Mirror – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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People use mirrors for multiple purposes, like decoration and rearview mirror.

But, the most common purpose is for people to be able to look at themselves. We constantly look at ourselves and examine our appearance.

Looking at a mirror is something everyone does and represents moments in which we are focused on our face and body.

Sometimes, we look at ourselves to see if our outfit is good and how those new heels look on us, but sometimes, we stare in our faces and eyes trying to figure out what to do next. It is most common when we are in a negative situation that we turn to the mirror and “speak” with ourselves.

Mirrors reflect us and we see who we are when no one is looking. So, that is the reason mirrors have a special place in dreams and often represent our feelings for ourselves.

It’s like we can see our soul in the mirror and it is showing us who we are. Some people are afraid of mirrors which may mean they are afraid to face themselves – a meaning when someone dreams about hiding from the mirror.

There are many interpretations of dreams about mirrors, so we will give you the most common ones.

The Most Common Dreams about mirrors 

Looking yourself at the mirror 

The true meaning of this dream depends on the feelings you had during the dream. If you felt beautiful watching yourself it means that you admire your beauty and love yourself the way you are.

If you had negative feelings, like disgust, it may mean that you don’t want to accept yourself. You are hiding your true self because you don’t like it. Maybe you don’t know how to love and appreciate yourself.

Also, this dream may mean that you finally find someone who is honest with you and treats you well. In many cases, that person is just like you and you see a lot of your traits in them, which may be the reason why you like him/her.

Dreaming about a broken mirror 

Unfortunately, this dream is telling you that something is going wrong, You are either not aware of the consequences your actions will have or you don’t want to accept that something you liked is gone, or someone you loved.

This dream suggests that you will have broken feelings and emotions and something bad will shake your ground.

It is possible that something unexpected will happen and you will be shocked that you didn’t see it coming.


Dreaming about a mirror hanging on the wall 

This dream means that you should think carefully about who you let in your life. That mirror is trying to show you something you don’t see – maybe you will meet a person who looks like a great friend, but deep inside is not.

Also, that mirror can be a symbol for opening your mind and looking at things from a different perspective.

Dreaming about seeing yourself naked in the mirror 

Some interpretations say that this is a bad sign and that you might have some health problems.

On the other hand, this dream usually suggests your hidden feelings and embarrassment you felt sometime in the past. You have to face it and let that feeling go.

Dreaming of a hand mirror 

If you had a dream in which you hold a small mirror in your hand, it means that you will receive some good news related to you.

There are good times to come and you will be successful in everything you do in the next months. This is a good sign of progress and growth.

Dreaming of a big mirror 

If you saw a big mirror in front of yourself, it means that you have big plans for your future and you want to work hard for it. You have a vision and you will do anything to make it come true.

Also, you are tired of doing everyday things that don’t make you happy. You need to bring something exciting in your life and live it with passion.

If you see yourself in that mirror, it may mean that you are a little bit afraid of the future and you feel too small for this world. You have to follow your heart and dream big because it is what you really want to do.

Dreaming of a bathroom mirror 

When is the last time you took care of yourself with little details such as skincare routine or hairdressing? You have to relax and take time for yourself.

You are trying to please everyone, but in the end, you will break. The bathroom mirror often reminds you of crying and keeping it to yourself, so let go of negative emotions and start working on yourself.

Dreaming of a black mirror 

This is often a bad sign. The Black mirror symbolizes pain, sadness, and depression. You might want to work on that and try to get negative thoughts out of your mind.

Maybe you lost faith or you don’t have hope anymore because a black mirror is a sign of hopelessness and lack of motivation.

Dreaming of a foggy mirror 

A foggy mirror in which you can’t see your face suggests that you are currently trying to figure out yourself and you are not sure about something that concerns you.

Maybe something is standing in your way stopping you from seeing the clear picture and the whole story. Try to distance yourself from negative distractions and focus on yourself.

Dreaming of seeing someone else in the mirror instead of yourself

There is nothing scary about this dream, so don’t worry. You are probably changing and becoming another version of yourself or you are trying to be someone else.

Maybe your personality has changed a lot and now you see yourself as a different person. You don’t behave like you did before and you made changes that are very visible now. You are not your old self.

Dreaming of not seeing your reflection in the mirror

This dream sounds very scary and weird, and we know that scenarios like this one only happens in movies and dreams. Not seeing yourself in a mirror may mean that you have not been you lately.

Friends are telling you that you have changed a lot and they don’t understand what is happening, so as you neither. You became different and that is visible.

Also, this dream may mean that you have put yourself behind everything and all responsibilities and now you suffer because of that. You don’t even know who you are anymore.

Dreaming of a dirty mirror 

If you saw a dirty mirror and did nothing about that, it means that you have some habits that you can’t change. You are constantly in the same circle and you don’t know how to leave it. Maybe you are tired of the simplicity of your life and you need to take a step in order to change something.

On the other hand, if you saw a dirty mirror but tried to clean it, it means that you are a hard working person who is trying their best to keep everything the way you want it to be. You don’t give up easy and nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

Also, it can be that you have a lot of secrets that even you refuse to believe in them and to think about them. You can’t face the facts and it is what shakes you the most.

Dreaming of cleaning a mirror

If you specifically had a dream about cleaning a mirror it means that there are positive things to come into your life.

You are making changes that will have a good effect on you and will improve your lifestyle. The transformations you are going through are worth the hard work and will pay off.

Dreaming about breaking the mirror 

Something is bothering you and you can’t control your actions when it comes to that topic. You are trying to overcome the problem but you don’t seem to make a progress.

Another meaning is that no matter how hard you try, things always end up bad for you. You are losing hope and you might give up your plans.

Because the broken mirror is a symbol of being lost, weak and useless. You have to get up and work on yourself and the way you see yourself in this world.

Dreaming of a framed mirror 

A framed mirror is in this case a symbol of humility and staying behind. You don’t want to be in the center of attention and you are often very quiet. You are an introvert and you don’t like showing off; you would rather be left alone.

That characteristic of you often makes you look like a loner and makes people go away. But, you are not as people may think you are. Try to let someone into your life and be yourself.

Dreaming about multiple mirrors

If you saw many mirrors in your dream it means that you are indecisive. You can’t say what you want and it is difficult for you to make a decision.

Maybe you have a great call to make so be careful with what you will choose. Don’t push yourself while making the decision, but take your time and think through every detail.

Dreaming of dropping off the mirror 

If you had a dream in which you accidentally dropped a mirror it means that you are doing something wrong. It can be your job or school, but you are always looking to get away with the work.

Dreaming of gifting someone a mirror 

That person you gave the mirror is probably someone you think is similar to you. You have many common things such as jokes, philosophy, hobbies and so on. You are very comfortable with that person because you can be who you are.

Dreaming of receiving a mirror as a gift 

This dream means that people find you open and generous and they like you because you are an easy-going person.

Maybe someone thinks of you and wants to get to know you better.

You are that person who always cheers up others and makes people feel good about themselves.

Dreaming of seeing animals in the mirror

This dream is often a bad sign. It could be that you don’t like your surrounding at work or school and you are having a hard time adjusting to that. You are trying to fit in but somehow it doesn’t seem to work.

You feel like you don’t belong somewhere and that is what makes you sad and affects your behavior when you are in that surrounding. Try to find another place where you can fit and express your power and talent.