What Does It Mean When a Bird Poops on You?

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In just two days, two men I know had close encounters with birds, that is, cooked food that they expelled from the body. It was a great opportunity to examine old folk beliefs regarding bird droppings and human heads.

The first one was “hit” by a pigeon yesterday, around 12 o’clock, right in the center of the head. This kind of “bombing” happened before he went to work. He says he “cried” with laughter when he realized that a pigeon had hit him in the middle of the “jelly”.

He immediately immortalized that moment and shared it with his friends on the social network. He did not play sports betting, but he says his day passed without any problems, but also without the secretly expected “happy surprise”.

Bird Pooping on You – Symbolism

The second case had concrete consequences after the crow honored him with its gut contents. Unlike the previous pigeon, the crow’s goal was not grouped, it was more “bursting”. Both the head and the shoulders were injured.

With so much “luck”, something had to happen. The waiter in the cafe where it happened, with a laugh, immediately said, “Play the ticket.” The ticket was not played but something happened anyway. Just five minutes after the “lucky hit”, his phone fell out, fell on the display and broke.

Based on these two cases, the conclusion is that in any case, the pigeon brings more happiness but also less damage. If nothing less dirty.

Who knows if it is true, it is said that it is a good omen, in fact it can happen and often, in some cases even frequently.

The meaning it has is the accomplishment of something outside of us that is enormously annoying, in some cases it even causes pain and perseveres over time.

But defecation or the element represents the accomplishment of suffering and the total liberation of pain, which is evident in the dream with the act of defecating.

This is why dreaming about it, however unpleasant it may be, also has a positive value and can also indicate liberation from something harmful or healing from something that brought us suffering and pain like a disease.

In other cases, the end of a state of inner agitation accompanied by anxiety and stress, which stimulated the dream activity with the representation of poop, is evident.

There are different interpretations, for example dreaming of defecating can instead represent the end of a specific or uncontrolled fear as well as the end of personal conflicts. In some cases even the resolution of problems in family or work.

We could say that as strange and bizarre as the act of defecating may seem it indicates a sense of liberation from something that afflicts us such as the elimination of a mistake made in the past, or the conclusion of something harmful that was inside you.

In some cases it represents recovery from an illness and the release of anxiety and psychic stress.

It also happens to dream of doing it: this contains a hidden meaning of a missed desire, representative of a long-awaited state of physiological liberation.


This often happens during sleep, especially with people who have physiological problems and can hardly break free. The strong urge to go to the bathroom recurs in mental images during the dream.

But the most surprising thing is that dreaming of doing it in front of someone instead indicates an exhibitionist personality!

The mysteries of poop are infinite, in fact it can happen not only to dream of the classic feces but also animal droppings in addition to human ones just think of manure.

A dream so disgusting that it contains different meanings such as the closure of something bad as well as a recovery from a bad illness or a strong stress.

According to the father of psychoanalysis Freud, just the fact of dreaming embodies a response to the environment.

In fact, the child considers that his excretions are something extraordinarily large and beautiful to show and draw the attention of his parents or to jealously guard in secret and keep them for himself.

In this case, the feces represent the power and strength of the child, which depending on the choices and decisions made by the latter may or may not be manifested.

When the child gives them he makes a great gesture of love and generosity towards himself and the other, the reverse case occurs when the child decides to keep them, in that case it represents the defect of avarice inherent in himself.

In practice it means to bring out all our feelings of guilt for the things we have done and of which we are not proud indeed we are ashamed and try to remove and eliminate.

Sometimes dreaming of stepping on the manure is not such a bad thing at all, few know it but it is a great lucky charm, for sure something beautiful is coming.

While you certainly can’t talk about luck when you happen to dream of being dirty with excrement but rather of “queen” the lady luck has decided to give us a gift with all the trimmings because a large amount of money is coming.

In the craziest cases you dream of not being able to do them and this induces a state of discomfort, as well as dreaming of collecting manure, a very gruesome thing to do but also for the unhappy meaning that indicates damage and losses not only material.

Dreaming of smelling their bad smell, a very unhappy thing, but the implication is anything but unpleasant, in fact it indicates a positive event that is coming and that had already been expected for some time.

