Kangaroo – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Kangaroo is an animal known to be very protective over their territory and females. Male kangaroo has extremely strong punching extremities and they often get in a fight.

This animal represents a strong spirit and willingness to fight instead of running when they are in danger.

Also, this animal has strong legs and jumps very high – in dreams, seeing a kangaroo may mean that you are “jumping“ to the top and you are a very ambitious person.

However, it may also mean that you are prone to running away from problems.

Dream meaning depends on whether you saw a jumping, fighting, or other kangaroos.

In this article, you will find different interpretations related to dreams about kangaroos which carry particular symbols that may help you in revealing the reason you had a dream about this animal.

The Most Common Dreams about Kangaroos 

Dreaming of aggressive kangaroo

As it is said previously, kangaroos can be aggressive and they are a symbol for two-fisted personalities. This may refer to you or someone from your surrounding that is sometimes grumpy and nervous.

If you just saw an aggressive kangaroo, it means that you are lately easily irritated and everything is getting on your nerves. Try to relax and talk to people who are close to you. Do activities that make you feel better and don’t push yourself too hard.

You are slightly self-centered and you sometimes don’t realize others’ needs, however, it is okay to put yourself in the first place, just don’t be surprised when others start acting that way.

If that kangaroo approaches you, it means that there is someone you are secretly afraid of. Not in a life-threatening meaning, but you are stumbling upon someone’s opinion and behavior. That may be your boss or your parents who can be in control of your life. You would rather do what they say even if that is not what you would usually do.

Thus, you have to stand up for yourself and stop letting others control you.

Dreaming of a baby kangaroo 

This dream may be related to your parents because a baby kangaroo symbolizes innocence, fragility, and need for others. You are a baby kangaroo that misses living in a mother’s womb.

Of course, this can’t be taken for literal. It may be that you feel lonely and weak and you need help from someone who is stronger and has more experience than you, which is why this dream suggests you should turn to your parents for help.


Dreaming of a female kangaroo carrying a baby 

If you had a dream about a mommy kangaroo carrying her baby then you probably miss someone. You are thinking about a person from your past that always takes care of you and you were through a lot with them.

If the baby kangaroo jumps out of the womb, it means that you should move on and start over with someone new.

Another meaning of this dream is that you are secretly wanting a baby but you don’t know how to tell your partner because you think they will have a different opinion from you. The answer is always to be honest, no matter what. You need to be open to conversation.

Also, it may be that you suffer from a lack of emotion and attention from your parents. As it is known, kangaroo is strong and independent animals that will do anything to protect their child, so maybe you didn’t feel much protected during your early years of life.

Dreaming of a jumping kangaroo

Good news! This dream usually has a positive connotation and is telling you to go after your goals! You shouldn’t wait for others to help you and you must do it by yourself. Although it may be hard to always act strong and independent, you know it is the only way to the top.

You are a person who always gets what you want and you never give up.

On the other hand, if the kangaroo had big jumps but didn’t move much further, it means that you are impatient and you want to see the products of your work as soon as possible. Well, sometimes you have to be patient because big steps usually don’t end up with great success.

If your kangaroo was jumping away from you, it is a negative sign. It means that you put too much effort into something that won’t pay off. Try to think carefully through it and ask yourself is it worth all the energy? It may be a relationship, or a job, depending on the situation.

Dreaming of a herd of kangaroos 

This dream may indicate that you spend too much time with your friends and that your partner feels lonely. You should try to dedicate more time to a partner and show more affection.

Also, this dream may mean you have a lot of friends which are close to you but remember, not everyone can be your close friend. You have your circle of friends and you are very careful with who you let into your life.

Dreaming of two kangaroos fighting 

This dream doesn’t necessarily have to be negative. The fight is normal for human beings and you are surely fighting for something that really matters to you. You are trying your best to get it your way and there is nothing that can stop you.

However, this dream also suggests that there is someone you can’t stand. A person from your work or even at home is constantly trying to irritate you and you just don’t know how to forget about it. You are trying to avoid the fight, but somehow always end up saying something you don’t mean. Try to pretend you don’t hear what you don’t like if you can’t deal with them in any other way.

Dreaming of a dead kangaroo 

You are probably feeling down and you don’t know what else to do to make yourself feel better. Something you worked hard for didn’t come out the way you wanted it and now you feel like you lost your time and energy on something unworthy.

Also, a dead kangaroo symbolizes defeat and your desires which didn’t come true. You should think about whether it is worth trying or you should give up before failure shakes you to the ground.

Dreaming of a kangaroo chasing you 

Are you running from your problems like half of us do? Well, that is your kangaroo. You are trying to get away with something that bothers you for a long period of time and you don’t know how to deal with it.

Or, you are afraid of consequences that will come out of your actions. You did something that you regret and now you worry that it will affect many aspects of your life.

Dreaming of feeding a kangaroo 

You are a generous person who likes helping others in need. Your ego is not bigger than your heart and that is what everyone likes about you.

You are an easy-going person who is always there for everyone, even strangers because you have a strong character and you care about others.

This dream is a positive one and suggests that your good actions will be awarded.

Dreaming of a giant kangaroo

The meaning of this dream mainly depends on the feelings you had throughout the dream.

If you felt scared of a kangaroo, it may mean that you have a big problem and you are afraid of facing it. Something is bothering you and it is stopping you from leading a healthy and happy life.

But, if you were not afraid of that kangaroo, it means that you are a very brave and independent person. You don’t care what others say about you. However, you trust people even if you know you shouldn’t, but you know their actions can’t hurt you because you have the most trust in yourself.

Dreaming of a kangaroo in a zoo

Seeing an animal being in a cage means that you have suppressed feelings and thoughts. There is something nobody knows about you and that is a burden you carry with you. It is getting hard for you to stay quiet about it and you need to tell someone everything.

Maybe you are feeling lonely and you wish to have someone to listen to you. Try to talk with your friends and close ones about what bothers you and try to socialize more.

Dreaming of a kangaroo as a pet 

Isn’t it strange to dream about a wild animal as a pet? That is why you are here. Here are some explanations for this.

Firstly, if that kangaroo is your pet it means you have a faithful friend that is always by your side and will never let you down. You should be thankful for that and appreciate them more.

Secondly, if that kangaroo is someone else’s pet then it means you are sometimes feeling left out by your friends. You think you are always the second option and that affects you.