White Wolf in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

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In the past, people dreamed of wolves much more often because they lived in the wild. Today, it is almost impossible to see a wolf except in a zoo.

The wolf is a mysterious animal that many peoples consider a symbol of power and strength.

The dream of a white wolf can be threatening and scary, but it can also cause a feeling of peace and security in you. A white wolf can mean something wild in your personality.

Probably your friends don’t know about this indomitable side of yours either, since you are hiding behind a mask of calm.

The dream of a wolf may be a symbol of a subconscious desire for freedom, excitement, and the destruction of some standard patterns, no matter how your environment will react to it.

Sometimes the dream of a wolf is a consequence of the wild nature that you publicly display in the real world, and the dream is a warning that the behavior may be too untamable, and that it endangers some important things in your life.

Dreams of white wolves can occur in moments of fear or some loss. It is also possible that a dream is a warning to be careful when trusting some people who may appear better than they are.

The white wolf symbolizes the power of survival. Ability to survive in any situation.

The wolf in a dream is an encouragement to face fears, whether real or subconscious, to fight for what you want, to live without fear, and to follow the deepest needs of being.

The Most Common Dreams About a White Wolf

Dreaming of seeing a white wolf

Depending on what life situation you are in, this dream symbolizes the betrayal of a close person.

The term close person also means people with whom you cooperate, but you are not emotionally close. It is possible that your colleague or business associate will cheat about something or will reveal a business secret.

It is even possible that someone you know will steal you an idea or credit for something.

Dreaming of the howl of a white wolf

If you are dreaming of a wolf howling, it is possible that someone close to you needs help.


Another meaning is that you may hear that someone cheated or betrayed you, or you may hear that someone gossiped about you. You will be surprised.

If you have dreamed of a pack of howling wolves, the dream may indicate family difficulties and warn you to take care to avoid conflicts and not to hurt a close family member.

Dreaming of a white wolf attacking you

You are currently in a situation that you cannot or do not know how to control.

You may be in an obsessive and possessive love affair from which you do not know how to get out.

Don’t take this dream for granted, because there is some danger lurking on the part of the person who wants you to depend on him.

A dream can be a sign of the great danger you are in.

Dreaming of being bitten by a white wolf

The bite of a white wolf in a dream is a sign of approaching violence. You may be angry with someone, or someone will upset you.

You should break off bad relationships and do not socialize with negative people who are often hostile.

This dream can also mean loss or illness in the coming period.

Dreaming of a pack of white wolves

A pack of white wolves in a dream can signify a harmonious family. It is possible that your family is very compact and sticks together. You should be proud of that.

On the other hand, a pack of wolves can represent a group of people you are afraid of. You feel that these people are not well-intentioned and that they can harm you or a member of your family.

Dreaming of killing a white wolf

If you dreamed that you killed a white wolf, it is possible that someone will hurt you emotionally in the near future. Someone will hurt you by betraying you.

A dream can also mean that you will get rid of an enemy. It may mean that you will deal with someone who is trying to damage your reputation or take over something that is yours.

Dreaming of being a white wolf.

This dream may indicate that you need a little isolation from the environment and solitude. It is possible that you are going through a difficult period in life.

Explain to people around you what is happening to you and ask them to understand.

Dreaming of being chased by a white wolf or a pack of white wolves

If you dreamed that you were being chased by a white wolf or a pack of white wolves, this may indicate that you are fleeing from solving some problems, instead of facing them.

A dream can also be a sign of a real threat from dangerous people or people with a dark past. Be careful who you hang out with and what places you go to. Things can go wrong in an instant.

This dream is also a possible sign of impending depression.

Dreaming of white wolves following you

In your neighborhood or distant family, you have a person who is constantly asking for money from you.

He or she will again ask for a certain amount of money on loan. Ask yourself if you are doing this person any good by constantly lending them money.

Dreaming of a white wolf helping you

The dream may indicate sudden help from someone from whom you did not expect it, or did not think that person was capable of it.

This person will pleasantly surprise you.

