Dream About Being Lost In a City – Meaning and Symbolism

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Everyone at some point of their lives feels lost, sometimes we just don’t know who we are and what are purpose is but that is normal for every human to experience at some point.

What is important is what we do to find ourselves again, you can feel lost for a certain period of your life but not for years.

Perhaps you are not sure if you want to continue medical school and now you are filled with confusion or emptiness because you do not know what you want.

So when having a dream about being lost you should not really worry too much about it but you should be concerned about your decisions and mentality.

Dreaming about being lost in a city is connected with possible challenges that are waiting for you in the future.

These dreams can be a sign that there is stress in your life, maybe you are the main cause of it.

Sometimes these dreams represent your strength and readiness to move on with your life, it can be a symbol of letting go of negativity in order to have a brighter future.

But this dream can also be a warning sign for you, perhaps you are making really bad decisions that are starting to affect your health negatively or your mind-set is just wrong right now and that can ruin a lot of good things for you.

Dreaming about being lost in some city is also a sign that you are not really sure in which way you are headed in life, it means that you are pretty indecisive and unsure about your desires and wishes.

Sometimes this dream is just a dream, maybe you have watched a movie where the main character was lost in New York so it reflects in your dreams like this.

Your view in a dream is important, so remember the feeling and look of that city where you got lost do you recognize that city or is it somewhere who knows where?

Dreams like this are also an indication that you are not expressing your feelings, you are pretending to be cold and untouchable but you are dying inside.

So these dreams are red flags about your emotions and decision in your life.

Maybe you are aware of that but not really sure how to change your situation and that leads you to stress yourself out with overthinking instead of trying to get some help.

Whatever the reason behind this dream is what really matters is that you find the exact meaning behind it.


So pay attention to your issues with yourself and people around you, always talk with someone stop making hell out of your life.

The Most Common Dreams About Being Lost in a City

Dreaming about being lost in a city that is located in  a foreign country- If you had a dream where you are in an unknown city that is in a foreign country where you do not understand anyone or anything, in other words you are lost then this means that you are going to experience a situation where you will just be an observer .

If you are a person that simply does not accept that everything happens beyond our control them this is going to be a reality check for you, you will realise that nothing is actually under your control so whatever your plan is it will change according to your faith or destiny.

Sometimes this dream is connected with you giving up on certain people or things even if you do not want it .

Maybe that situation will force you to let go of someone or something in your life, it is also connected with stress and negativity that is occupying your mind and it reflects on your life.

This dream is also an indication that you are unsure and that your decisions are not firm.

You cannot decide on anything because you do not really know what you want and this dream is a message for you to stop being indecisive person.

Dreaming about being lost in your own hometown- Our hometown is a place that we should be able to know as the back of our pocket so if you have a dream about being lost in your own hometown then this is an indication of your uncertainty about belonging there anymore.

Maybe there was a situation that made you feel like a complete stranger in your family or home.

Perhaps you are realizing that you should go somewhere else and start fresh but you are currently heartbroken because of that so you are divided with your feelings and views.

A dream like this can be a sign that you are not communicating well enough with people around you, it is also a sign that your view is not clear and that you are not focusing on the right things.

So a dream like this can be a warning sign for you to make some important decisions in order to build yourself a better future, if you continue with this act and this way of thinking then you will have a big problem which is going to be a hard one to resolve.

Dreaming about being lost in an unknown city-  This dream represents self doubt.

When you have a dream about being lost in an unknown city then this is a sign that you are having low self-esteem and that you are pushing your true potential inside.

One of the reasons for that can be social media actually, if you are constantly comparing yourself with people on social media then you will begin to see your flaws and your insecurities more critically and well that is the main reason of loss of confidence.

People are not realizing that everyone is the same, not one person is perfect in any way so stop comparing yourself.

Perhaps someone close to you made you think about your insecurities more, if you have a family that is too critical about everything then you can develop some serious complexes about yourself.

Or it is just in your head, fear is getting in your way so you are finding reasons to not start or to quit.

Dreaming about getting lost in a strange or scary city- If you had a dream about getting lost in an odd city that can appear even scary, dark, sinister then this is an indication that there will be some big challenges on your way and your actions will change everything.

Perhaps you are aware of the fact that every single action of yours effects something else, everything and everyone in this world is connected.

It is kind of strange how this world functions and no one can quite understand it, we try everyday to plan something we have visions of future and in the end you do not end up where you thought you would end up.

And if you were not aware of that well now you will be.

This opportunity, challenge whatever it is will change your whole perspective so everything you thought you knew will change right at that moment.

Or you are aware of that and now you feel pressured and scared, if you make a wrong move you can ruin something but maybe you won’t sometimes the wrong decision leads to something much greater even if it doesn’t feel that way at that moment.

Odd city can also be connected with your twisted mind, maybe you like things that everyone considers gross or you have a different type of thinking so it makes you stand out.

Sometimes it is connected with your friends pushing you away because of your differences.

Maybe you are having self doubts and it is reflecting on your ability to make normal choices.

There are various reasons for a dream like this, but the main message is that you should keep calm and hold yourself together.

If you want something get it without fear or doubts, challenges are a part of your life and there is always that saying if it is meant to be it will be.

Dreaming about being lost in a big city- If you had a dream about being lost in a big city then this dream means that you are suppressing your feelings so now it is becoming a big issue for you.

This dream can appear after a stressful situation in which you did not express yourself fully and clearly so now it is eating you up inside.

For example you just had a huge fight with your partner about finances, you know that you are right but you are not expressing yourself the right way and the situation just gets worse and worse until you both go to bed angry.

Or you were blamed for something that you did not do and you are so frustrated but holding it in.

These dreams also appear after going through a trauma, heartbreak especially if you didn’t allow yourself to grieve or talk with someone about your emotions.

Perhaps this dream is a sign that you need to seek for professional help in order to move on, or start writing a journal about your feelings so you can understand yourself.

Sometimes it is hard to express yourself and it is okay, try to work on it start with something small.

But the most important part of this is to allow yourself to feel things, let go of what cannot be changed and move on with your life before it is too late and you will spend your life holding unnecessary grudges.