A completely different thing if you happen to dream of liquid manure, they reflect the great inner malaise that you are experiencing and that risks making them really sick.

Like dreaming of seeing manure on the ground, it resounds with the strong need for renewal and change, as they say, when the new and the different are no longer scary.

In the craziest cases you can dream of seeing someone do them, but although the dream scene is unpleasant, the meaning is instead full of news, in fact it indicates who will solve the problems, thanks to the intervention of a friend or relative, but the dream meaning has a far from unpleasant aspect.

Bird Pooping on You – Dream Symbolism

Within dreams, it is quite common for all kinds of animals to appear. Of course, each dream with each type of animal is different and has a different meaning.

For this reason, depending on the animal that appears in your dream, it will have its own meaning. In this case, we will focus on talking to you about the meaning of dreaming about pigeons.

If you have ever had a dream about one or more pigeons, the meaning of that dream is quite specific. Remember that all dreams have meanings, represent omens and even, in some cases, are messages from your own subconscious.

Therefore, understanding your dream properly will allow you to discover interesting things.

Let’s start by talking about the general meaning that dreams have with these types of birds. The figure of doves is usually related to peace, tranquility and harmony.

Especially if the dove is white. The connotations of your dream may vary depending on the color of the bird.

However, according to statistics, dreams with pigeons, for the most part, should be taken as a positive omen. Unlike a few exceptions that we will be talking about later. In the same way, we invite you to accept dreams with pigeons in the most impartial way possible.

Remember that it is also quite common for dreams about animals to represent details of your personality that you are not aware of.

In addition to personal data of the people around you and the relationships you have with them.

Always keep in mind that, to interpret dreams properly, you must remember everything that appeared or happened in the dream. I mean, besides the dove, what happened to her? How did you find it? Was there someone else in the dream?

All these data, although they may seem insignificant at first glance, are of the utmost importance. Since they directly interfere with the meaning of dreaming about pigeons. That is why your dream must be analyzed so that you take into account all those details.

Without a doubt, the best dream you can have regarding a dove is the one in which the dove is white. It is the best omen or omen that a dream can give you. It means that you can stop worrying so much about things, because a moment of bread and tranquility will come to your life.

On the other hand, when we go to the opposite case, in which you dream of a black dove, we are facing a very negative omen. This type of dream is an omen that you will soon have a bad time.

You will be surrounded by a negative aura that can affect you in various areas. From the personal to the financial, so you have to be careful. When a pigeon is injured it is totally unable to fly.

Being like this, it becomes impossible for her to lead her life with the necessary normality. Therefore, having a dream of this type has a very literal meaning.

If you dream that a wounded pigeon appears on your path, it means that you will go through a moment of weakness. Something will happen in your life that will leave you stuck and it will be impossible for you to move forward for some time.

There are two possible meanings that can be given to dreams with racing pigeons. If you see a pigeon flying with a letter in its leg, it means that you will receive news soon and it can be both positive and negative.

On the other hand, if within the dream you see yourself tying a message to a dove, the meaning is also very clear. This means that you are eager to communicate a message, but have not yet found the right way to do it.

Now, the meaning of seeing pigeons flying in your dream will depend on the way they were flying. If they fly in a desperate way and move away quickly, it means that you want to flee from some situation in your life.

On the other hand, if they are calm doves and they are mostly white doves, the meaning is quite peaceful. This dream indicates that you are in a moment during which nothing will be able to disturb your inner peace.


In the case of the meaning of dreaming about a dead dove, it is known as an omen of the end of a to love relationship.

There are no doubts or many variations when it comes to this dream. In some cases it is not necessarily the end of a romantic relationship. It can also imply the end of a friendship or even work relationship.

Although it seems a bit ironic, the meaning of dreaming about pigeon droppings is quite positive.

This is due to various ancient stories in which people who had been defecated by pigeons had immediate good luck. Since then, dreams in which dove droppings fall on you are taken as an omen sign.

Therefore, if you have had such a dream, you have the freedom to feel lucky. There is a possibility that in a very short time you will receive positive news.

So, after having a dream of this type, you must feel surrounded by positive energy to receive this news in the best possible way.