Painting – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Art is the most powerful thing in this world that connects us, that causes s lot of feelings that we weren’t even sure we had in ourselves.

There are a lot of brilliant artists that aren’t even discovered yet but they will find their way at one point.

It is sad that we do not know every name of every artist in this world, every one of them deserves a lot more than what they currently have.

They create so that they can let their thoughts wonder and wonder, it makes them feel calm and free.

Throughout our history there were brilliant artists that left a mark on the whole world.

They were the people that wanted change, they were thinking outside of the box without any hesitation.

Those artists were considered to be fools in their society, their way of thinking was way ahead of their time.

At that time if a person had their own opinion and if that person was using his own head instead of going with the crowds well there were measures against people like that.

Artists were a threat, they were brilliant and reckless in every way.

Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Vincent van Gogh are the most recognized artists but there are a lot more artists than we can imagine.

Leonardo da Vinci is considered to be the best artist with interesting past, his era was Renaissance and he wasn’t only a painter he searched for answers related to physics and he invented a lot more than just paintings.

According to some research he was the painter that painted Jesus and Marie Magdalene in a painting called the Last Supper, this painting is still researched and analysed by experts because of the meaning behind if the women in this picture is Marie Magdalene then our history gets a whole new meaning also Mona Lisa is considered his best painting and that painting is known worldwide.

See the meaning behind a painting, every  artist expresses himself in a way that only he or she understands and while watching a painting you see what you want to see.

But what is the meaning of a painting when it appears in a dream?

Painting in a dream can appear if you are an artist that is creating, drawing a certain picture or painting.


If this is your daily routine then it is not unusual to have dreams like this, your actions reflect on your dreams.

When seeing this word it instantly indicates on talent, creativity, innovation.

It can be a sign that you are truly great person with big potential to do make something big.

It is also a sign that you have more talent than you realize and that you should be more aware of your skills.

But this kind of a dream can have different meaning depending on your life situation and your personality.

So it is connected with your point of view, your perspective is wide and you are open-minded person and this is a great sign for you because these qualities are needed for success.

Colours in your dream can also play a role, so pay attention to the shades and brightness of colours in your dream because in most cases they represent your feelings and clarity.

Reason for a dream like this can be your desire to make something out of yourself and your life, or you are actually thinking about making some art.

To know the true meaning you have to be aware of your dream and relax, these dreams are not a bad sign for the dreamer it is more of an outlook on your life and personality, creativity.

The Most Common Dreams About Painting

Dreaming about seeing a framed painting or a picture- If you had a dream about seeing a framed painting then this dream is a sign of your avoidance of the present.

You are the person that is still living in his past, you are holding on to something that is already gone but you are refusing to accept that.

Your ignorance is causing you to miss on great opportunities that are coming into your life right now.

This type of a dream is a sign for you to finally let go even if it hurts so much you have to move on with your life because time isn’t really stopping for anyone at one point you will wake up and realize that you have missed living your life.

It is also a sign that you have some huge issues with accepting changes, this is really bad you either need to accept things on your own or you will have to talk with someone that is going to clear those things up for you.

Dreaming about painting a certain person- If you had a dream where you are an artist that is painting a portrait of a certain individual maybe someone you know then this dream is an indication that you are idolizing someone in your life perhaps this person that you are seeing in a dream.

This is probably caused by your wish to be more like that person,  or you really like qualities that are a part of that person.

This is not really a bad sign but it could be if you are becoming obsessed with that someone then you will have a big problem.

It is okay to look up to someone, to have a role model but there is a thin line between obsession, insecurities and healthy observation.

So you should love yourself and your traits more, see your potential if no one else is aware of it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

Dreaming about a broken painting- If you had a dream like this where you are seeing some kind of a broken painting then this dream could be connected with some failed expectations.

Perhaps you are type of a person that has big expectations and sometimes this can break you, when you have some huge visions they can be good it is great if you are an ambitious person but do not forget to include reality in your vision.

You have to be more down to earth and patient with some things, if you have experienced betrayal or heartbreak they can be reasons behind the appearance of this dream.

Dreaming about mixing paint- If you had a dream like this where you are mixing colours for a certain painting then this means that you are well organized person.

You are intelligent and you know how to work things out, you have your ways in achieving your goals and it is serving you good.

It is also a sign that right now you have different obligations and tasks but you are finishing them almost effortlessly .

Dreaming about visiting a paint store- If you had a dream where you are entering a paint store and choosing some paint to purchase then this dream is connected with your relationships.

Your love life is about to bloom, you will experience some great experiences with your partner and you should enjoy this period to the maximum.

Sometimes this dream appears if you are experiencing summer love.

Dreaming about paint brushes- If you had a dream in which you are using or buying paint brushes then this means that you are worrying about your future and path.

Reason behind the appearance of this dream is your insecurity and second thoughts about some situation or area of your life.

Perhaps you are not sure if that person is the love of your life or you think that medicine is not right for you and now you feel scared because maybe you are wrong about those thoughts and you think that you are going to ruin everything for yourself.

You have to decide according to your gut feeling, you know yourself the best way possible so do what feels right go and follow your dreams but you do need to be careful and gather all the facts before you do something irrational or reckless.

Dreaming about being covered with paint- If you had a dream like this where you are covered with paint then this dream is an indication of some deep secrets.

Perhaps you are a secretive person and you do not let anyone figure you out or you have a big secret that could ruin your life if it came out.

Message from this dream is to relax and gather your thoughts,  everything will be alright hopefully in the end.

Dreaming of painting a house- Having a dream like this is an indication that you want to have a secure home with a family.

This dream is also a sign that you are realising the importance of your home and that you are truly grateful for it.

Sometimes this is a sign that you are protective of your loved ones and you do not let everyone inside of your home easily.

And it could mean that you want to work things out in your relationship because you are realizing how much you love and need that person so don’t let them go .