51 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel number 51 symbolizing in particular our senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch), the Angel number 51 indeed expresses the need to feast on new things.

As if magnetized by the unknown, the “5” are on the lookout for any door open to escape.

Number 51 – What Does It Mean?

The Number 51 is placed in the center of the first top angel numbers, it is the central pivot on which the other numbers are based. It symbolizes the axis connecting the macroscome (Universe – Heaven) to the microscosm (Human being – Earth).

Number of Balance, it represents the synchronization between the desires of the body and those of the mind.

Its best known symbol is the pentagram (the 5-pointed star), a representation of Man, who has 5 senses for discovering the world.

The 5 brings vibrations of movement, of change; it invites you to travel, to change horizons, to live the unknown. It is a symbol of Energy, whether physical, creative, intellectual or even sexual.

Graphically, the number 5 looks like the reverse 2. He also has curves and straight lines and can also be duel, but more in the search for mental balance.

If you are looking for the key to the fields, it is in doubt that you are very inspired by the number 5. This value indeed symbolizes freedom and the desire to escape in the numerology field.

Adventurers and eager to roam the great outdoors in long rides, they want to get out of their tight daily life and taste the intense pleasures of discovery…

He is very focused on the pleasures of life. He likes to chew it to the fullest. Relationships scare him, but he finds the courage to commit. Once this is done, it is flawlessly loyal.

If behind his quiet appearance you think you can restrain him, he can prove to be a troublemaker without equal. Under the influence of emotions or anger, he can sometimes come out with hurtful words, which he may regret afterwards.

So he must learn to discipline himself, and learn that freedom does not mean “letting go”. Adaptation skills will have to be conquered to cope with all situations. Sport will not be too much to keep the line. To be in good health, nothing better than good form.

Ultimately, numerology teaches us a lot about the “51”. We remember that it is a number, endowed with great strength. Nothing seems to be able to stop it, but it will sometimes be necessary to temper.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Drawn by the powerful light of all that is new, a danger, however, lies in wait: that of burning your wings in these crazy escapades.

Because the “51” have of course the defects of their qualities. Thus, they are beautiful to generate an overflowing enthusiasm, to love movement and discovery, they also have their less attractive sides.


So they are frivolous, unstable and sometimes even unreliable. They don’t always focus on inviting others on their trips and it can even be said that, in general, they prefer to travel solo.

We must admit that it is sometimes difficult for their partner in life to assume this great need for freedom…

The problem comes from the fact that this inexhaustible thirst for freedom is expressed in all sectors of existence.

Loyalty, for example, is not a natural reflex of the native of the “5”! This propensity to always imagine that the air is better elsewhere can obviously create irreversible problems.

If we think too much about our own desires and fantasies, we risk hurting those around us and seeing those who matter most to us flee.

There is also a certain amount of unconsciousness in this attitude. The “5” is not, strictly speaking, a selfish person. But he is so focused on his desire to live intensely that he sometimes forgets to preserve all those he loves.

Love and Angel Number 51

He must therefore strive to think of all this and to succeed in the skillful dosage allowing him both to not feel frustrated while being more available …

There is another constant around the “51”: it is this propensity to want to carry out several projects simultaneously. Passionate and almost hyper-active, the “51” really comes true in action. Almost too much, one would be tempted to say.

He has quite a tendency to chase several hares at the same time. However, this behavior means that, failing to focus fully on each project, he very often fails… Failures which he also experiences very badly and sometimes even makes him pay his entourage.

As if he himself could not cope with his shortcomings and that he always had to rest on a scapegoat to justify the least of his failures. This is in any case an aspect of his character on which he must really work if he wishes to progress…

The other great characteristic of the Angel number 51 is its power of seduction but also of seduction. Some will say of him that it is “a beautiful speaker” (or a beautiful speaker) and it is true that the “5” handle particularly the words of which they are very fond besides.

They have the capacity in just a few sentences to take you very far and to let you guess the contours of certain dreams.

It is quite difficult to resist this charm, but you must of course be on your guard because inconstancy always lies in wait for the “51” which often tends to confuse dream and reality.

Interesting Facts about Number 51

According to Pythagoras, the universe can be explained through numbers. For him, the 51 is the sign of union. It notably symbolizes marriage and life: the even feminine principle (the number 2) comes to meet the masculine principle (the number 3).

The pentagram represents the microcosm, that is to say the world on a human scale. This star can be seen as a man standing with his feet on the ground and his head in the stars. It is the symbol of the initiate, extricating himself from matter to rise towards the celestial.

This is probably the most important meaning of the number 51: the quintessence. In alchemy, the 4 elements, earth, water, air, fire are supplemented by a fifth element or “quintessence”: ether, which is at the center of everything and which ensures the cohesion of the whole.

On a personal and spiritual level, the ether evokes the philosopher’s stone, which allows sublimation and spiritualization of being. It is access to eternal life, connection to the Holy Spirit, or with the Tao that transcends matter.

Seen in a slightly different way, the 51 could symbolize immanence, that is to say the presence of the principle in the matter itself, while the 7 would rather be transcendence, and the 6 the meeting between the two Notions.

The 51 corresponds to the 4 directions of the cross supplemented by its central point. This central point is the center of the Universe, the axis of the world, the tree of life.

Its charm works moreover all the more that the Angel number 51 overflows with sensuality and charm.

He loves to seduce because it values ​​him and gives him the impression of having real power over others. Besides, in a love story, what interests him especially is the moment of seduction.

The more you resist him, the more you will please him! Conversely, if you succumb too quickly to its charms, it will quickly tire and most certainly turn to another prey… It is not necessarily a conscious game but the call for novelty always ends, at home, to be the strongest!

As for the dark side of Angel number 51 it is notably in its impulsiveness. He can quickly show his fangs, especially if he doesn’t get what he hopes for.

As much as he knows how to be rider when he needs someone as much he can be hateful if the person in question refuses him a favor. This is why it has a reputation for being whimsical and why people often wonder how to approach it depending on the circumstances.

In reality, the “5” does not like being resisted. He immediately uses seduction to get what he wants and categorically changes systems if he does not get satisfaction.

It then turns into an almost ferocious and despotic animal. Charm or terror: the Angel number 51 actually oscillates quite often between the two…

The Pope with his number 5 in the Tarot is the fifth card in the game. The arcane carries the number V which represents man and his the number 5 in the tarot – symbolism of the numbers desire for knowledge. The Pope (V) and the Pope (II) are opposite.

They form the number VII, a number which is evoked by the cross which the Pope holds in his hand. This appears in many versions of Tarot. For example on the Tarot Camoin and Grimaud or the Rider Waite.

Seeing Angel Number 51

Seeing angel number 51 is going to motivate you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Be there to witness how capable you are and what you can achieve by believing in yourself.