Dream About Old Crush – Meaning and Symbolism

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Relationships in general are pretty messy and complicated, or perhaps we make it that way.

One well-known fact is that love itself is not always enough, that is why people who are madly in love with each other in some cases just can’t make it work.

Relationships require a lot of patience, respect, trust, making compromises together.

A lot of relationships succeed but a lot of them fail too.

Every breakup is hurtful and bad, even when you split up on good terms with desire to stay in contact or to try and build a friendship.

There are a lot of reasons for a breakup that can be lies, betrayal, cheating, jealousy, but in some cases the reason behind breakups is bad timing or a feeling which indicates on not being right for each other.

Actually when your partner tells you that you are looking for different things is for some people even more painful than lies or betrayal.

After a breakup everyone is going through that mourning period where they are a mess, feelings are overwhelming and everything seems pointless in your life.

You are sniffing through social media following your ex partners every picture and move until you are just done with that so you move on, new love interests come and you are a new person.

So before starting a relationship with someone you should firstly have a crush on them, having a crush on someone instantly connects our thoughts of kindergarten but at any point of your life you can like someone without even knowing them.

Having a crush is special for a person, excitement and unexpected joy fills you in.

The thing is everyone can move on from a certain person but we never forget our first or some of our old crushes they do take a special place in our mind.

Having a dream about an old crush is completely normal and  common.

These dreams can appear because of a presence of your old crush, perhaps you have seen them after a long time while buying groceries or perhaps you have found an old photograph of you two together and that reflects in your dream.

In other cases you are in a committed relationship and you are realising that your old crush may have been a better choice that your current partner.


Maybe you are still feeling guilty because you were not trying hard enough with you past crush, or the time was not right for you to try with that girl or boy.

These dreams are also connected with your self-confidence, perhaps you are letting your insecurities get the best of you.

Sometimes this dream is an indication on your habits where you are constantly thinking about past and it is not good for you.

Your old crush in a dream can be a symbol of your emptiness and a need for love.

There are a lot of meanings and different dreams about your old crush, reasons behind these dreams are also different so you need to focus on this dream and on your feelings and thoughts.

Perhaps your subconscious is telling you to love yourself first in order for someone to love you, or you are distancing yourself from others because you feel like you are burden to them and that is not true so you need to talk with someone about your feelings.

These dreams may appear as a fantasy also, if your old crush is pretty and good-looking then it is common to dream about that person.

The Most Common Dreams about Old Crush

Dreaming about your old crush flirting with you- If you had a dream where your old crush is flirting with you then this means you are craving for attention and love.

Perhaps you are single and a lot of time has passed since you had a relationship or a fling with someone so now it is affecting you negatively.

You need someone in a romantic way, but in other cases this kind of a dream means that you are committed but unhappy.

You are not experiencing excitement in your marriage or relationship so your thoughts are wondering back to your past relationships, you are feeling like you had better opportunities but didn’t use them correctly.

So you are second-guessing your decisions and you are wondering if your partner is the one for you.

But the thing is that you can be a problem here, nothing and no one is perfect so fights and issues are a part of a relationship.

You need to decide what do you truly want and stop hurting your partner because of your fantasies and your past boyfriends or girlfriends.

They are in your past for a reason.

Dreaming about being chased by your old crush- This dream can be alarming or scary for the dreamer, perhaps it looks like a scene from a horror movie of your crush is scary looking in your dream.

Or they are chasing you in a way where they desperately want to be with you but you are not interested or maybe you are not aware of their true intentions.

This dream is usually connected with your disappointment towards love and people.

Reasons behind these dreams are different depending on the situation of the dreamer.

Firstly reason behind this is your current toxic relationship, you are unhappy and everything around your partner is stressful so it is disturbing your inner peace and confidence.

You are realising that you need to get out of that relationship but you are not ready to let go, you are holding onto the pretty memories so be aware of the fact that memories are just memories.

You cannot change someone if they do not want to change, you love them for who they are and leave them if they are threatening your stability.

Secondly reason behind a dream like this can be that you are moving on from someone or something and it is a good sign so just keep going forward  without looking back.

Dreaming about having a baby with your former crush- If you had a dream where you are starting a family with your old crush then this is a good sign in most cases.

This is usually connected with you wanting a child with your partner and finally your wishes and efforts will come true.

A dream like this is also connected with joy in your house and family,  maybe there will be some good news on the way and you will have a lot of celebration during that period.

Dreaming about having intercourse with an old crush- If in a dream you are having sex with your old crush this is a sign that you are not sexually satisfied in your awakening life.

Maybe this is a fantasy about something that could have been especially if your former crush is handsome and good-looking, you are dreaming about them in this way because you are having regrets for not doing it in the past.

In other cases a dream like this indicates that your current lover is not let’s say doing a good job so you are not fulfilled in a way that you want to be, if this is the case then this dream is a sign that you should speak about your needs with your partner or lover they cannot read your mind so be open about your likes and dislikes.

Perhaps you are going through a long period without any sexual activity so fantasies kick right into your dreams, you are thinking about it a lot so it is normal for it to appear in your dream.

Sometimes your subconscious is telling you to just be more comfortable with yourself and to accept the fact that every human being has its own needs so it is okay to feel things, if you feel uncomfortable talking about it then ask yourself what are the real problems behind that maybe you need to talk with someone about things that are going on in your head.

Dreaming about making a scene with your ex crush- If you had a dream where you are throwing something at your crush or you are having a big argument including physical contact even in a public place then this dream indicates some unresolved issues with that person.

Perhaps you two did not really split up with each other the right way,  maybe something else happened that made you feel the way you feel.

This can be a case where you two were perfect for each other but your timing was simply not right, maybe it was before college or you were ready for some things while your former crush wasn’t and you always had a feeling like you two are going to find each other and try again.

This can be troubling especially if you are committed to someone but still craving that person from your past that haunts your dreams.

Your subconscious is telling you to sit down and make some big decisions in order to be happy, be smart while you are doing that or you can lose everything because of your imagination that was never true.

But in other cases your ex crush was really bad or you were really bad while your relationship or whatever it is that was going on was ending so  that bad end left a mark in your life that still is not erasable.

Whatever your situation is you need to sit down with yourself and be aware of your thoughts and desires, are you really thinking that this person is the love of your life or you are lonely ?

Dreaming about saying goodbye to your old crush- If you had a dream like this where you are saying goodbye to your old crush then this means that a new chapter of your life is starting very soon.

This can mean that you are finally letting that person go so you are dreaming about it but in other cases it does not necessarily mean that you are moving on from a certain person.

Perhaps you are saying goodbye to your miserable job and now you are focusing on your dreams and new goals, you gained courage to leave something that wasted your time plus drained your energy.

You can be moving on from your single life, perhaps you have found someone special that is worth fighting for.

Or you are considering taking next steps in a certain area.

If you are a teenager this kind of a dream is normal especially if your high school days are coming to the end, your new chapter will be college or a job.

Whatever the case is you will be happier or stronger than you were before, there are new challenges that are waiting for you in your near future.