Papaya – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about fruit papaya are related to pleasure and positive experiences. If you had a dream of tasty, sweet papaya, it means that you will have a romantic relationship soon.

Maybe you think right now that that’s not possible, but wait a bit and you will see.

Unexpected love is coming your way. We never know what destiny prepares for us. That is why they say that life is a rollercoaster and you should enjoy the ride when you can.

Papaya is a symbol of health, exotic places, adventures, passion, love, and good relationship. It signifies everything colorful and joyful in life such are singing, dancing, making love, and laughing.

This fruit brings you a lot of positive experiences and moments filled with laughs, good times, and friends.

If you are preparing to go on a trip, you will experience some really nice and happy things where you are going. Just try to be more open and relaxed and everything delicious such as papaya will come your way.

You are probably going to meet some of your friends and connect to them on a deeper level. You will strengthen your relationship with your friends and you will cut some boundaries.

Also, papaya is a symbol of good health which means that you won’t have any health-related problems or illnesses.

However, not every dream about papaya carries a positive message. For example, old, rotten papaya is a symbol of a health problem.

Or, squished papaya is a symbol of breaking some relationships and friendships.

The most common dreams about papaya

Dreaming of seeing fresh papaya

This dream indicates that you are healthy and full of positive emotions. You are ready for an adventure and you need to experience pleasant moments in life.

You might plan a trip somewhere exotic and you might take your friends with you. You will have the time of your life no matter where you go. Be ready to experience some outstanding moments that will keep you warm at night when you grow old.

This dream is sending you a message to do what you want and to enjoy life the way you want to. If you want to make a change in your life, you should do it as soon as you can.

Dreaming of eating fresh papaya


Eating fresh papaya is a symbol of getting new experiences and improving your health. If you feel ill, this dream means that you will get better and feel better.

Maybe you will change your diet and start eating healthy, doing exercises or going to the gym.

Dreaming of making a papaya smoothie

If you were making a papaya smoothie in your dream, it means that you are ready to make a change in your life. No matter what, change is needed every now and then so go for it!

You might start new hobbies that will bring creativity out of you and will make you feel good about yourself.

It could be that you will decide to learn a new skill and maybe make money out of it.

This dream is a sign of many possibilities and chances and is telling you to start doing something productive.

You will probably meet new friends or start a new, refreshing relationship with someone who is similar to you.

Dreaming of picking papaya

If you had a dream about picking papaya from a tree, it means that you will take your life into your hands and start the business you wanted for a long time.

It is time for you to start changing your old habits and leave them in the past.

Picking papaya is a symbol of strength, decisiveness, and motivation. You will make a great decision related to your job and it will bring you more money than your previous job.

Dreaming of seeing a papaya tree

This dream is a sign of you taking steps in order to start living a more healthy life. You are worried about your health as well as your physical appearance, so you will start doing everything to change that.

You care how you look and how people see you and you want to be more affectionate and attractive.

Your body is your decision and if you want to make a change, you better start right now.

Dreaming of buying papaya

This dream may be a symbol of guilt. You feel guilty for your appearance and you want to be liked by people.

You feel rejected because of your body and it irritates you.

Firstly, you need to accept yourself the way you are, instead of just trying to look better for others. This dream means that you think about other people more than about yourself.

If you want to be liked, first learn how to like yourself.

Dreaming of cutting papaya

This dream means that you will tell someone how you feel. You have been keeping your feelings and thoughts for yourself for a long time, and now you will finally decide to speak about them.

There is something important you would like to tell someone but you don’t know how to tell them. It can be that something is bothering you about another person and you want to tell them to stop doing that.

Also, it is possible that someone from your work is treating you differently from others and you want to make them pay attention to their behavior. You feel bad because they disrespect you and you want to confess to them that.

Dreaming of throwing papaya

If you had a dream about throwing a papaya fruit into the garbage or something similar, it means that you are not ready to make a connection with someone.

You are refusing to show your feelings and you are afraid of commitment. You don’t trust people and you are worried that your feelings will get you hurt.

Throwing papaya is a bad sign because you might be throwing away great chances and beautiful moments just because you are insecure about yourself.

Dreaming of rotten papaya

This dream indicates that your health might get worse. You will probably have to go to see a doctor and change your diet.

Also, you might break up with your partner because you will find out that he/she is not who they tell you they are. You will realize that your partner is not honest with you and you will end that relationship for your own good.

Dreaming of green papaya

If you had a dream about unripe, green papaya it means that you are not ready for committing to a relationship.

You are too immature for that person and you should try harder if you want to be with them.

Also, this dream can be a message that you are not capable of dealing with the huge amount of stress and you are too weak for big challenges. You should try to rest and take some time to find out what you want in life.

Dreaming of red papaya

This dream indicates that you will have great moments with the person you find attractive.

You will experience beautiful, erotic moments with someone you have known for a long time.

Maybe a person from the past will walk into your life again and remind you of all the great things you had before. Think carefully if you are ready to go through the same things again.

Dreaming of papaya seeds

If you saw papaya seeds or you’ve eaten them in your dream, it means that you will get to the core of your problems. You will find out what is making your life harder and you will find a way to solve that problem.

You will be ready to start over, forget the past and make a great, stable future for yourself.