Mount of Mercury Palmistry – Reading and Meaning

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Will you be a lucky person or will you only find misfortune? Are you honest or do you tend to unroyal practices? This and much more can be revealed by palmistry through the reading of Mount Mercury located in the palm of your hand.

This mountain in question is able to indicate what a person’s life will be like with regard to the decisions they make in business matters. S

o read on to discover everything that this part of your hand can reveal.

Mount of Mercury Palmistry – Reading

Regarding the meanings that this mountain can give, it can reveal the type of person in terms of the attraction that it can have with others.

It can even point out the class or elegance of the individual and even the ability to manage business.

If this mountain is highly developed, it reflects a person of a bad or proud nature and therefore has a tendency to carry out criminal activities.

In another case, if this part of the palm of the hand is very fleshy, it reflects that the person is very social and receptive to others.

The Mount of Mercury is located just below the little finger. This will reflect how the life of an individual will be at a social level and how he will perform at a communication level.

Regarding health, the Mount of Mercury is directly connected with the lungs.

Depending on the shape of the Mount of Mercury in the palm of your hand, it can indicate the fate it holds for you throughout your life.

So check it out and compare its shape with what we invite you below.

With a normal mountain we are in the presence of a person who has very fast mental agility. Precisely for this reason, he enjoys great cunning and a high capacity for oratory.

On the other hand, they have practical sense for high knowledge, especially on the subject of esotericism.

Contrary to the previous one, those with the sunken mountain are people who do not have constancy and once an activity or goal begins, they tend to abandon it very soon. They generally do not take the initiative and have a hard time making decisions.

In this case with the Mount of Mercury with the Mount of Mercury too developed, we find people who are not honest.


In fact, they have a tendency to do unroyal activities that may have bad intentions, such as scamming, stealing, among others.

Perhaps because of the bad energies they flow in these people, they just suffer from health problems at the liver level.

Not only the shape of the Mount of Mercury is able to indicate what a person’s life is like, there may also be certain marks or signs on it that will determine their luck in life.

Find out which ones they are about and what each one means below.

With a cross as a mark on the Mount of Mercury, it reflects an unscrupulous person who may have tendencies to theft. In the case that this sign is not very marked, it indicates that at some point in the individual’s life he will have a strong dislike.

Those that are marked with a star on this mountain is a sign of a reliable person, this because they deal with turbulent businesses, fraud, theft and any type of activity that is not clean at all.

However, depending on how the other lines on the palm of the hand fluctuate, this negative connotation of this sign may change.

On the contrary, you may be an avid writer and be successful in the writing profession or other requiring great writing skills.

The triangle is a good sign on this mountain, because it indicates that the person who has it will be very successful in everything that is reflected in companies and businesses.

With a fence as a mark on this mountain, they point out the lying people. Because of all this, they don’t know how to stay financially stable.

Consider yourself lucky if you happen to have a square on this mountain, because you will have very good fortune and success in whatever business you set out to do.

It is simply the sign of good luck in trade and business.

Mount of Mercury Palmistry – Meaning

Located under the index finger, it reflects human ambition, religiosity, authority and nobility. If it is sunken it reflects a certain degree of apathy, lack of self-esteem and laziness.

If it is the case that it is bulky, it denotes lust for power, tyranny and superstition.

We found it under the middle finger. Represents prudence, self-criticism, detail and wisdom. If the mountain is sunk it is synonymous with upheaval, neglect and prone to misfortune.

If the mount is bulging, it indicates defects related to cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism, neurosis, bitterness and even suicide.

It is also known as Mount of the Sun. It is located under the ring finger, and its presence gives us clues about luck, ideals in general (justice, friendship,) and economic well-being.

If it is sunk it means that the achievements of the person have been achieved through deception and ruin.

It is located under the little finger. It indicates eloquence, commerce, industry, science (especially natural and medicine), and cunning. , imitation, versatility; the desire to possess, kleptomania; the robbery; deception.

This Mount in a pointed hand predominantly indicates art (divine world). In a hand with square fingers it indicates eloquence (spiritual world).

In a hand with speculate fingers it indicates cunning (material world). If the Mount is normal, the attributes are of wisdom, industry, commerce, eloquence, spirit of adaptation, skill, quick and lively intelligence. Excessively prominent: arrangement inferior to that of a normal Mount of Mercury.

Flattened and soft; total lack of the aptitudes given by Mercury and, therefore, life without charms, tendency to become a parasite. But this negative meaning is nullified if ascending radii are found on the Mount.

Prominent; sciences, industry, commerce, eloquence, spirit of adaptation, know-how, clear ability, quick and very lively intelligence, that is, everything that a normal Monte gives plus skill, the ability to specify, to know something useful of any quality.

Too developed: presumption, usury, fraud, theft, desire for profit, dishonesty, also liver and spleen diseases. Swollen and protruding of the hand: much accentuated cunning, greed without limits; tendency to theft. If the Monte has a deviation towards the Monte del Sol; union of science with art; insight, tendency to discoveries.

If it deviates towards the Mount of Mars: overflowing tribune eloquence. If the Monte is highly developed and is in a hand with many radii: great skill in the game, sleight of hand, entanglement, ability to cheat in the game.

It is located below the little finger. In him are cunning, righteousness and deception, responsibility and practical intelligence.

If it is sunken, it denotes a lack of initiative and insistence. If, on the other hand, he is highly developed, it indicates that he is a dishonest person, prone to fraud and theft.

It is located on the very edge of the hand, under the mount of Mercury. It expresses presence of mind, courage, struggle, activity and sacrifice. If he is down, the individual tends to be thoughtless, violent, cruel and cowardly.

If, on the contrary, it appears prominent, it denotes that it is carried away by brutal outbursts and that it has a propensity to diseases in the respiratory tract.

It is located under the mount of Mars, and reaches close to the wrist. It gives us information about imagination and fantasy, whims and paranormal abilities.

If it is sunken or underdeveloped, it tells us about an apathetic and suspicious person. If, on the other hand, it is prominent, it means that the person is very unstable.

The lines of the hand are the key to the truth embodied in our hands.

The studies carried out on the different lines are inexhaustible, so here we are only going to see a few small concepts about the main ones, which are Life, Destiny, Sun, Heart, Head and Head. Hepatic.

It is born between the thumb and index finger and descends skirting the mount of Venus and approaching the wrist.

Mainly it talks about life and longevity: the longer it is, the longer the life of the one who possesses it.

It is usually born next to the line of Life, crossing the palm of the hand horizontally. It usually ends up on the Mount of Mars. Its existence is related to intelligence, brain, intellectual faculties and mental strength.

If the line is clear and straight, it indicates willpower and self-confidence. If it is exaggerated it denotes tendencies towards esotericism, and if it is weak it indicates poor mental faculties.

It is born next to the little finger, crossing the hand horizontally, running between the base of the fingers and the line of the Head.

It is related to feelings and sensitivity. If he is weak, it means that he is a cold person, without any kind of feelings.


Palmistry in general is closely related to astrology. With the mountains, this is accentuated. Indeed, we can speak of the mount of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, Mars and the Moon.

It is located at the base of the thumb. It informs us about the feelings, sensuality and sexuality of people.

When it is sunk it expresses little vitality, coldness and hypocrisy. If it is highly developed it is related to lust and vanity.