White Dog – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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To dream of a dog usually means something good if the dog in your dream exhibits the qualities for which he is called man’s best friend.

The symbolism of a dog in a dream is most often associated with the characteristics that dogs show in reality: loyalty, commitment, love, and protection.

If the dog in your dream is aggressive or angry, it indicates some harassment, control, and aggression.

Sometimes a dog in a dream represents you, and sometimes people from your environment.

A dog in a dream is often associated with those parts of your life where you are protective or those where you need someone’s protection.

In a negative sense, an aggressive dog symbolizes surrender to animal instincts or attack. It can be associated with sexuality, but also with quarrels.

An aggressive dog in a dream can also mean that you are angry or that someone is unfaithful to you.

If a dog barks angrily, you probably want to control others, and if it barks contentedly, it means that you are cherished in society.

You can dream of a dog for a very simple reason – you literally adore your own pet, and it comes to your dreams as a beloved and favorite being.

For those who don’t have a dog, and crave for it, this animal will also often sneak into dreams. And if you dreamed about a white dog, then read the meaning of your specific dream below.

The Most Common Dreams About a White Dog

Dreaming of getting a white dog

This dream represents your desire to socialize with good and noble people.

It is possible that you are very lonely or surrounded by people who hang out with you out of some interest or are not very kind and generous.

You just long for humanity and warmth in everyday life.

It would be good for you to change for the better to attract better people into your life.


Dreaming of a cuddly white dog

If you dreamed of a cuddly and harmless dog, this means that you have a very sincere friend near you. That person will never betray you and will always be on your side.

It is great happiness nowadays to have such a good friend.

You probably know who this is.

If you have dreamed of several white dogs, it means that you have more than one good and reliable friend.

Dreaming that a white dog wants to play with you

If you dreamed that the white dog wanted to play with you, this dream also has positive symbolism.

In the near future, you expect a nice surprise.

Probably a close friend or family member will decide to pleasantly surprise you.

The symbolism of this dream can be that you are a very positive person full of love and that people like to hang out with you.

Some interpretations also say that you will meet a person you haven’t seen for a very long time, and who used to mean a lot to you. You will rejoice because you will realize that some friendships are lifelong.

If more white dogs wanted to play with you, it means that you will attend a very nice celebration and that you will have a great time.

Dreaming of a white dog in your home

If you dreamed that a white dog was in your house, the symbolism of this dream depends on whether it was well-intentioned or not.

If the white dog was calm, it means that harmony and well-being are ahead of you and your family.

However, if a white dog was aggressive and tried to bite someone, that is not a good sign. You may soon quarrel with a close person.

It would be best to avoid tense situations and withdraw before saying something you don’t think and will regret.

Dreaming of a white dog barking

If you dreamed of a white dog barking, this dog symbolizes some disintegration in you.

You are torn between wanting something and knowing that you have to do something opposite.

There are great struggles in you.

It is best to think carefully about what you will gain and what you will lose before you make a life-changing decision.

Dreaming of a white dog howling

This dream means that you are facing a painful and difficult period in life.

You will experience some loss, either materially or spiritually.

It is possible that you will lose a friend in the near future.

A white dog that whines can also mean that you will hurt someone dear to you, and that you will need a lot of time to regain their trust.

Dreaming of feeding a white dog

If you dreamed of feeding a white dog, this is a warning to you. You should spend more time with your loved ones.

You have neglected some important people from your environment because you never have time for them.

It is possible that you will lose a friend because of this behavior.

You should dedicate more time to your friends so that you are not left alone and lonely. True friends are hard to get.

Dreaming that a white dog bit you

If you dreamed that a white dog bit you, it must have been a terrible experience.

This is a bad sign that indicates some loss and betrayal.

It is also possible that you will hear bad news about someone you like.

If a white dog has bitten your leg, then it means that you are not standing firmly on the ground and you do not know how to establish balance in your life.

This dream warns you that it is high time to set yourself some goals and take control over your life.

Dreaming of a dead white dog

This dream marks the end of one period of your life and the beginning of another.

You will probably end a friendship or love affair. You will emotionally distance yourself from someone you loved and end the relationship.

This dream is not about death, but about breaking up with someone.

Dreaming that you can’t get rid of a white dog

A dream in which you cannot shake off a white dog may indicate that you cannot get rid of someone who is bothering or harassing you. Maybe that is also a person who relies too much on you.

You will need to be determined to get rid of the burden that person puts on you with their demanding and possessive behavior.

Dreaming of a white puppy

Dreaming of a puppy always symbolizes positive events. A puppy in a dream signifies our caring.

The dream of little white puppies confirms that you are a person full of care and understanding towards the people around you.

This dream also means that you are very important for the preservation of your family.

The dream in which you saw a white bitch with puppies refers to your abilities. Depending on the details of the dream, you can also interpret in what sense this dream refers to your skills.

Dreaming of being a part of a crowd of white dogs

A dream in which you are part of a pack of white dogs can be interpreted as your desire and quest to belong.

In addition, it may mean that you will have to reconnect with some people.

Dreaming of training a white dog

You were probably uncomfortable communicating with someone and you hurt that person. You should control yourself more.

Dreaming of caressing a white dog

Cuddling a white dog in a dream symbolizes a pleasant relationship with someone you will have absolute confidence in.

You know who that person is and you are aware that you can trust him/her.

Dreaming of a big white dog

A large white dog in a dream symbolizes an argument or disagreement with someone close to you.

Dreaming of a dog that is extremely large can also mean that you are in for a big surprise.

Dreaming of a little white dog

A small dog in a dream is interpreted very positively. Most often, dreams of a small dog suggest comfort and satisfaction in a family or business environment.

You will enjoy a good company in the near future.

Dreaming of a white dog on a leash

If you dreamed of a white dog on a leash, it means that you should substantiate your suspicions with evidence, and not attack innocent people for no reason.

If you lead a dog on a leash in your dream, it may mean that you have difficulty overcoming certain situations or problems that have befallen you.

More Dreams with a White Dog

Hunting a white dog – You are facing problems in a close family environment.

Dreaming of a white dog wanderer – Trouble and quarrel.

Dreaming of killing a white dog – You will do something bad. Think twice before doing that.

Dreaming of talking to a white dog – You are trying to explain to yourself some of your own or someone else’s decisions. It is also important what was the topic of conversation.

Dreaming of two white dogs licking each other – A nice relationship with a loved one.

Dreaming of stepping on a white dog – You take a friendship for granted.

Dreaming of running over a white dog  – You will suspect a close person and you will feel betrayed.

Dreaming of turning into a white dog – You should be more consistent with yourself.

Dreaming of dressing up a white dog – You are trying to hide some of your flaws.

A white dog chases its tail in a dream – You do not control a situation in an effective way or you waste time on work that will not bear fruit.

Certain types of dogs in a dream have a specific meaning:


To dream of a dachshund dog means that you enjoy the fidelity and loyalty of close people.

German Shepherd

To dream of a German Shepherd dog can be a signal, or a warning of heightened caution and protection.

Golden Retriever (white in this case)

To dream of a golden retriever dog means that you are surrounded by good and sincere friends.