Spiritual Meaning of Trains

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The meaning of dreaming about trains is not simple at all, it is a romantic dream, it is a restless dream, it is a dream that evades us and where it is normal for us to travel mentally, therefore it is a very special dream.

Nowadays there are many means of transport: car, bus, plane, train, boat … and many of us use them practically every day and others only from time to time.

The train is normally for short distances, regionally or nationally, but few people know that if we wanted to, we could go by train from Portugal to practically Vietnam, because all these countries are linked by train tracks.

Spiritual Meaning of Trains – Meaning

We think we know everything about trains because we see it as something normal, but there are many secrets that we do not know, for example did you know that there are trains that reach almost 600 km per hour?

Many transports are more comfortable, faster and easier to use, but the train has something that attracts us.

Perhaps it is the rattle, having a cafeteria inside where we can have a quiet drink, the fact that we can go looking at the landscape safely and without worrying about driving, or it may be the peculiarity of circulating on some train tracks…. We don’t know what but we love it.

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We like it, we like it very much and it attracts us and, like many other ideas and memories, it is normal for our mind to evoke the train and for us to dream of trains. We must always bear in mind that our subconscious repeats what he sees and even more so if that attracts him…

The normal thing is that if we dream of trains, in most dreams the train moves (it will not always be like that but it will many times) with which we are facing dreams of movement, which denote development.

In one way or another, greater or less, but in the life of the dreamer there is progress and, normally, it should be towards maturity.

We are talking about fantasies that represent development of the personality in all senses: personal, sexual, professional…

There is no doubt that the training of the dreamer is important but they almost always imply an internal evolution, usually in the person who is dreaming, who is exposed like any other, to the ups and downs of life.

This dream with moving trains is normal, but what happens if our dream train stops and does not move? Unlike dreams of movement, this fantasy represents a developmental interruption that highlights a turning point, which many psychologists interpret as a stop to regain strength and new energy.

We can see it as something positive because from time to time in life it is necessary to stop “the train of life” that we lead and even take a step back, to be aware of where we are and get back on track with more impetus and enthusiasm.

As a general rule, dreaming of trains gives rise to an opportunity to grow. Whenever we travel or go out of our comfort zone, the mind “widens” and knowledge leads to maturity in the broad sense of the word.


When we dream that we are going by train, what we basically do is look for the destination, seek to improve, and because we want to reach a new port that allows us to live in better and more optimal conditions than we have now.

If what our fantasies represent is a train from which we get off, we are showing a lack of confidence in what we do, because we are not convinced that this is the best option and therefore we prefer to get off and see if we can find other trains that will take us. To better places. We want and seek a change.

This dream and its interpretation is related to the expression “getting off a moving train” which implies abandoning what we are doing because we do not feel safe with it.

It is a clear sign that our life is undergoing continuous and constant changes, how to say that we are on a roller coaster of feelings. We want stability, we want the train to move slowly but surely, without so many ups and downs.

Spiritual Meaning of Trains – Symbolism

Going inside a train in dreams is indicative that we are totally willing to participate in any adventure and opportunity that comes our way, but without looking to the future, but rather focusing on the present and fully enjoying each step.

But when the train escapes us it is, perhaps, because we are missing opportunities or because we should pay more attention to the signals that life does not send, since it is evident that something is wrong.

It may happen that the train of your dreams is delayed, in which case it is nothing more than a reflection of your own stubbornness in ignoring the advice and warnings thrown at you and stumbling over and over into the same mistakes.

When the train stops it is, perhaps, because the time has come to take things slower, to stop for a moment to enjoy the moment and all that has been achieved so far, to relax, to think for a moment just about ourselves, to be one hundred percent receptive to the good opportunities that may arise from now on and thus avoid that, when they arrive, they pass by before our very eyes without us even noticing.

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In the society in which we live, we are always thinking of consuming and having everything “in the latest fashion” and brand new.

If we dream that we are going on an old train it symbolizes the honesty of the person who dreams, who prefers more to travel humbly in a way of life without glamor but comfortable, than in a train full of wealth that is not real. We are authentic and we remain in that position whoever falls.

We feel bad, and we have been overwhelmed by a machine that we cannot control, we suffer the consequences of mistakes or lack of success.

Sometimes it is better to go slowly and safely, step by step, than fast and uncontrolled.

This type of dream tells us that we have to be awake and that we have to look both ways and see what surrounds us, because although we believe that we are well accompanied and that we have real friends, they can betray us and take us forward.

If the dream does not develop inside the train, then this may mean that your life is characterized by excess influence from the people around us. We do not live our life in a natural and consistent way but many times we get carried away by what they will say.

It not only gives an indication of the development of the personality, but also of the perception. The nature and origin of the movement shows how the dreamer sees himself.

If a steam locomotive appears in the dream, then one feels old, while a fast modern train points to euphoria and youth.

If the train carries goods, they can be an indication of the past and the previous life of the dreamer, which can be complicated if we do not shed the burdens of life.

In particular, the type of train freight gives an indication of how the dream is related to your life, for example if it is damaged or dirty, then many things still need to be fixed in life.

The Christmas train will magically transport us to the North Pole, a wonderful journey to achieve our most longed for wishes.

Among so many iconic images that year after year the celebrations of the Christmas holidays bring with them, the Christmas Train is one of the most striking, which takes us back to our deepest childhood memories of arriving in the land of San Nicolas and enjoying of the long-awaited toys and gifts, characteristic of these dates.


The train is a great representation of our journey through life, of the opportunities that are presented to us and of how we react to them, that is, of whether we know how to take advantage of them or if, on the contrary, we let them escape.

Thus, a moving train is a great symbol of life itself and of the fact that we are fully immersed in it, living it to the fullest and passionately without missing a single detail of our journey through this existence.