Maze – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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People often dream of a labyrinth because the meaning is closely related to our emotions and way of life.

Each of us has a written path to follow, and it is a journey that brings excitement to life.

The emotions that we express during our life journey are most often shown to us by the subconscious in a dream as a labyrinth.

As you feel in the labyrinth in a dream, you feel in reality on your life journey.

Also, this dream refers to your current problems and the choices and decisions you have to make to continue through life.

When you dream of a labyrinth, look at it as a puzzle that seeks to be solved.

This does not mean that you will always choose the right path; there is a possibility that you will make the wrong choice and that you will not make the right decision.

There are several paths from start to finish in the maze, and you have to accept that there is no one good path, or one bad one, be prepared for the challenges that life brings you.

There are different labyrinths throughout history and culture, and there are labyrinths specific to certain peoples. We tell you all this because the very meaning of the dream depends on which labyrinth you dreamed.

Classic mazes have one entrance and one exit, one entrance that leads you to the center of the maze, and one exit that will take you outside.

The labyrinth is a metaphor for wandering through life and seeking purpose.

When you wake up, try to remember as many details as possible that happened or that you saw in your dream in the labyrinth. Was there an obstacle in the maze, or did you not know how to get out?

Maybe you dreamed that the road through the labyrinth was long and tiring, or you just got to the point where you had to choose whether to go left or right? Its interpretation depends on the accompanying details in the dream.



We know that mazes can have many paths but also detours. Often people dream of not getting out of the labyrinth as they feel stuck and lost.


People are frustrated and standstill because they don’t know which way to go. If you dream this, it means that in reality, you have a problem determining which way to go, and some aspect of life is not going uphill.

Think you have problems at work, you got a too difficult project, or you lack money in your account?

Sometimes the feeling of being stuck means that you are stuck in a relationship that leads nowhere, and you are not satisfied with your partner.

It’s time to dump her and move on. You are very frustrated and do not know how to solve problems, it also affects your health, and the environment is of no help.

The solution may be right in front of your nose, but you do not dare to choose because you are afraid of it.

Sometimes there are options for solving problems that are the most effective, but it is difficult to decide on them because we are afraid that we will hurt someone.


When you enter the labyrinth, you will face many paths that you can take, and you will probably be confused. If you experience the labyrinth in a dream as a puzzle that you have to solve, it means that in reality, you are engaged in re-examining your life choices.

Do you feel lost and afraid that you have not chosen a good life path? It is never too late to start a new path, choose a new job, change a house or an apartment. If you are part of a toxic relationship, do not be afraid to get out of it.

You may not know which direction is for you, and the dream may be a sign that some major changes are waiting for you, and you may finally understand what the purpose of your life is. This dream can be positive in the sense that if you find a solution on how to get out of the labyrinth, you will finally know what you want to become your main life goal.


If you find yourself in a spiral labyrinth, you will see that the visual before your eyes changes as you move, and that can mean evolution.

It means that your life is changing, going through a positive transition.

Also, the roads’ position in the maze will change direction, leading to your gradual transformation. In a spiral labyrinth, you go towards the interior of the building.

The interpretation is that you are actually going towards yourself; you are starting to work on yourself. When you return from the center to the beginning of the maze, you will be changed because you have accepted the change and a better version of yourself.

What is certain if you dream of yourself moving through this type of building is that you are waiting for a huge change that can be positive for your entire life.


For almost all ancient peoples, the labyrinth represented a spiritual path, and if you come out of the building unharmed, you have found enlightenment inside.

The road inside the building can be hard, confusing. It can mean going backward, but everyone who has managed to overcome all comes out as a reborn man.

Many cultures believe that each entry into the labyrinth represents spiritual growth on one higher level or transition from one form of life to another. If you have started working on yourself and are dreaming this dream, it means that you are on the right path.

In the following text, we will share with you the most common dreams that have to do with the labyrinth to interpret your dreams better.

Dreaming that you are trapped in a maze

If you do not know how to get out of the maze, you have a problem in life that you do not know how to solve in any way. Try to talk to someone on the phone and share your problem to find a way out more easily.

You find yourself in a maze

If you dream of yourself in a labyrinth of reality, think about your current life, where you are, what stage you are in, are you near the end or just at the beginning of a phase? How do you generally feel about your life and the priorities in it?

This dream is closely connected with your journey through life.

You may have come across something interesting, or you have met a new person, almost as if you dream that you are at the beginning of a maze. If you are closer to the labyrinth center, it means that you are very frustrated with your current status or some situation in life that you cannot change.

You are entering a maze

This dream can be a sign of the beginning of a problem that you desperately want to solve.

This dream has another meaning, and that is that maybe a new exciting project is starting for you at work, or new positive changes are waiting for you on a private level. You begin a new quest in your life.

If you are nearing the end of the maze

This dream means that you are at the end of one phase in life, maybe a big project at work is coming to an end, or you will move to another location.

If you work on yourself, this is a sign that you are nearing the end of the spiritual path.

It would be good to remember how you felt during this dream, whether you were relaxed or you left the maze in a hurry. Has yours perhaps caught a panic attack?

Have you ever dreamed of a maze, and where exactly where you? Were you at the beginning or in the middle of the maze?

Did you know which way to go, or did you have the feeling that you were constantly choosing side paths? How did you feel inside the building? Feel free to write us your dreams and experiences in the comments.