Sandals – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about different types of shoes are very common and they have various meanings.

Foot wears often pop up in our subconscious mind during dreams as symbols that can tell us something.

We will be discussing different meanings of dreaming about sandals and what could that mean for us.

Sandals are often a symbol of happiness and well-being. They are a sign of positive vibrations and thoughts and they bring peace.

If you are under stress and you had this dream, it means that things will start getting better soon and you will feel relief.

If there is something you are worried about, this dream is telling you that everything will be fine and you don’t have to worry too much.

Basically, sandals in a dream are a good sign and they suggest that all your problems will be solved.

The most common dreams about sandals

Dreaming of seeing sandals

If you just saw sandals alone in your dream, meaning that no one was wearing them, it means that you will soon find an important answer to your questions.

You are wondering if you did something right, did you make a good decision, and what you could’ve done differently. This dream indicates that you will soon figure out and you will be pleased with the answer.

If you wonder when will your problems be solved, this dream is telling you that in the next period you will manage to break free from problems and start living a normal life.

Don’t let your fears stand in your way to happiness.

Dreaming of wearing sandals

This dream is all about you and your way of finding happiness. If the sandals suited you and it felt nice to wear them, it means that you are in the right place right now and you will be very fine. No current problems are coming your way and you will have peace.

If the sandals were too small and your feet hurt, it means that something is stopping you from feeling happy. You feel trapped and you see no way out. But, if you want to live a happy life, you will have to distance yourself from negativity and bad people. It is easy, just like taking your sandals off.


And, if your sandals were too big, it means that you can’t accept some facts and it’s hard for you to face the truth. You need to be realistic and stop living in imagination.

Dreaming of wearing new sandals

If you had a dream about having new sandals and you felt excited about them, it means that you miss attention and tenderness in your life. You need someone to take care of you and show you love and affection.

Also, this dream can mean that you need to take more care of yourself and stop spending too much money and energy on other people. You need to put yourself in the first place sometimes, otherwise, you will feel bad.

If you give love, then you should receive it. If it’s only you who gives it to the people, then it means that you should care more about yourself and think about your own good.

Dreaming of buying sandals

If you had a dream about shopping for new sandals, it means that something is bothering you. You have an inner problem that is stopping you from fully experiencing life and enjoying yourself.

The symbol of this dream is unfulfillment, lack of attention, and loneliness.

Maybe you should try to meet new people and experience new things in life. Try to be more social and surround yourself with positive people.

Dreaming of making sandals

If you had a dream about making new sandals, it is a sign of creativity. This dream is telling you to start doing a new hobby that could make you feel creative and inspire you to be better. It will be good for you to learn a new skill. Maybe try painting or writing. It could even be singing, writing songs, or just simply taking a walk every day.

You should take advantage of the next period and use your time to get new skills and improve yourself.

This dream is giving you positive vibes and is a great chance for you to start something new.

Dreaming of selling sandals

This dream is a sign of generosity and your will to help other people. You have a lot to offer to people and you are full of compassion and love.

You are showing affection and tenderness to others and you expect them to appreciate that. However, it seems like people are not aware of your hard work and the attention you give them. They don’t respect you and that is what makes you feel sad and lonely.

Selling sandals is a symbol of your trying to get people like you. You need to stop giving others all the attention and love if you don’t receive any positive feedback.

Dreaming of someone wearing sandals

If you saw someone wearing sandals in your dream it means that you will meet someone you can trust and be friends with. That person is similar to you and you will get along with them. Maybe you will go on a trip with some of your friends and meet other people.

Also, this dream is a symbol of friendship, trust, and love. Maybe you will start talking with an old friend or someone you had an argument with and you will start being friends again.

Dreaming of stealing sandals

This dream is a sign of your insecurities and it tells that you were doing some things just to make other people like you.

Also, this dream has a negative meaning because it suggests that you have bad karma on your back and you should be careful with your decisions and words. If you hurt someone, it will probably get back to you as a bad thing. This dream is a sign that you will have a rough time in front of you because you did some bad things in the past.

Dreaming of borrowing sandals

If you asked a friend to borrow you their sandals, it means that you will need help from someone. You will ask your friend or family to help you with something you struggle with.

This dream is telling you that there will be someone who will help you and be there for you. It is a good sign and it means that you will find a way out of your problems.

Dreaming of losing sandals

If you have lost one sandal, or even both, in your dream it means that you might lose a friend. Not in means of death, but like a fight. Maybe you will get in a fight over a silly thing and end up not talking to them. You should be careful with your words and try not to hurt anyone because what you do now will affect your future.

The symbol of this dream is break up or a fight and is the sign for you to think through your decisions and words. If you say something you don’t mean, it can have serious consequences on your life in the future.

Dreaming of worn-out sandals

The worn-out sandals are a symbol of exhaustion and it is a sign of burn-out. Maybe you have been working too hard for the past few months and now you feel like you can’t continue living that way.

You need to rest and spend some time alone if you want to get back to normal.

Also, this dream indicates that some of your old habits are stopping you from moving forward and improving. You need to stop practicing your bad habits and start living a different life that will bring you more joy and happiness.