Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Birds Chirping

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The human being, over the years, has left a long list of symbols, hypotheses, signs, messages, among other things, that refer to birds.

Each civilization has given birds a spiritual meaning, some agree and others are very different. We invite you to continue reading to find out.

During the oldest human civilizations, in which an empirical explanation was sought for any event or element, birds played a fundamental role. They were known as messengers of the gods, some indicated good fortune, and others were associated with bad luck or simply attributed human emotions or attributes, for example: fidelity, happiness, power, beauty, among others.

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Birds Chirping – Meaning

One of the civilizations that used birds with spiritual significance was Egypt. Some of their deities, like Ra, had bird heads, which symbolized the human’s relationship with nature and his spirituality.

Another example is found in the phrase we currently use: “a little bird told me.” This expression was created because the birds symbolized messengers and communicators of secrets.

So, the association of birds with the spirit is not only a matter of ancient civilizations, since today, in one way or another, that relationship is referred to and the same attributes are still associated.

Birds have not only had a spiritual meaning, because in many civilizations they have been used for rituals, they have been worshiped and they have been used as ornaments. Hence, they have played a significant role in the tribes.

The feathers of birds, in general, were associated with freedom and with rituals of clairvoyance and divination. Over time, the feathers were classified according to species and assigned different meanings and purposes.

An example of the general symbolism of birds is evident in the shamans or witches of many tribes: they carried the feathers of the birds and each was attributed a color and a specific meaning within their traditions. The more “ornaments” the shaman wore, the more authority he had in the tribe.

Just as birds have had a lot of weight in the traditions and mythologies of ancient civilizations, fish have also been given their importance. According to scientists and paleontologists, both species share the same origin: reptiles.

Birds and fish have the same origin, but they took different evolutionary paths. However, the spiritual meaning that man gave them was very similar. Feathers and scales, in many traditions, were used for almost the same purposes.

Birds and fish mean the opposites, one flies in the sky while the other swims in the depths of the sea. Both were associated with freedom, since man had not been able to reach any of those “kingdoms”.

Ancient civilizations, appreciating the unknown, both in the sea and in the sky, believed that fish and birds had a relevant spiritual meaning within our world.

As already stated, many of the birds were assigned a spiritual meaning in ancient civilizations.

Next, we will present a detailed summary of the symbolism of a few of them. The eagle is one of the birds that has a greater symbolic weight for man. For many years it has been attributed the spiritual meaning of power, royalty and freedom.


The symbolism of the eagle was associated with its size, strength and presence of authority.

In addition, appreciating his wonderful flight, speed, grace and dexterity with which he hunted, he inspired many to assign him the emblem of power.

In Native American and shamanic cultures, birds are viewed as divine messengers of hope, transformation, and miracles.

Since ancient times, birds have had a very particular symbolism. Some cultures have considered them as spiritual messengers because of their ability to be close to heaven and earth.

In Native American and shamanic cultures, birds are viewed as divine messengers of hope, transformation, and miracles. Birds, from this spiritual perspective, can bring us warnings, and even guide us on a personal level, as reported by the bio guide.

Each bird has a particular song. Listening to it can make you feel more relaxed and in a better mood, since it connects us with nature; we associate it with peace and freedom. Some believe that through their singing, birds can convey a meaning related to angels.

Sometimes it happens that in the least expected places, a bird appears and approaches us. There are those who believe that birds, in this sense, bring messages from our spiritual guides who accompany us and show us the way.

Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Birds Chirping – Symbolism

We all have an animal with which we feel the greatest affinity even though we cannot explain why. There are people who feel this with birds, who connect them with freedom.

That is why they may carry an image of a bird with them, pay attention to all those that pass around them, or that in their house there is a painting with them, because in that way, and without knowing the explanation well, they feel protected spiritually.

Birds are very exotic animals. Its plumage, its colors, its flying, are a source of inspiration.

Therefore, if you stop to see them or suddenly in front of you a flock of birds appears crossing the sky, the Universe may be sending you a source of inspiration to push you to achieve your goals.