Dreaming of fighting a white wolf

If you are fighting a white wolf in a dream, that is not a great sign.

Your partner may have been uninterested in you lately. You should not bury your head in the sand in front of that fact, but deal with it.

Talk openly with your partner to solve problems.

Dreaming of hunting a white wolf

The dream indicates impending danger. It can also be a sign of an argument with people you don’t normally agree with or with someone who is trying to interfere in your affairs and plans.

Don’t allow yourself to argue, it leads to nothing.

Dreaming of a white wolf eating from your hand

This dream signifies a person who is a danger to many, even to you, but also that he will soon be unable to harm anyone.

It is probably a person who is high on the social scale.

Dreaming of a beautiful and tame white wolf

This dream means that people love you and love spending time with you.

You are probably an interesting and generous person full of understanding for others. You are very determined and stable, and your friends can always count on you.

You will soon experience some great honor.

Dreaming of a sick white wolf

A sick white wolf in a dream means some difficulties that you are currently going through.

Since you do not want to burden people from your vicinity, you have retreated into solitude and heal your wounds there.

Dreaming of a lone white wolf

If you dreamed of a lone white wolf, that dream usually indicates your tendency to do things the way you want. You may be taking risks to achieve some goals.

In some cases, this dream is a reminder to become independent and stop relying on others.

Dreaming of a white wolf turning into a puppy

If you dreamed of a white wolf turning into a puppy, that dream is a good sign. It usually reveals your good and cherished nature.

Sometimes this dream reveals your desire to be romantically connected to someone. Maybe you will have to make the first step if you want that relationship to start.

Dreaming of a white wolf that cannot catch prey

A white wolf that cannot catch its prey is not a good sign in a dream.

You will soon receive some business or commercial offers of a dubious nature. You should think twice before accepting such an offer.

Dreaming of a white wolf hunting its prey

If you dreamed of a white wolf hunting its prey, you are probably the prey of some capricious and selfish people. You are naive and trust someone who will make you a victim.

Dreaming of a captured white wolf

If you dreamed of catching a white wolf, this is a good sign. This dream can indicate success.

It also indicates victory over a powerful rival or enemy.

Dreaming of a white wolf in a cage

If you dreamed of seeing a white wolf in a cage, that dream is usually a good sign. It often indicates business success. It is also a sign of prosperity and good health.

If the cage is in a zoo, that dream is not a good sign and could indicate that someone is working behind your back.

Dreaming of a white wolf sleeping

This dream is a warning regarding your alleged friends.

You should watch out for someone who pretends to be your friend.

Dreaming of a white wolf taking something from you

If you dreamed that a white wolf took something from you, that dream is usually a good sign. That could mean an engagement or a wedding soon.

Dreaming of a white wolf eating meat

If you dreamed of seeing a white wolf eating meat, that is not a good sign. This could indicate the imminent emergence of some problems and difficulties.

Dreaming of a white wolf protecting you

If you dreamed of a white wolf protecting you in some situation, that dream is a very good sign. It usually indicates that you will receive some unexpected help when you need it most.

Dreaming of a white wolf cub

To dream of a wolf cub indicates protection from someone in real life. It is a sign that you should think carefully about how to protect yourself. Since wolf cubs are born deaf and blind, you are probably not aware of someone’s real intentions.

If you have seen in a dream a pack of wolves with cubs, this indicates that you may not see the true intentions of a group of people in real life.

What do you need to protect yourself from? Mothers of cubs? Who behaves like a mother figure in your life? Consider answering these questions to better understand the meaning of this dream.

Dreaming of looking a white wolf in the eye

To dream of the eyes of a white wolf means that someone is watching you. If the eyes are red, it may mean that you need insight into the core of the problem. The eyes of an animal play an important role in our dreams.

They indicate the essence of a problem and the solution.

Dreaming of defeating white wolves

If you defeat white wolves in a dream, it indicates that you will eventually triumph. You will probably show your enemies that you are not a naive opponent and that they should beware.

It is possible that you seem harmless at first glance, but you are not, you are just honest and good, but you know how to take care of yourself and your family.