49 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angels are beautiful non-physical beings or forces. They do not possess Ego as we people do, so they do not have ill thoughts or intentions.

They represent pure divinity that comes from the heavens above. Angels dwell somewhere in between realms of material and immaterial.

Although we are unable to see them and most of the people actually do not think about angels at all, we could sense their presence from time to time.

People do ask for angelic help, even if they are unconscious of such an appeal. All of us sometimes need an extra help to move on with our life or overcome difficulties along the way.

Angels are here only to offer us guidance and support.

However, they rarely come uninvited. As we have mentioned, it is not obligatory to ask them for help on a rational level or even to be aware of your need for divine support.

In moments of great changes, lack of motivation and inspiration, our souls naturally turns to mysterious heavenly forces. Moreover, they do listen.

Angels try to help us in many ways, but they will not change events for us or influence our own decisions and acts directly. They are more likely to help us see what our opportunities are, what we want and desire from our life.

Even if we are unable clearly to see our goal and we feel lost and abandoned, angels will help us find peace within, in order safely to go through phases of insecurities and self doubt.

Number 49 – What Does It Mean?

So, what angels do to help us, if they do not interfere with our lives or life circumstances?

Actually, they help us help ourselves, by sending messages that could direct us towards certain solution, decision or just get us rid of anxiousness.

Angels use different channels to send us messages, as well as various types of symbols or signs. Numbers are an important one.

Angels may send you a number with some special significance. Any number could be angelic, but only if it occurs repeatedly and you keep seeing it often.

Everywhere you turn, here it is. Number 49 is one of those. If you keep seeing or thinking about number 49, it must be an angelic message, sent by your heavenly guardians especially to you.

What does number 49 mean?


Well, this angelic number has some special powers. Although it seems just as any other number, put in its angelic context, it means a lot.

Number 49 is a symbol of security and progress, in the first place. It represents continuity, steadiness, tradition, patriotism and persistence.

People with this angel number are conventional, very much attached to their homeland, their closest friends and family.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Number 49 is not a pompous one; it is an angelic symbol of harmonious, but simple life.

If angels send this number to a person, they want to help that person to see true values in their own life, for people tend to neglect and even forget such things, usually because of stressful jobs or their own, personal insecurities.

Number 49 is a symbol of persistence and steadiness, so a life of a person with this number may seem dull or uninteresting.

However, it could be a good life and a very positive one.

This angel number offers a great support to people who are loyal and devoted to their closest ones, but their own thoughts and stances, as well. They are individuals that generally lack flexibility in life and that feel most comfortable staying at the same stage of their life long term.

If they are satisfied with it, of course.

People with angel number 49 would not risk their security, but they need divine support in order to develop within the walls of their own comfort.

Such people are very intelligent and they love to learn and research, mostly in an intellectual sense.

Their steadiness and a lack of ambition for big changes help them grow in that manner, but might sabotage them in exploiting their full capacity.

Love and Angel Number 49

When it comes to love, we must say this angel number is not particularly a ‘loving’ one.

People with this angel number are not very romantic or driven by romantic ideas. They are rational, far more than being emotional.

On the other hand, their calm and steady nature makes them a perfect match for numerous other angel numbers.

They get along with people easily.

However, talking about relationships, number 49 does not have that energy or passion as some other numbers. It represents longevity, continuity and steadiness.

This means that people who are given this angel number are not likely to have love affairs or change many partners.

In fact, most of them form a relationship much later in life, in comparison to others.

They find it easy to wait for a perfect partner and then they feel content, satisfied and happy.

They are not insensitive, but are a bit tough to deal with as partners and lovers, because they are stubborn and respectful of traditions.

When it comes to love life, marriage and having children, they are most likely to follow the pattern of their ancestors and do not take any excesses or unconventional steps into consideration.

Numerology Facts About Number 49

It is interesting number 49 is associated with humanitarians and their work.

Because of its angelic and symbolic meaning of persistence, steadiness, longevity and continuity, number 49 is seen as a powerful and fortune bringing symbol for humanitarian organizations and their causes.

Many famous personalities who were great philanthropists are connected with angel number 49. In numerology, it is their birth number.

Number 49 is strongly associated with keeping tradition and helping people, supporting cultural development.

An American society for making charity was named 49 Angels, for example.

Number 49 is also a number of days and nights Buda, Siddhartha Gautama, had spent in deep meditation. In addition, 49 is a number of days a soul of a deceased person roams in between worlds, waiting for its resurrection, in Buddhism.

Number 49 is the atomic number of the element indium. Alaska was 49th state to join United States of America.

Between Canada and United States, the 49th parallel passes.

Seeing Angel Number 49

If you keep seeing number 49, angles try to send you a message of support.

They care about you and want to make sure you feel safe and secure in your life.

Maybe you do not as if making big changes and enjoy your comfort zone; it is not bad, as long as you feel content with it.

Angels send you number 49 to remind you of your own values and capabilities.

Do not doubt yourself, because you are doing fine. If there is a time to change something in your attitude, you will most certainly clearly see or feel it.