White – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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The first associations when white is mentioned are the weddings and the brides for many people.

What is amazing is that white contains all the colors of the spectrum, and some believe that it is not even a color.

White has significant symbolism in many cultures. It usually means innocence and purity, and that is why brides wear white dresses at weddings.

The white dove is a symbol of peace in many nations. This color is most often associated with holiness and lightness.

In the east, white clothes are worn when someone dies, for example, which is unusual for western people who were black in some countries when someone close to them leaves this world.

You dreamed of white and now you are interested in why that color occupied your dream. You can read below what all the connotations of white are in dreams.

The most common dreams about white  

Dreaming of seeing white as a motif in a dream without any other event from reality and connotation

You are thinking about whether some people are indeed such good friends of yours.

It’s like you doubt their sincerity even though they are very nice and helpful to you.

You wonder if these people are so fickle that they pretend to be your sincere and faithful friends. You don’t think much about it while you are awake, but your subconscious reminded you of them and your dilemmas and doubts.

It’s best to be careful in the vicinity of people you don’t trust completely. Don’t tell them your secrets and plans.

Eventually, that is, soon, you will discover who your true friend is and who is not.

Dreaming of seeing snow-white landscapes and that such an image calms you down and makes you happy

You dream of a day when you will really take a break from everything, work, family, friends. You have the impression that you are constantly in the service of others, and that you never do anything solely for your own sake.

You are exhausted and have no more motivation. Problems keep coming, and you no longer have the strength to deal with them. You will have to do something about it and transfer the responsibility to other family members, that is, colleagues.


Dreaming of painting something white and thus trying to cover something that is “under the white”

If you dreamed of painting something white, it means that you still feel guilty because of some mistakes from the past. You have made someone unhappy and you repentant, but that person will not forgive you, nor will the people close to her or him.

It is not enough that you repented when those people continue to gossip and enjoy their position as victims.

Don’t pay attention to them anymore because you did what you could. You will not apologize to them forever. That’s nonsense.

Dreaming of seeing people dressed in white “from head to toe” and fearing an accident

If you have seen people dressed in white in a dream and felt fear, this is not a good sign.

It is possible that someone close to you will get sick and you will fear that you will lose him or her. You will spend one period in anxiety and panic, but you will soon realize that everything will be good. The person you love will not die but will heal and everything will be fine.

Dreaming that your hair is completely white and that you are “gray with worry”

You have to come to terms with the fact that you failed to achieve something, even though you worked diligently and quite honestly and fairly, and invested time and energy, and again remained “short-sleeved”.

That is not a reason for you to give up and waste your potentials, because there is a lot of opportunities to prove, and one defeat “is not a picture of your real situation and possibilities”. Only he who does not give up succeeds.

Dreaming that everything in your house is white

If you dreamed that everything in your house was white and clean, it means that you are not happy, you are just pretending to be satisfied.

You are constantly looking for perfectionism from yourself and your loved ones, which is very tiring. You’ve made some of your plans come true and now you’ve realized that’s not really what you want. You feel trapped in your skin. You question yourself and you don’t know what to do.

Not everything is so black and white in life, and there is nothing perfect. It is not bad to question yourself. That way, you will come to better decisions that will bring you a more fulfilled life.

Dreaming of people whose faces are white

If you dreamed of dead people whose faces are white, it means that some unfavorable news is waiting for you soon. You feel that you are having a worse period in your life.

Another meaning of this dream is that you pretend in front of some people that you are what you are not because you want to fit into their company. What you don’t know yet is that these people are liars and hypocrites. You will obviously understand this the hard way.

It is possible that one of those people will lie or cheat on you soon, and you will not be able to believe how naive you were. You better be careful.

Dreaming that you are in a hospital bed that is white and that is sterile and that you are afraid

A dream in which you feel fear is never a good sign. In particular, a hospital bed in white is a sign of some disease or tragedy that will befall you or someone close to you.

Certainly, the days or months ahead of you will be difficult for you. That is why it is important to arm yourself with patience because one day it will all be just an ugly memory. Life is full of ups and downs, and in front of you is one of the downs.

Dreaming that someone is intentionally spraying you with white paint and you can’t wash it off yourself

There are people around you who want to ruin some of your plans, but you have seen through them. You will not let anyone stand in your way. You know how to take care of yourself and protect yourself.

That person or those people seem naive and innocent, but that is just a mask on their true faces.

Dreaming that you have a pet that is white and that you are happy when he is with you

If you dreamed of a white pet, it means that you are an honest person with integrity. Honesty has always been more important to you than anything. You think that shame is the worst thing a person can do to himself.

However, some of your business associates are not as honest as you, but they dragged you into some malversations without your knowledge. You will try to solve it and hide it, but in all likelihood, you will not succeed.

Dreaming that the whole space around you is shrouded in a thick white fog and that you see nothing

You have strayed into some of your excessive ambitions and desires, so you are trying to prove yourself at all costs.

In that way, you will only set yourself back and lose both honor and reputation, and you will withdraw into yourself, and you will despair and suffer for a long time, instead of struggling to improve.

Dreaming of white clouds traveling in the sky

This dream represents your dreams and ambitions. You have great ambitions and plans, but you got lost somewhere along the way and forgot about them a bit.

It is time to get down to earth again and start working on achieving your significant goals. Don’t wait another decade or two to remember that you had big plans. Wake up in reality and forget about mere fantasies.

Dreaming of a white egg or eggs

If you dreamed of white eggs, it means that you will soon achieve some great success.

In a very short time, you will accomplish something great that you did not hope for even in your wildest dreams. You will just be lucky. You won’t be able to come to your senses by surprise either.

When you achieve this success, don’t forget who was with you when you had nothing. Friends and family are the most important in the world. It is essential that you do not forget this and that you do not become conceited.

Dreaming of a white horse

If you dreamed of a white horse, it means that you have sexual problems. You are probably sexually inhibited and you cannot relax and satisfy yourself and your partner.

Your sexuality is hidden and it gives you problems. You have to trust someone and relax. You have to learn to give because happiness is in giving.

Unless you work on your problems in love and sex life, you will never know what real happiness is.

Dreaming of a white snake

The white snake in dreams is unpleasant and bothersome information that will reach you soon. Basically, this knowledge will mean nothing to you, it will only upset you.

The person from whom you will get this information likes to stick his nose in other people’s things so you should avoid her in the future.

Dreaming of a white rabbit

The white rabbit in dreams is a very beautiful sign. A white rabbit means that you are surrounded by good and generous people who sincerely care about you and would do anything to make you happy. It’s probably your family or close friends.

Dreaming of a white cat

If you dreamed of a white cat, it means that you are facing a period full of confusion. You will doubt yourself and your abilities. Don’t make shortcut decisions.

Dreaming of a white butterfly

A white butterfly in a dream can mean worsening of your health. If you have a health problem, see a doctor right away.

A white butterfly in a dream can also mean that you will encounter some obstacles in achieving your goals.