Ring Finger Itching – Meaning and Superstition

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He’s probably not a man who wouldn’t know either. Believe it or not in different kinds of superstition – a private matter. But sometimes it’s worth listening to.

Each of them is a kind of warning, it does not mean that something necessarily has to happen.

Ring Finger Itching – Meaning

The most famous of them, perhaps, are those who talk about hands. Most of us have heard that the left palm is itching for money.

However, others. Sources say that to get the money itchy right palm. Itching in the left palm warns of impending loss.

If you have both hands itching, it suspects you get a huge profit. Intense itchy palm, the more money you will get, and, most likely, they will come unexpectedly.

Anyway, as most people think Harbinger profit is still his left hand.

The correct answer to the question of the origin of the characters there. Our ancestors believed hands a special part of the human body, which, in one way or another, associated with material goods. This fact can be read from a large number of fixed expressions.

For example, “grabbing a hand”, “taking things into your own hands” etc.

The first term means that a person who is trying to come up with something to improve his financial situation, and uses it in any way available to him.

The second sentence is clear that a person gains control over one or another thing to get the most benefit from it.

Those who claim that the left hand is itching to the loss of property, obviously guided by the knowledge of the parties: that the left side – for the better, right – yes well.

Equally a bad sign not far from punishment. There are specific rituals, of which worship helps to avoid trouble, predict signs. If you belong to those who think itching in the left hand a sign of loss, then in any case do not rub it, and squeeze into a fist, as if in it for money.

It follows “putting money in your pocket,” putting some opening with your fist and his. In that case, if you do it right, your losses will not be affected.

If you consider unequivocally, that the left hand is itching for profit, then rub the palm in the direction from the edge to the center, as if collecting money on the pile.

Through these actions, you can improve your financial situation. What itches the finger of the left hand? If the palm, for the most part, everything is clear, why does the same itch the fingers of the left hand? The thumb foretells happiness and fortune.


Forefinger – a symbol of power, so it itches for success in school or moving up the career ladder. The middle finger, like the hand, makes one think of getting a pretty big profit.

Itching of the ring finger predicts the imminent reduction of unwanted out of focus. Little finger in almost all popular superstitions associated with sad events.

If it itches, you are probably waiting for sad life changes. To avoid most of these problems, you just need to put a gold ring on your finger and wear it until your finger stops the itching.

At the same time, as a rule, if the left side is scratched, the change will be sustainable if it is right – in the short term.

What scratched his left wrist? Another goal is to get your wrist. They say that if there is itching in the left hand, the person intends to restrict freedom.

In addition, various beliefs claim that the left wrist can be scratched when its owner cannot cope with negative emotions.

These two variants of character interpretation can be interrelated. Man cannot find a way to realize his negative energy, so there is a probability that he will commit a rash of deeds, which, in turn, can lead to a restriction of his freedom.

Ring Finger Itching – Superstition

Beyond “rational” explanations about how the world works, each culture preserves superstitions and formulas to attract good luck or drive away bad things, taught within the family.

People are not the exception: we have many superstitions that we live with every day, which are passed from generation to generation.

It is believed that in this way unwanted visitors will move away from your home. The explanation is as follows: witches fly on brooms, so the unwanted visit will “fly away.” Easy!

It is not because you are a witch avoiding the temptation to fly away. It is because if the sweeper passes the broom over your feet by accident, luck will sweep you away, as the broom cleans as it passes.

Others think that you will not marry: in some cultures the broom was used to seal marriage rites, and that’s where the association comes from.

We believe that having a horseshoe in the house will bring good luck to the house. Due to its shape, the horseshoe is a symbol of fertility and fortune.

Also, protect from witches: it was believed that witches fly on brooms because they were afraid of horses, so they will stay away from anything that has to do with this animal.

“Don’t sit on the table,” my mother always told me without giving further explanations. Then I understood that it was to avoid bad luck. I still don’t know if, like so many other things, it has to do with witches…

There is something that cannot be missing in the house: rice. The superstition is that rice attracts abundance, which is why the bride and groom are also sprinkled with rice at weddings. And if you have ornamental elephants, they should always turn their backs to the door and should be in odd numbers to bring luck to the place.

As in other parts of the world, we have superstitions about umbrellas and mirrors. You should not open umbrellas indoors, because that brings bad luck … It is like thinking that the roof of the house or the place is not enough protection.

Many times, when you host a party and need to put the piñata outside, two crossed knives are placed in the garden… to keep the rain away, of course! Now, as in other parts of the world, sharp objects (knives, scissors, can openers) should not be given away.

In case someone gives you something sharp, you should ask for money (a symbolic payment) from the person so that the friendship between the two does not break.

Also, if you drop a knife, a man will come to visit you. On the other hand, if you drop a spoon, the one who will come will be a woman.

For one thing, large, black butterflies flying inside a house are believed to herald a death, so they are cause for alarm.

On the other hand, blue or yellow butterflies are a symbol of good omen. Poor butterflies, they discriminate against them by color.

People’s hands must be paid particular attention. First of all, because the white spots in the middle of the nails mean lies that have been told.

When the right palm of the hand feels itchy, it means that money will soon be received.

Some say that when you bite, you should not scratch yourself, and in such a case that it is the right one you should put it in your pocket so that when the money arrives it will not leave soon.

What if your left hand itches? It is that you will have to pay.

On her side, if a woman is itchy by a buttock or breast, it is because a man is wanting her. If you feel a buzzing or buzzing in your ear, it means someone is talking about you.

You must ask someone to say a number and the letter of the alphabet corresponding to that number will be the first of the person’s name.

If an eyelash falls off, you take it on your thumb and press it with the thumb of a friend. Whoever gets the tab will have good luck.

If a pregnant woman has a lot of heartburn, it is because her baby will be born with a lot of hair. And if you deny a craving, the baby will be born with an open mouth.

We also believe that to suppress a baby’s hiccups, you have to place a piece of thread rolled up and wet with saliva on the forehead. And if a baby or child sleeps on their stomach and with their buttocks raised, she is asking for or wishing for a baby brother!

It is said that if you pull a puppy’s tail a lot, it will get “crappy.” But there is no superstition about a baby getting “shitty.” Bad milk.

People believe that you have to have a palm cross (blessed) in your purse and / or at home. Related to the cross, at times when luck is desired in something, one must cross the fingers to attract it.

It comes from the time that a cross was made with the index fingers and that has been simplified over the years. It is easier to cross the index finger and the middle finger one above the other to attract luck.

People believe that this neutralizes any problem. The guile is a corporal expression that consists in raising the index finger and the little finger while the other fingers are closed like a fist. The hand remains with the viewer, staging a “chunk”.


Knowing some of the rituals can protect you from harmful effects or accelerate positive changes in your life.

What did he scratch with his left hand? There are many signs, associated with parts of the human body.