Shopping – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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If you had a dream about shopping it is a sign that you need to make a big decision in your life very soon.

Act of shopping for most of the people is relaxing, especially for the ladies it kind of becomes a habit.

Shopping makes people happier, you buy yourself something new that will make a change in your life even if no one else notices that.

But for other shopping can be the worst thing in the whole world, some people just really hate shopping and spending time deciding which shoes or clothes to buy.

While shopping you need to have a lot of patience and you need to be careful with your finances while doing it.

A lot of people spend a lot of money and in the end they did not exactly buy things that are worthy of that amount of money, it happens you just get carried away with those clothes you think you need something that you do not need at all.

Some people should not be left alone while shopping because of that.

There are people that just need to bring someone along because they want to hear that second opinion, they are not certain in their own taste and choice.

So shopping in a dream is usually connected with making hard decisions in your life, there are a lot of different versions that you can dream about shopping and every one of them has a different meaning.

It is also a symbol of your wishes and needs in life, so it is just like when you need those boots because winter is coming perhaps you need a job because bad times are coming.

Everything is just a reflection from your life and the meaning can be found if you remember what you were doing in that dream .

It is important to see if you are shopping alone then this indicates that you are capable and strong enough to make some decisions by yourself, or is there someone with you while you are shopping.

If someone is helping you while you are shopping it means that you need help from someone close in  your life, or that someone is going to offer you unexpected help.

Details are important, things that you are purchasing are important also in order to figure out what is the main message from your subconscious.

The Most Common Dreams About Shopping

Dreaming about shopping in general- If you had a dream about shopping without looking for something specific then this means that you are going through some personal issues.


It is a sign that you should be smarter while finding solutions for your problems, perhaps answers are a lot more obvious but you are not seeing them.

Sometimes this kind of a dream indicates some issues regarding finances or businesses, it is a sign that you should prepare yourself for troubling road ahead of you.

Maybe you will have to make some sacrifices because those difficulties will affect your life, your comfort zone is going to change a lot so accept current situation and find a way to get out of it without any drastic measures.

Dreaming about clothes shopping- If you had a dream where you are looking for new clothes to purchase in order to create a new style this means that you are building yourself in a different way.

You are changing habits, your overall picture, you are working hard on yourself to be a better person.

Your improvement is going to be visible if you continue doing what you are doing.

Item of clothing is also important part of your dream it is an indication of your new personality for example if you are looking for a suit it means that you are going to become more serious with your profession and work improvement so your main focus is going to be work in next stages of your life or if you are looking for a bikini, swimming suit then this means that you are too serious and now you want to enjoy life more so you are going to focus on vacations or something that will bring you joy.

It is a good sign for you but be careful with changes and the reason behind them, if you are changing in order to fit well in someone’s expectations of you then you have a problem.

Dreaming about shoes shopping- Shoes in a dream symbolise protection, so if you had a dream where you are looking for some new pair of shoes this can mean that you are wanting to feel more secure.

Perhaps you are in a rocky place right now so you are not sure if your decisions are right, maybe you need a secure hand from someone.

This can also be a sign that you are looking for someone in a romantic way, perhaps you were never ready to settle down but suddenly you are realising that you want that secure home and a secure person.

Sometimes type of shoes that you are purchasing are carrying meanings, if you are buying trainers or sporty shoes it means that you are in some kind of a race with someone at a certain field this is usually an indication for work and profession.

If you are looking for heels it means that you wish to be at a higher position in certain situation, maybe you want to be a leader but you do not know how to become one.

Dreaming about wedding dress shopping- If you had a dream where you are searching for your perfect fairy tale wedding dress then this represents your commitment to someone or something in your life.

Perhaps you are in a relationship and you are thinking about taking the next step, maybe moving in with your partner or you are taking a huge responsibility for something.

But these dreams in general are connected with your love life.

Or there is a wedding in your near future and your are a part of it, maybe you have watched some show about brides and it stayed in your mind.

Dreaming about shopping furniture- If you had a dream where you are looking and shopping for furniture it is an indication that you are trying to make a healthier bond with your parents or someone from your family.

If you do not have a good relationship with your family this dream can be a sign that you will take some action about that.

Or there will be a certain situation that will bring you all closer together.

Your subconscious is telling you that the only important thing in this world is family so do not lose that be the first to call, go and see them at least you will know that you tried and you won’t feel guilt in the future.

Dreaming about house or apartment shopping- When having a dream like this where you are searching for a new home to purchase this is an indication of your expanding your perspective.

If you are occupied or if you are working as a real estate agent then this dream is not uncommon, your everyday activities are affecting your dream world.

This can also mean that you are going to start over somewhere else or you are trying to escape your current environment.

Maybe you are not feeling like you are improving, you think that something there is holding you back from evolving and becoming a person you think you should be.

If you truly think that it is time for you to leave then do it, it is possible that your friends or family are stopping you from achieving your goals not on purpose of course.

Start listening to yourself, and trust your gut.

Dreaming about weapon shopping- A dream like this is a sign of you trying to aggressively resolve certain issue.

When you are dreaming about shopping and buying weapons,  guns it is an indication that you are short-tempered person.

Your way of solving issues is direct but sometimes that action causes even more problems.

This dream is a sign that you should be more careful and that you should control your emotions in certain situations because they are getting the best of you.

Or this is your first time to approach something in this way and this dream is a sign that you are scared and having regrets.

Dreaming about bag or wallet shopping-  This dream is connected with finances and your ability with handling money.

In general this is a positive dream, it means that you will develop to be a better person in your near future.

If you had troubles with money for example spending too much, buying stuff you do not really want or need just for the sake of habit well now you are realising that you made mistakes and it made you wiser.

You are controlling your desires and you are earning more money than you are spending.

It is great because it is a sign that you are mature and smart.

Dreaming about being in a shopping mall- Having a dream where you are in a shopping mall means that you are insecure.

Your decisions are poor and you are not seeing your own worth.

This is quite a big problem for you and if you had a dream like this then take it seriously because it contains truly important message from your subconscious.

Having trouble with self esteem is normal it happens to anyone but if you let it last longer than it should you will create negative mind-set that can lead to anxiety, overthinking which can cause depression and right there you have a diagnoses.

To something that makes you feel good and confident.

Dreaming about shopping for gifts- When you have a dream where you are searching for a gift for someone’s birthday or some other kind of a celebration it means that you are craving for acceptance of other.

This is common with teenagers, their need to fit in with the cool kids can be so strong that they are capable of doing anything just so they can let them be a part of that little crowd.