Black Bear – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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The black bear in a dream represents your strength, individuality, but also loneliness.

Also, a black bear is a special part of your personality that you don’t want to share, something you want to keep to yourself.

This symbol in a dream can also indicate your possessiveness towards a person.

Like all other motifs and symbols in dreams, this one can only be interpreted if all the details of the dream are connected in the right way.

A black bear in dreams also means independence. If you dreamed of a black bear resting, it means that you are in introspection during this period, and you are trying to understand yourself better.

Sometimes a black bear means that you are aware of your strength, although you do not often show it to others. This dream tells you that you need to confront those who humiliate or harass you in any way.

A black bear in a dream can also mean a possessive and dominant person, for example, a mother, grandmother, or partner. That possessive relationship suffocates you, and this dream indicates your desire for independence.

A peaceful bear can mean your ability to cope in various life situations and an aggressive one that you easily get angry.

The Most Common Dreams About a Black Bear

Dreaming of being chased by a black bear

If you dreamed that a black bear was chasing you, it means that you no longer know what to do with a possessive and jealous person from your environment.

That person is constantly monitoring and questioning you. You can no longer tolerate such behavior.

It is also possible that you are afraid of the boss at work, so you can’t even ask him for a day off, even though you need it.

The black bear that is chasing you can also be a problem whose solution you have been postponing for a long time, but now is the time to face it.

Dreaming of being attacked by a black bear

If you dreamed that a black bear attacked you, you will probably confront some possessive and dominant person whose reactions you are afraid of.


You simply feel like you are in a cage, so you will have to fight for your independence.

Someone close to you may want to separate you from family and friends or make you financially dependent. You will have to enter into open conflict with that person. Don’t give up. You have to fight for yourself.

The person who signifies the black bear in this dream thinks that he/she is above you and that you should obey him/her.

Also, a dream can indicate a feeling of anger or uncontrolled aggression that you have or the aggression of someone close to you.

Dreaming of killing a black bear

This dream means that you are ready to fight and get out of the difficulties you have.

If you dreamed that you killed a black bear, it means that you are ready to face yourself.

You have gathered strength and determination to face your enemies or people who are competitive with you in any sense of the word.

You are ready to face someone stronger and more powerful than you because you finally believe that you are on the right path. You will beat business competitors.

If someone else kills a black bear in your dream, then someone else will fight your enemy or competition.

Dreaming of a dead black bear

This symbol can have two meanings.

The first is that you will lose someone who has been your life support. Someone you listened to because of his wisdom and affection.

On the other hand, it is possible that you are tired of struggling with life or business difficulties and that you would need help or a longer vacation.

Dreaming of trying to save someone chased by a black bear

When you dream that a black bear has attacked another person, who is either your family member or someone you know, and you try to save him “from his clutches”, it has a bad meaning in reality.

This dream implies an imminent illness, or even and the death of a person who is a close friend or family member of yours.

On the other hand, a dream like this can mean that you need to be more careful, and trust people a little less, because you will be hurt by people you didn’t expect.

You will be hurt by some betrayals and embezzlements, as well as the attempts of the people you like to degrade you and break you.

Dreaming of a black bear at your house

If in a dream you saw a black bear walking around your house, and you are completely scared and do not know how to act, in reality, it means that you are too distrustful and suspicious.

You analyze everyone in detail and subconsciously look for their flaws, because you have been deceived by dear people many times, so you become an unpleasant and completely grumpy person.

Dreaming of hearing the howl of a bear

If you dreamed of hearing a bear howl, it is a sign that someone will turn their back on you.

It is possible that you will depend on the person you do not tolerate in some way, and that will greatly complicate your life.

You will also have to do something that your pride does not allow you.

You will have to apologize and ask for help, which will be hard for you, but when you realize that it will benefit the people you love, you will do it.

Dreaming that a black bear has hurt someone

If you dreamed that a black bear hurt someone, it means that someone in your family will get sick.

You will have to devote a lot of time to that person in order to recover. Give her love and care and everything will be fine.

Although it will be difficult for you, do not cry in front of that person, because it will hurt her even more.

Dreaming of a black bear in a cage

This dream indicates that you have changed lately, but that you do not like that difference.

You have changed your habits to please your partner or boss, and now you cannot recognize yourself. You feel like you don’t know who you are anymore. You have lost your identity.

You may have changed because of a loved one, but that is not a sacrifice you should make in the name of love.

Dreaming of releasing a black bear from a cage

If you dreamed that you let the bear out of the cage, it means that you will soon get rid of the people or situations that are holding you back.

You want to fulfill your ambitions, but your current job or partner prevents you from doing so. You will soon gather courage and tell others what your goals are.

Dreaming of a wounded black bear

A wounded black bear in a dream means something negative in your life that you want to get rid of.

Maybe you have a vice, or you are in a bad love affair. You need to be aware of your current situation and fight for a better quality of your life.

Dreaming of a calm black bear

This dream means that you are a person who stands firmly on the ground and knows how to take care of herself and her interests.

You never panic if things don’t go as you imagined, but analyze the situation with a cold head and look for the best solution.

You always know what is good for your and strive for it.

Dreaming of a sleeping black bear

To see a sleeping bear in a dream indicates that the time has come to reconsider your desires and deal with unfulfilled dreams.

Don’t let your fear of failure stop you from achieving your goals.

Dreaming of an aggressive black bear

If you dreamed of an aggressive black bear, it means that you have a lot of suppressed anger in you.

You may be angry with someone.

You went to bed annoyed, and that is why the bear from your dream is aggressive.

Dreaming of a black bear in a circus

If you dreamed of a black bear in a circus, it means that you will meet a very good and honest person in your life with whom you will make a quality friendship.

It is possible that this person will be of the opposite sex and that you will marry her/him.

Dreaming of a black bear dancing

If you dreamed of a black bear dancing standing on its hind legs, it symbolizes the money you will soon receive.

Maybe your boss will give you a raise or you will get some inheritance. If you participate in games of chance, it is possible that you will make a profit.

Now is the right time to buy a lottery ticket.

Dreaming of a black bear with cubs

This dream symbolizes your home. You will soon enjoy the warmth of your home with those closest to you.

You will probably organize socializing with family members and close friends, and you will have a great time and finally relax from everyday stress. You are very much loved.

Dreaming of hugging a black bear

Soon there will be an accident or an unusual situation, and you will get close to someone suddenly.

That person’s support will mean a lot to you. You will be able to rely on him/her.

It’s someone you know, but currently only superficially.