peace.

The white moon is a symbol of an almighty, positive experience. It is a sign of beautiful feelings, positive emotions, and love.

Maybe you will soon meet someone who will be worthy of your love and you will start a relationship with them.

You deserve love and you need it to function properly. This dream is telling you that you will experience the feeling of true love and it will be the best thing ever.

Dreaming of an eclipse of a red Moon

The meaning of this dream is that you should try to learn more about yourself and find out what is stopping you from expressing your potential.

The symbol of a red Moon is learning, finding out, understanding, and developing. You should work on yourself and try to be better, learn more, and investigate your mind.

Knowing yourself is the most important thing a person should do. This dream is telling you to ask yourself whether you are who you are, or there is more to it. You need to step outside your comfort zone and push yourself to the limit of revelation.

Dreaming of an eclipse of a blue Moon

This dream is telling you that you will have to face the consequences of your past actions sooner or later. You did what you did and now you will have to be aware of the consequences.

You either didn’t try hard enough for something or you gave up. You have to put yourself in work and give it all. You can’t succeed if you don’t try your best.

Also, this dream means that you don’t want to invest your time and energy into something and that is the reason you will have to face the consequences of giving up.

You can ask for a piece of advice from someone with more experience or with someone older if you want to know when to avoid making wrong decisions. You can’t always be right and know everything, and it is fine to ask someone for help instead of doing everything by yourself and making mistakes.

Dreaming of a partial eclipse of the Sun

If the Sun in your dream was half uncovered, half-covered, it means that there are people who are lying to you. They act like you can trust them, but behind their masks, they hide their true faces.

There is someone toxic for you in your surrounding and you should distance yourself from them. They bring you only stress and anxiety and you don’t need to participate in that.

You should stop being around negative people who suck all your positive energy and make you feel tired.

Dreaming of an eclipse above the sea

This dream is telling you that you will succeed in your plans by respecting other people and being ethical. If you respect others and you don’t make false assumptions, you can get their respect and help for your plans.

The sea is a symbol of challenges and obstacles that could stop you from achieving your goals. It can be something about you that is stopping you from success.

It is possible that your attitude needs to be changed to make a profit.

Your state of mind can lead you to success in any aspect of your life. It is better to adjust yourself to your surrounding than to fight and waste energy on changing something you can’t change. Invest your energy in yourself and not in other people.

If you are judging others and you won’t accept their flaws, you can’t improve and you will be stuck in your own restriction.

Dreaming of a partially eclipsed moon

If the Moon in your dream was half black, half-bright, it means that you will have mixed emotions for someone.

It could be a love-hate relationship and it is not good for you. This dream indicates a sexual relationship full of passion, but lacking understanding and compassion.

Be careful and don’t let your instinct be stronger than your ratio. You know what is good for you.