You can observe it from far away. Many civilizations gave it a different status or symbolism, but at the same time very similar: The United States of America associated it with freedom, victory, sovereignty and power, adopting it as a symbol of the country.

Germany associated it with power and with the status of “king of the birds”, so it represented them as a powerful nation that stood out from the rest.

The Roman Empire, the Russians and the Austro-Hungarians used the eagle as an emblem and banner of their sovereignty. The Chinese gave the eagle the spiritual meaning of courage, tenacity, strength, and dexterity.

In religions, the eagle was many times associated with the sun and with God. For example, the Aztecs revered her as the bird that devoured the serpent of darkness, making the sun rise and welcoming a new day.

In the Catholic religion they gave him the spiritual meaning of representative of the divine power and inspiration of God. A curious fact is that in most churches, the podium, where the bible for sermons is held, is shaped like an eagle.

The lark is a well-known bird in Europe, more precisely in Greece. By his singing during the flight he earned the attribute of happiness and joie de vivre. Both positive and negative aspects can be attributed to this bird, depending on the interpretation and the area.

The Greeks attributed to him the personification of joy and happiness, and also associated it with a full life. The ancient barbarians, for their part, adopted her as a sacred figure and messenger of their divinities. According to their legends, larks already lived in the world before the arrival of the gods.

Its spiritual meanings are those already previously attributed by the Greeks, but much later it was associated with the good news, the beginning of something, natural grace, goodness and trust.

The negative meanings attributed to the lark are related to unconcern for everything, infidelity, negligence, incompetence, unconsciousness, lack of perseverance and the bad habit of fleeing from responsibilities.

The ostrich is one of the largest birds in the world and although many people are unaware of it, it is also one of those that can be very dangerous. His stubborn and explosive character earned him bad and good fame at the same time.

During ancient Egypt, ostrich feathers were used in ceremonies for the goddess Maat. These symbolized the truth, and it was also used for the trials of death. That legend gave him the attribute of justice, because the pen was placed on one side of the scale and on the other the injustices that you had done in your life were placed.

Although it is one of the few birds that do not fly, one of its spiritual meanings is speed, as it runs at very high speeds. The attributes that have been assigned to it throughout history are the following: justice, honesty, rectitude, truth, moral integrity, impartiality and dignity.

The negative meaning of this bird has a lot to do with its strong character, because if you bother it too much it will chase you until it gets tired. These birds can easily kill someone with their powerful kicks and sharp claws.

Although it may not seem like it, and thanks to the myth that ostriches bury their heads when they are afraid, they have been associated with cowardice.

Also, they have been associated with the following attributes: stubbornness, stubbornness, stubbornness, poor decisions and not being able to change your thoughts.

The vulture in many cultures was associated with death and bad luck, which is why it was classified as a bird of bad omen.

In other civilizations it was the opposite, it symbolized purification and reincarnation, since their habit of eating corpses was associated with the action of freeing and guiding the spirits of the dead.

Although many people are afraid of vultures, as they are not very pleasant to appreciate, they are attributed a spiritual meaning of goodness and motherhood.

Legend has it that in situations where food is scarce, the mother vulture will feed her chicks with her own meat.

The swan in ancient times was used for poetic, philosophical and psychological inspiration. Its name means white, which was assigned by its beautiful plumage of the same color.

As for the spiritual meaning of this bird, it is had that in Greece it was perceived both positive and negative, while in Asia it was perceived positively.

In Greece he was associated with light and with the god Apollo, his figure symbolized beauty and purity. Due to his habit of associating with a partner for life, he was assigned the attribute of fidelity.

In Asia they attributed the attributes of prudence, courage, nobility, elegance, beauty and purity to him. Its feathers were used as ornaments for people of high status.

In the end, if all the spiritual meaning that was attributed to the swan is encompassed, these would be purity, beauty, nobility, courage, dignity, joy and a pure heart.


The first reason birds were given spiritual significance was because of their ability to fly. They could observe the world from above with the perspective of a “god.”

Hence, they were associated with the gods and with the soul, since it seemed that they had no physical restrictions.