Brown Snake in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

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Snakes are magnificent animals, they have ability to eat a prey that is twice bigger than them and they do not need to chew them.

There are a lot of interesting facts about snakes and their species, dreams about snakes are considered bad.

Especially regarding religion, some people believe that snakes are bringing misfortune and death into our lives so a lot of people are terrified when having a dream about snakes no matter what size it is.

Snakes in a dream can appear in different type of colour, different size and with different actions.

Brown snakes are well-known well predators, they haunt their prey cunningly without hesitation and a lot of brown snakes are actually poisonous or life-threatening for humans.

They are symbolizing your deepest thoughts and secrets, desires you are not ready to fulfil sometimes dreaming about them can look like a scene from a horror movie but the fact is that dreaming about brown snakes is not really connected with possible death situation.

But these dreams truly aren’t good signs, and they are warning signs for the person that dreams about them.

They are a sign of a possible catastrophe if your actions don’t change.

It is important that the dreamer realizes that this is just a dream, do not stress yourself even more about it.

In order to find true meaning behind your dream try to remember what was the brown snake doing in your dream, what did you feel were you frightened or relaxed?

Details make a huge difference between dreams, snakes are scary and most of the people agree on that but for others they are interesting.

Brown snake is a warning for something that you are not seeing right now so pay attention and make some changes.

The Most Common Dreams About a Brown Snake

Dreaming of seeing a brown snake- If you had a dream like this where you see a brown snake in front of you or beside you it is not really a bad sign more of a warning sign for you and your mental health.

A dream like this can be an indication that there are toxic people in your life and those people are effecting your dreams and work.

Perhaps you are surrounded by toxic people at your work or maybe your group of friends is not really friendly and supportive with you.


There can be a lot of reasons for the appearance of this dream but in general this dream is a sign from your subconscious to change your life, start with cutting negativity off from your life no matter how hard it gets.

It is time for you to make some hard decisions in order to be more successful, your true desires are on hold because you are letting others to get in your way.

Dreaming about a brown snake in general- If you had a dream about a brown snake in general it means that you are learning more about yourself and your deepest needs and wishes.

It is a pretty powerful dream if you take the meaning behind it the right way.

This dream is a sign for you to follow your dreams and desires, perhaps you were too indecisive for a long period of time and for the first time in forever now you know what you want and your view is finally clear.

You are done with expectations of others and you are finally ready to create your life the way you want it to be this can start with your decision to go to that college or to say to your partner that you do not want to have any kids.

If you are sure in what you want proceed with it and do not let anything in this world to make you uncertain with yourself and your goals.

Dreaming of holding a brown snake in your hands- If you had a dream where you are holding a brown snake then a dream like this can have different meanings .

Firstly this can be an indication that you are holding on to something that is already gone or lost, if you went through a breakup maybe you are still holding on to that person and that relationship and you are refusing to let go.

Maybe someone passed away and you are still not letting them go because letting go is hurtful but the truth is that holding on to something that doesn’t exist anymore is more hurtful than letting go of something that is not even yours anymore.

Secondly a dream like this can be an indication that you are preparing yourself to get to the top, or to get something you truly want.

Maybe upcoming opportunity is going to be the one that will change your life if you let it, but a dream like this can be a sign that you are fearing change and future so if that is the case you should gain more courage in order to succeed.

Dreaming of a brown snake in the water- Snakes are animals that have the ability to swim and there are certain species that are living in lakes.

If you had a dream like this where there is a brown snake swimming or resting in the water then this dream means that you are not organizing your time the right way.

A dream like this is common with people who are working a lot without that much of a time for rest and personal activities.

Sometimes it is a sign that you are trying to speed up the process while working yourself out of your mind.

The thing is you cannot speed up everything around you the way you want, you cannot create your life like some kind of a building or a project you have to go with the flow.

This dream is a message from your subconscious to take things easily,  appreciate what you have and spend time with people you love in the end nothing lasts forever and you will not remember the days you were working 9 to 5 but you will remember the days filled with laughter surrounded with people that are your family.

Dreaming of a huge brown snake-  If you had a dream where you see a brown snake that is terrifyingly huge it is a sign of changes in your life.

This dream does not really have a good or bad meaning it is in a way just a precocious sign for you to be ready for things ahead of you.

Maybe your goals will come true but outcome won’t be that great as you thought or for example started the relationship with the person you thought was the love of your life but it turns out that you were wrong, things are not working out according to your plan.

It can also be a sign to change something that needs to be changed, maybe your daily routine or another issue that can become a problem in your future.

If you are a person that expects everything to go according to you and your plans then  this is going to be a hard time for you because you will need to accept that endings are a part of this life.

Dreaming of being attacked by a brown snake-  If you had a dream where you are being in danger and attacked by a brown snake this dream is not the best sign for you.

A dream like this is a bad sign, often it is connected with someone attacking you in a subtle way or it can be connected with lies and danger.

It is a pretty stressful dream for the person who is dreaming about it and there are consequences after waking up so it is important to realise that there is no brown snake waiting for you under your bed but there is some kind of a potential danger in your life.

Maybe your circle of friends is pretending in front of you and plotting something against you behind your back or maybe you will face some life or death situations.

Sometimes a dream is just a dream and you should not stress about it but you should analyse your life and people that are in it, be more careful with trusting people because not everyone wants the best for you.

Dreaming of killing a brown snake- If you had a dream where you are killing a brown snake then this is an indication of emptiness in your life.

Perhaps you lost something and now you do not know how to find a way to replace it.

But a dream like this can also be a sign of personal struggle and conflict about your desires.

It is a sign that you should be more clear with what you want and what you do not want, make some boundaries and be more precise with everything you say and do.

If you are having some troubles with confidence and self esteem try to focus on the source of the problem and fix it the right way, you and your negative thoughts are ruining your life and if you do not change that soon your struggles will continue.

Dreaming of a dead brown snake- If in a dream you see a dead brown snake then this is a good sign.

Your troubling period is now over, now that is in the past so your new period can start.

It is a sign that everything is going to be brighter from now on, new opportunities are on their way and you should be proud of yourself for surviving something you thought that would last forever.

If you are still going through something this dream is a sign or a reminder that nothing lasts forever, bad days will pass so it is your subconscious telling you to have more patience in these situations.

Everything can be survived, life is like a rollercoaster at one moment you are in the clouds and in the next you are crashing down without slowing that process.

Patience and stability is the key, find someone to talk with if you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed.