Spiritual Meaning of Stars

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The stars have always played a fundamental role in the spiritual life of a person, they have always had life, value and validity from the creation of the world to our times, and are considered as powerful essences within the magical world of protection.

Spiritual Meaning of Stars – Meaning

For the Israelis, millennial people, they have many meanings; so much so, that they placed one of these figures in the center of the flag of their country: a six-pointed star, formed by a three-sided pyramid-type star with a normal right shape and joined by another equal, but in an adverse position to the previous one.

Likewise, the stars participate and influence the zodiacal world, they are part of the central turn in a person’s life.

In the case of the Babylonian astrologers, they believed that they had an influence on the birth of a person, when the movement of the planets formed a complete union of identity and destiny.

Very similar to what the Bible narrates in the book of Saint Matthew with the event of the Magi, when they went to Jerusalem to meet the baby Jesus, and were guided by a star in Bethlehem, as a sign of orientation to the right place.

Currently, the star is used and very established in the use of cards, in the case of “tarot” these usually mean multiple things in a person, ranging from the personality to the environment of him. It is said of her that they are reflections of light, life and good luck.

When this card in the “tarot” has been chosen, it is said that there is a new beginning in the person and it is considered that in love a response arises regarding the arrival of the ideal man, as well as the opportunity to surrender completely in faith and trust.

In the concrete sense, it means light, guidance, orientation, clarity and clarity to see the new projects that he will undertake in his life, which he must be ready to receive and take advantage of. Let nothing surprise you, but be attentive in advance to what he could possibly obtain.

In this way, it is necessary that you consider of very high value and significance the power that the stars undertake. More than knowing him in a story and in some letters, it is knowing that they are always there to give his night brightness, light and joy.

So you should not hesitate to approach them before sleeping or when he is walking at night: observe them and feel the protection of him. That will undoubtedly be part of his success.

In Finland we find a belief much more related to the legend of the Cosmic Egg. The Finnish ancestors were convinced that the stars were the fragments of the shell of the Cosmic Egg. When the Egg hatched, its shell split into millions of tiny pieces. Each of these small pieces of shell is a star that shines at night.

Of all the visible stars in the northern hemisphere, the most important is undoubtedly the Pole Star. For all of our civilization the Pole Star is the absolute center around which the entire sky pivots.

Known since time immemorial by all the nomadic and navigating peoples of Europe, Asia and North Africa. It receives numerous and curious names: stake, navel, the nail of heaven, center of the world, door of heaven, North Star, etc.

The North Star is par excellence the throne of God from where everything is dominated, devised and controlled.

According to Islamic tradition, the highest place on earth is the “Ka’aba”, since the Pole Star proves that it is below the exact point that corresponds to the sky.


Many peoples have been those who have directed their prayers and requests towards the Pole Star. For this reason, there are numerous Asian temples oriented towards the geographical north.

The film industry has elevated the symbol of the star on its famous Hollywood “Walk of the Stars”, where more than 2,000 film artists have stamped their palm on the inside of a star. The expression “movie star” already speaks for itself.

There is a Tarot card that is baptized with the name of the protagonist of our article that corresponds to card number 17. It is the first card of the Tarot where we see the stars of the firmament represented.

It is from card 17 that the Tarot begins to relate to the cosmos that surrounds us, as the following two cards show, where card 18 is the Sun and 19 the Moon. It is from this point that the Tarot abandons itself to heavenly influences in order to achieve mystical enlightenment.

After the Devil card and the Tower card with the ray that destroys it, the Star card is the third card of the Tarot related to the “centers of light”.

A young and beautiful naked woman supports one of her knees on the ground while she holds with her hands two pots of different colors. In the sky there are 7 small stars and a slightly larger one, representing the 7 units and the ten that symbolize the number 17.

The naked young woman is in a perfect state of reception, giving everything she has received from her and keeping nothing for herself. All the liquid in the two vessels is spilled, nothing is left for her. The star expresses the world in formation from the center of the universe.

The stars evoke the mysteries of the night that man must learn to locate and harmonize. The letter of La Estrella with its flora and its waters is indicating a creation in the process of being carried out under the supervision of the stars.

The star is one of the images most used as a symbolic element within the heraldic shield. It represents happiness and prudence, signifying greatness, light, truth and majesty to all to whom it is granted.

The star represents the office of ministers and advisers of all sovereigns, being given to anyone who performed a heroic action.

The star symbolizes, for many specialists in heraldry, fertility, light, majesty and peace, also symbolizing birth, prosperity, glory, prudence, which is the rule of the virtuous.

The five-pointed star has a very specific meaning in heraldry, where it is part of the symbolic elements dedicated to differentiating the order of birth of the children of a parent. Specifically, the 5-pointed star is carried by the third son, on his father’s side.

In national flags it is common to find stars, we have already explained the proliferation of flags showing the 5-pointed star as a Muslim, Republican, revolutionary and communist distinctive.

However, there are some countries that have a beautiful star on their flag such as Nepal and its 12-pointed white star placed at the bottom of the only national flag that is not rectangular.

Spiritual Meaning of Stars – Symbolism

Possibly the star is one of the first symbols that primitive man painted on a wall or engraved on a rock. All the peoples of the world have seen the forces and myths with which the cosmos was created reflected in the stars.

In ancient times, a large number of great gods came from or represented some of the stars and planets that shone more intensely at night.

The stars are an emblem of wisdom and a beacon of knowledge. The light of the stars shines in the darkness of ignorance and the black darkness of sin.

There are many cultures that have linked the stars with destiny according to the maxim that “the destiny of men is written in the stars.” The stars act according to the macrocosm where they are and for this reason the microcosm is directly affected by them.

The stars were from prehistoric times the images that man associated with his guides and tutors. But as a universal symbol, the stars have had a very special role in three sectors of our lives: religion, politics and white or black magic.

The star as a source of light symbolically represents the bright spirits of the dark night sky, the eternal conflict between the spiritual forces of light against the material forces of darkness.

Great goddesses like Aphrodite, Isthar or Inanna were in all cultures the great evening and morning stars. When people contemplated these stars, they began to worship them with requests for wishes and prosperity.

The Sumerian goddess Ishtar was the goddess who represented fertility. The Egyptians also had Isis as the goddess of fertility and motherhood. Isis was the wife of Osiris, lord of the dead whose soul lived in the constellation Orion, while Isis was associated with the star Sirius.

For centuries the stars have guided the nocturnal traveler, both at sea and on land. The 3 Wise Men themselves were guided by the stars to locate the place where the night sky itself announced the birth of a king of kings.

Among its many characteristics, there is one that has left the human being impressed: its immensity. There are so many, that they cannot be counted, seeming infinite.

For the Old Testament the great number of stars represents the descendants promised to Abraham. For the Church, so many stars in the sky represent the great number of races and peoples welcomed under the mantle of Rome.

The Virgin Mary herself is represented wearing a crown of stars on her head. All human beings have been surprised by the immense spectacle that the stars offer us every night.

It is not surprising that so many painters, like Vincent van Gogh, have preferred to paint the sky at night, in the light of the stars!

Plato described the stars as “the moving form of eternity.” Nut, the Egyptian goddess of the night sky, was shown giving birth to the stars, while she protected and housed them within the space that the body of the goddess created.

The late pharaoh’s own goal was to be carried away so that he could transform himself into an undying star. To be eternal, it was necessary to be a star, there was no other solution.

The pyramids and royal tombs show that no effort was spared when the eternity of the pharaoh was at stake.

In the beliefs of many peoples, the stars are the souls of the deceased who have been placed in the sky forever.

In the wall paintings of the tombs of many pharaohs, the stars are depicted with five lines emerging from a small central circle. These curious stars represent the emblem of the gods and immortal souls.

In the Old Testament and Judaism, the stars are not inanimate creatures, but they obey the whims of God and an angel watches over each one of them.

At this point, it is no longer tinny that the star is the symbol of the angel. The same Apocalypse speaks to us of stars fallen from heaven, as if they were fallen angels.

For the Yakut people, the stars are the windows of the world. They are openings prepared so that the different spheres of the sky can communicate. For many shamans the stars are the means by which they can penetrate the afterlife.

Father Corbo tells us that in Peru there is an ancient belief that the stars are the souls of the dead, both of the human race, as well as of all other animal species.

From above, the stars watch over the conservation and increase of all living species on our planet. Many shamans call the Pole Star, “the immobile star”, for them it is an opening that the celestial vault has prepared.


With a firm meaning that transcends from the times of the Middle Ages, the stars were used as amulets of luck and protection.

That is the main reason, why stars are one of the prominent symbols used today.