Spiritual Meaning of Birds Flying In Front of You and Around You

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Birds are a symbol of freedom, above all. A man throughout history has liked so much the idea that he could fly. So, he made a big “steel bird”, an airplane, to fulfill his dream.

Birds have a particularly strong spiritual symbolism. In our dreams, they represent our inner self, our desires, and our fears.

Also, birds symbolize spiritual growth and development. They represent a stage in which we are currently on the path of our spiritual development.

It is possible that you are dreaming of birds, because you became aware of how far you have progressed on the path of liberation from the earthly.

Birds are a symbol of freedom, harmony, love, peace, balance, and happiness.

Birds are basically good signs in a dream, but the interpretation still depends on the circumstances in the dream, as well as the type of birds.

Dreams of birds are important to man because they are believed to carry a message from God or our guardian angels.

Dreams of birds that rise to great heights can also indicate your desire for professional advancement or be a sign of professional success.

Birds are also famous messengers carrying some good news.

Birds in a dream can also mean meeting a person and building a love affair or marriage.

Birds that sing are a sign of happiness.

Birds that fly are also a good sign, which symbolizes abundance and prosperity. They could also indicate a rich social life, success, and rise on the social scale.

The Most Common Dreams About Birds Flying in Front of You and Around You

Dreaming of birds flying

If you have seen birds flying in a dream, this dream indicates some good opportunities that are in front of you.

Also, dreaming of birds flying symbolizes some of your desires that you strive to fulfill. You will probably make your wishes come true as you actively work on them.


If you dreamed that birds were flying indoors, that dream usually reveals your desire for freedom or independence.

You will soon end some unfulfilling love affair or some business relationship that does not satisfy yours.

All in all, dreaming of birds flying is a good sign, your luck is waiting for you.

Dreaming of a flock of birds flying in front of you

If you dreamed of a flock of birds flying in front of you, this dream indicates that you will soon reach some level in something that is important to you and achieve success.

Some powerful people will support you to achieve your goals. They, in a way, think it will pay off for them to invest in you.

In any case, this dream announces good news.

Also, if you are tired of social life, this dream can mean your desire to rest and retreat into solitude.

Dreaming of birds flying over your head

If you saw birds flying over your head in a dream, this dream has a similar meaning as the previous ones.

Birds above the head are usually a good sign. This dream could indicate your success in dealing with the competition.

You will do your best to achieve the victory you dreamed of.

You deserve it, because of your hard work and intelligence. Birds are bringing a good word of fortune to you.

Dreaming of being attacked by birds

If you dreamed that you were attacked by birds, this means that you are losing control of your obligations and responsibilities. You have too many jobs to do on a daily basis.

You love your job and your family, but you can’t handle all the work you need to do. Your brain works all the time. You’re tired. You feel that you no longer have the strength to control everything yourself.

Also, this dream may indicate that your emotions have gone wild and that you are moving away from spirituality.

It would be best to engage in some spiritual practice to get back on track.

Dreaming that a bird has hurt you

If a bird has hurt you in a dream, such a dream may indicate disappointment.

Obviously, your loved one will hurt you in some way.

It is probably a misunderstanding that can be easily overcome through open communication.

Be sure to think objectively, and not from the position of some of your fears or childhood traumas.

Dreaming of catching birds flying around you

If you dreamed of catching birds that are flying around you, you have a big and unexpected gain ahead of you.

You will probably get a job that will bring you both money and reputation.

Your life will change radically.

At first, you will not be able to believe what your luck has been.

When you become successful, do not rise very high and forget your friends.

Dreaming of a weak or injured bird flying in front of you

If you dreamed of a weak or injured bird, that dream is not a good sign and could indicate conflicts with some rivals.

This dream may also indicate communication problems or an inability to express one’s opinion.

If you want to say what you think, gather courage and do it. Otherwise, unspoken words will torment you at night.

Dreaming of featherless birds flying in front of you

Featherless birds are not a good sign. It bothers you to feel inferior to someone.

Your life may be run by someone richer and more influential than you.

Think about whether you want to live that way or change something. The power is in your hands.

Dreaming of painting birds

If you dreamed of painting birds flying in front of you, this dream indicates new beginnings.

These new beginnings will bring something extremely good into your life. Embrace new beginnings!

Dreaming of golden birds

The color gold is the color of happiness and wealth.

If you see golden birds flying in front of you in a dream, it indicates that you will be very happy in the future.

For you, happiness and satisfaction is your family. Your family members are your biggest support.

Thanks to them, you have become a stable person who able to face any situation.

Dreaming of white birds

If you see white birds in a dream, it implies that you will hear joyful voices. It can happen that a loved one will ask you a question you have wanted to hear for a long time.

Even though you have been preparing for it for a long time, you will be surprised and it will take you some time to come to your senses.

Dreaming of black birds flying around you

If you saw black birds in a dream, this also means good news; the same as the previous dream.

A successful company may invite you for an interview, even though you have applied for a job with them a long time ago.

You should do your best as it is an extremely successful company in which you will have a bright future. You will gain a lot of experience and progress soon.

Dreaming of blue birds flying around you

If you have dreamed of one or more blue birds flying around you, this is a good sign.

You will decide to banish negativity from your life. You will realize how much negative people and nervousness poison your life.

You are ready for news in your life that will be positive.

Dreaming of red birds

If you dreamed of a red bird, this is a good sign. The red bird represents freedom. This dream can also symbolize a danger, but you are also aware of that danger.

The red bird in your dream warns you to be careful to avoid possible damage.

This dream may also indicate that you need to be careful not to become a victim of the bad intentions of people around you.

Dreaming of a couple of birds flying around you

If you dreamed of a couple of birds, this is an extremely good sign.

This dream announces a new birth.

You will be very happy because one of your close friends or relatives will become a parent or maybe you will have a baby soon.

Dreaming of big birds flying in front of you

If you saw large birds in a dream, that dream may indicate something that you consider a burden. It maybe got something to do with your job or older family members. You should consider changing your point of view on this matter.

In some cases, this dream may alert you to some people who might harm you in some way.

Dreaming of exotic birds flying around you

If you have dreamed of unusual and colorful birds, it points to some distant destinations.

You will probably go on a long journey soon.

It is also possible that you subconsciously want to travel somewhere far away and take a break from everything. Anything is possible if you really want it.

Dreaming of birds flying around the nest

Birds flying around the nest mean that you are a greatly responsible person who takes good care of your family.

If you are currently thinking about a business venture, this is the right time to realize your ideas.

Do not be afraid because you are hardworking and diligent, and you will overcome every difficulty.

Dreaming of flying with birds

If you flew with birds in a dream, that dream may indicate a financial gain or the acquisition of a greater degree of freedom concerning your partner, children, or superior at work.

Dreaming of killing a bird

Killing a bird in your sleep is not a good sign.

It is possible that you will slander someone or cause them some other damage in order to protect yourself.

It will be difficult for you to face the truth that you did something wrong, so you will blame others for your actions.

If you have done something wrong, it is best to repent, not to spend your life on self-deception.

Dreaming of baby birds flying

If you have seen baby birds in a dream, this is a good sign. Baby birds symbolize liberation from some limitations.

This dream is often a sign of the success of your efforts and plans. It can also be a reminder that you need to focus on your goals, and to act if you want to achieve them. Do not waste your time.

Dreaming of a dead bird

If you dreamed that a bird fell dead in front of you, you will most likely experience some disappointment soon.

It is possible that you have been working on a project for a long time, which will prove to be a failure.

Basically, you will experience a difficult situation in life, but over time you will overcome it and learn a lot from it.