14 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angels are always around us. Many people don’t believe in angels, but they still receive their support and guidance, without being aware of that fact.

Angels can provide us with help in countless ways.

Sometimes it can be a silent voice in our heads telling us not to go someplace or a sudden, unexplainable urge to do something.

Angles often use numbers as a way to communicate their messages to us.

Every number or a number sequence has its special symbolic meaning.

Sometimes angels decide to send us guidance through the number 14.

If it appears often, and more than once during a day, that is a sure sign your angels are trying to convey some important information to you.

Further down, we will explain in more words the symbolic meaning of the angel number 14 and the message it brings you if you happen to see it often.

Number 14 – What Does It Mean?

The number 14 is a number of transformation and change.

People under the influence of this number are in constant movement.

They are very independent and sometimes reckless.

They also have good communication skills and are very convincible.

People influenced by the number 14, need to learn to adapt and accept the changes occurring in their lives, while maintaining their balance and focus on their goals.

For that reason, they need to be very flexible and adaptable.

These people sometimes make dangerous experiments and put themselves into chaotic situations.


Sometimes they can be a bad influence on others and need to control that tendency.

They are open to change and can easily become bored if they don’t have something new going on in their lives.

Entrepreneurs and frequent travelers are often influenced by the number 14.

They are very confident and sometimes single – minded.

They can even be considered as eccentric by many because they have unique ways of doing things, and often chose paths most people wouldn’t choose.

But they somehow manage to succeed in their intentions.

They need to strive towards achieving balance and harmony because they risk being burned – out by the intensity of their temper.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The number 14 is considered as, a number of karmic debts. It signifies unexpected circumstances and constant changes.

It can also signify codependency issues and overindulgence. The key to overcoming the negative meaning of this number is practicing modesty in everything.

The other important thing is maintaining an organized life and emotional stability.

These people should be careful about their actions because their actions tend to have a long lasting impact on their future.

This number resonates, with people who need to learn the gifts of self – control, balance and independence.

If they fail to do that, they can expect trouble and turmoil in their lives.

These people need to be cautious about money related issues, and that way they won’t experience money problems.

They have to overcome their tendency of often involving themselves in risky business ventures which might jeopardize their or someone else’s future as well.

If they overcome their inborn tendency for risk taking, they will become unstoppable in their quest for success.

Love and Angel Number 14

The people who vibrate to the angel number 14 have a great ability to love, but they often find it difficult to find that special person.

The person, who will make them commit and settle down, really has to be someone special.

Because they tend to be easily bored, they can sometimes be hard to commit, so they keep going from relationship to relationship, searching for that perfect one.

They are known for their appetite for adventure and new things, so the chosen one has to be a person ready for constant change and movement.

These people are also very popular and have a large circle of friends around them, so their potential partner has to adapt to that fact as well.

They always seek diversity and inspiration.

When they finally find that special one, people with the angel number 14 become devoted and loving partners.

If you have seen a lot of number 14 lately, maybe the angels are sending you a message that your quest will soon be over and you will find the love you are looking for.

If you already are, in a committed relationship, maybe that is a message you will be going to the next level of commitment soon.

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Numerology Facts about Number 14

The number 14 is composed of the number 1 and the number 4. It contains integrated energies of both these numbers in itself.

While the number 1 is the number of new beginnings, initiative, success and fulfillment, the number 4 is a number which symbolizes truth, integrity, work towards progress and achievement of goals.

As a blend of these two numbers, the number 14 symbolizes harmony and balance.

It is also a number which symbolizes justice, independence and unity.

This number symbolizes determination, optimism, strength and enthusiasm as well.

Number 14 is also considered the number of love. Valentines’ day is on the 14th.

Seeing Angel Number 14

When you start seeing the angel number 14, know that the angels are encouraging you to pursue your goals and desires. This number in your life is an announcement of change and complete transformation of your life.

Maybe you should start thinking about the things you desire and the best ways to achieve them.

When the angels start sending you messages through the number 14, their primary mission is to keep you focused on your intentions and manifestations of your goals and desires.

You can do that, through the power of positive affirmations and appreciation of what you already have in your life.

Know that your angels are near, helping you manifest your desires.

The angel number 14 brings you the message of the power of positive affirmations.

It’s very important to maintain focus on the desired outcome but paying attention not to hurt anyone else in the process.

It’s important to pay attention to your thoughts and be sure you only have positive thoughts on your mind because negativity can gravely affect your reality.

You don’t want to manifest bad things in your life, only the things you want to happen.

Your angels might also be trying to warn you of the importance of being grounded, and they are helping you in that process.

Maybe you are currently going through a difficult period in your private life or at work, and the angels are supporting you to overcome it as easy as possible.

They encourage you to stay optimistic and strong through the process.

The angels are reassuring that all will be alright when you focus on your goals and put efforts in achieving them, regardless of how big and difficult those goals seem.

They also encourage you to turn to them for guidance should you need it along the way.