55 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angelic vibrations are in the world around us, whatever we might think about heavenly and mystical forces. Even people who are neither spiritual nor religious are able to feel the presence of angels, only they try to interpret it rationally.

Lack of belief or faith does not make angels go away or make you cursed or abandoned, which is what people may think about it.

No, heavenly forces act without Ego or selfishness; they act out of their natural, pure need to help people and make their lives good.

Angels do not possess ill thoughts and free will. They share positive energy that comes from heavens above and watch on us from higher realms.

Angels would walk amongst people only in specific situations that demand great help and heavenly support in repairing and regenerating the world damaged by humans’ deeds (e.g. wars, great natural disasters or so).

In other times, they look upon us and send us their love and support.

Every person on Earth has guardian angels. According to spiritualists and religious experts in such matters, everyone is protected by at least two of them.

Guardian angels do not make us do this or that; they are only here to help us overcome our fears, obstacles and self-doubts.

Angels do not stop things from happening or change the course of events in our life, but help us get a wider perspective of all the opportunities ahead.

Sometimes we lack motivation, will or energy to move on or make a change. It is not necessary to make changes all the time; sometimes, just keeping the pace is good.

However, we might lose the sense of our own purpose; we may not have concrete goals or ideas what to do with our lives.

Many people feel down, depressed and sad about that, even if things are generally fine. Angels are there to make us realize all the good things about our destiny and ourselves.

Number 55 – What Does It Mean?

Every single person on this Earth has experienced periods of insecurity, loss of inspiration and lack of motivation.

These are periods of incubation, when we must give ourselves time to relax, in the first place, and then discover our true desires.

Fortunately, we have help from above, even if we are unaware of that help. For angels to help us, we have to give them a call.


Such a call might come from the depths of our soul and we might even not be aware that we are sending an appeal to heavens.

Angels feel all the tiny vibrations of human world and people’s hearts and souls.

Your guardian angels will know if you need their help. They communicate with people in various ways and use different channels to send us divine messages.

Did you ever find yourself constantly thinking about a symbol, a picture or a number? These are all angelic messages, if they occur repeatedly, over a longer period of time.

Angels send us number to make us realize something. These are called angel numbers.

Number 55 is one of such numbers. Number 55 has double 5 digits, so it is particularly interesting and meaningful.

All numbers with two same digits possess great energy and they are considered leading numbers.

Number 55 is one of two equal digit numbers that are believed to be transmitters of energy.

Since digit 5 is a powerful number itself, number 55 has its power doubled. Number 5 stands for nobility, honor, intelligence, charisma, creativity and individuality.

People with this angel number are wise and noble, loyal, honorable and brave.

They emit strong positive energy around. These individuals are eager to learn and grow in an intellectual sense.

They posses naturally strong charisma, so they are often found at leading positions. They are active and have a positive approach to life.

Angels send them number 55 to remind them how extraordinary they are and to help them go through phases when they lack inspiration or motivation, because such moments are particularly difficult for them.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Number 55 possess amazing energy and angels choose his number to send to people who are very creative, generally positive, active and curious.

Those people, however, have great difficulty dealing with dull phases of lacking motivation or purpose.

They love to have a cause to work on and when they do not have it, they easily fall into darkness. Their lives are filled by numerous of different experiences, because they find it hard to sit still.

People with angel number 55 have a hard time dealing with boredom and they are impatient. Number 55 is a mirror number, because of its two digits.

It reflects a person’s attitude, character, all the virtues and flaws. Angels send this number to make such people realize who they truly are and to accept themselves exactly the way they are.

By sending number 55 as a divine message, angels want to help those people see all sides of their personality. Since it is a mirror number, it reflects all the good and bad sides, in addition to characteristics and symbolism this number carries within.

This number makes you realize you have amazing, energetic and positive character, but you do have flaws you must embrace and work on them, such as impatience is, for example.

Number 55 represents success, progress, fortune and luck. It should encourage people use all the opportunities ahead, but also make them content during times they do not clearly see what their next step could be.

Overall, number 55 is extremely positive and filled up with potential for great things.

Love and Angel Number 55

We have seen how strong this angelic number is in a person’s life. When it comes to love, it does not lack the energy. Number 55 and love are a tricky and turbulent combination.

It is a number ruled by the planet Mercury, so it is associated with communication and thinking. Speaking about love, it is a good omen, because people with this number love to talk to people and make relationships.

Good communication and understanding leads to a healthy love relationship, as well as any other type of connection with people.

However, people with this angel number literally strive for excitement and activity, so they could be unsteady in their love life. They find it hard to devote to one person for long term. They are always on the move; they meet various people with whom they make friends and lovers.

On the other hand, a marriage is something that could take a lot of time to happen to a 55 person. These people would never settle down before they are sure they have tried everything they wanted.

Even then, they will doubt their decision. Angels send this number to make them not afraid of commitment.

Number 55 represents success and power, so it is also sent to people to encourage them take a risk of doing something different from what they are used to.

Many other people are sad because their relationship have failed or did not last long. People with a 55 number energy feel the opposite.

Angels send this number to make them see the aspects possible. For them, a risk would be trying to be steady.

Once a person with such an energy and passion for life finds a perfect partner, he or she could become a loving, caring and very committed lover.

However, we have to say it is not very common case.

Numerology Facts About Number 55

Number 55 was believed to be magical, my alchemists and magicians. Double fives in its compositions make it appear as a two-sided symbol, with opposing aspects.

One part is considered soft, pure and tranquil, while the other part is thought to be wild and even destructive.

This description can be applied to many 55 personalities with this birth number.

In chemistry, number 55 is periodic system number of the element caesium. It is the international direct dial for calls to Brazil.

Various organizations, labels and individuals as a symbol or a part of a title use number 55.

Seeing Angel Number 55

What does it mean to see this angel number? According to numerologists and spiritualists, number 55 possess the energy of change and transformation, but also a confirmation of what is positive and good already.

It is a fortune bringing number, sent by angels to encourage a person pursue their dreams and desires.

This angel number could suggest a big change and another life phase is in front of you, waiting for you to step in.

As we have mentioned before, it could be a change from active, unsteady and exciting life to something more calm, peaceful and steady.

It could also suggest you have an inner need for a change, but you are not yet sure what that change could be or what should you do. In that case, number 55 suggest patience and calmness.

Moreover, if you keep seeing number 55, you can rest assured guardian angels are there to help you in your decisions. Even if you make a ‘wrong’ step, they are here to support you.

Everything in your life happens with some reason. You act bay your won will, but there are numerous outer factors that also determine your destiny.

Angels are there to help you find balance between all of them; they will never make you do something you do not want.

Seeing number 55 can help you embrace your destiny, step into something new or wait for a plan to develop.

It brings you courage to deal with such things, be confident and value all of your virtues and accepts your imperfections.