Seeing Ancestors In Dreams

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To dream that ancestors are remembered is the harbinger of a possible family misfortune.

If during the dream we see any of our ancestors, it is usually a sign of annoyances promoted by relatives.

If during sleep we find ourselves talking to our ancestors, it is often a forecast of possible lawsuits, misunderstandings and setbacks between close relatives.

Dreaming of our ancestors and that they appear irritated or sad is traditionally a harbinger of arguments and fights, on the other hand, if in the dream the ancestors look happy and willing, it is the harbinger of an upcoming event that will bring happiness and benefits.

Dreaming of an ancestor who is still living, such as a grandfather, great-grandfather or great-great-grandfather, is often the harbinger of a long life for the dreamer, although it is also possible that the dream is only the reflection of nostalgia for better past times.

Seeing Ancestors in Dreams – Dream Meaning

Leaving aside issues of spirits and ghosts that have nothing to do with the interpretation of dreams, the appearance of a deceased relative in your dreams has specific reasons, and among them we can highlight the following:

They can inform you about your own personality, your behavior or your attitude towards life.

This kind of dreams will depend on your life context and the relationship you had with that family member.

In general, it means that you are still in need of love and protection, as well as the support and advice that you now lack.

It is also possible that you dream about them because you had things to say or do with that person that you now lack.

It is very common for you to feel a certain guilt for not having done it in life, and that is why it appears in your dream experiences.

The memories of that person who is no longer there are also seen in dreams, because you continue to have her support as if it were an angel. You are protected by that person and you should not have fears or insecurities when dreaming about them.

Pay attention to your dream, are you talking to that person? What is she saying she?

Because surely you’re subconscious wants to tell you something about yourself through those people.

Dreaming of deceased ancestors whom you don’t even know means that you are about to change the stage of your life, an important bond, family protection … And, also, self-improvement.


It is also very common to dream of these people in certain stages of grief. When you are in the process of overcoming the death of that loved one, it is very common for it to appear in your dreams, as well as for it not to appear because you are still in the denial phase of this grief.

Given the general interpretations, we are going to specify a little more depending on what happens in the dream or the person who appears in it. Let’s see it!

When you dream that a person who is dead appears alive in your dream it could indicate that you are still not very aware that he is not there.

But if you are surprised to see him in perfect condition and you even think that what he does alive if he is dead, it indicates that you are in the process of overcoming or assimilating that loss.

It could also mean that in reality that person is still alive in your mind, in your heart and especially in your memories.

The memories you have had with that person are projected into your subconscious to bring you experiences that comfort you, they make you see that even if that person has left, he still continues to take care of you wherever he is.

It may happen that instead of being a pleasant dream, you have real nightmares with deceased relatives.

Why is this happening to you? It is simple, because you have not yet overcome the mourning for his death, because it still disturbs you to think that they are gone and that they will not return, because you are still not aware of everything that has happened.

But it is also possible that you dream of them as a nightmare because they come as a wake-up call or as a warning.

Do not be afraid and listen to what they have to tell you, because surely you are yourself telling yourself something that you are not liking about your life.

If you have dreamed of your deceased brother, it will mean everything that we have just seen a few lines above, in addition to the fact that you miss him, you need his advice and support from him yet or you have not assimilated that he is gone.

Seeing Ancestors in Dreams – Dream Symbolism

There is no doubt that suffering the death of a mother or father is something really painful, second only to suffering the death of a child.

In the case of dreaming that you are talking to your deceased mother, it means that you obviously miss her, especially her love and her unconditional support.

For many years that pass, you will continue dreaming of her for all that she meant to you in life, especially in moments of your life in which you have a problem.

Because if you asked for her advice while she was alive, why not do it now that she’s gone?

You need her support, and that is why you see her in dreams, just like when you talk to your deceased parents, your grandparents or special people who are gone. They appear in your subconscious because it will help you get out of a difficult situation that you have in your life. Take advantage of their support!

To know the meaning of dreaming about your late husband, you first have to attend to the sensations that it produces in you.

Do you feel calm and at peace, or do you feel terrified to see him in your dreams? Be that as it may, the interpretation goes hand in hand with the one we are commenting on so far: you miss her and need her support.

It may happen that you have not yet overcome his death and that is why he appears in dreams, but it may also happen that you feel guilty of rebuilding your life, of continuing without him.

In this case, you will be the one who causes these kinds of dreams by thinking about whether you are doing well or not, but you should take advantage of these kinds of dreams to reconnect with your deceased husband, to once again enjoy his unconditional support.

It is amazing and disturbing that you dream that someone is resurrected, right? If it is about a person who is actually alive, this dream is interpreted as needing a second chance to change the life cycle.

But the person who is resurrected may be a stranger, in which case she is talking about yourself: you need to be reborn, end one cycle and start another.

You should also look at the details of this resurrection dream. If there are relatives, if people appear crying or happy, if you are a spectator or you are the one who resuscitates, if a totally renewed person appears … You must reflect very well everything that has happened in your subconscious to understand what it wants to tell you this dream.


To dream that a person in your family who has already disappeared or even with an ancestor that you did not even know sneaks into your dreams usually has a positive meaning because it comes with a personal message. We tell you in our dream dictionary what exactly this dream means, do not miss a detail!