77 Biblical Meaning and Symbolism

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The number 7 is one of the more significant numbers in the Bible. God rested on the seventh day.

Number 7 is mentioned more than 700 times in the Bible and 54 times in the book of Revelation, which talks about 7 churches, 7 angels, 7 trumpets, 7 seals and 7 stars.

The Israelites conquered Jericho after circling it for 7 days. Solomon built the temple for 7 years, Job had 7 sons, and the great flood followed 7 days after Noah ascended his ark.

There were 7 years of abundance and 7 years of famine, and Jesus uttered 7 sentences on the cross.

Number 77 in the Bible – Meaning

The meaning of a number can be thought of as the basic vibration as the fundamental of the number.

As a general view, the numerology of the number 77 represents a shared energy that contains the ideas of:

Imagine having the personal freedom to pursue any whim and experience anything that interests you.

7 is mentioned 737 times in the Bible. «7 times» is mentioned 6 times, the seventh is 119 times. Every day, Peter went to Jesus and the day: «Lord, how many times have you lost my brother who sinned against me? You did? ».

For Peter, forgiving up to seven times was reaching the maximum of his spirituality. He was impressed by Lord at the mountain command: “You are perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect” (Mt 5:48).

Probably, for Peter, forgiving sometimes meant achieving perfection. Our Lord came out with an answer: “I will not tell you a 7, a bell up to seventy times a 7” (Mt 18, 22). It is perfection over perfection.

“7” is the perfection number, usually with a spiritual emphasis. In Hebrew, the word “7” is “cheval”. Come from the root «Sabah», I will satisfy you, you have enough.

Therefore, the meaning of the word “7” is called by this root, on the seventh day, Dios resting from the work of Creation.

It was full and complete, good and perfect. If you have any comments on his works: «It is good». He was satisfied and then rested. The website, therefore, is perfect and thorough in relation to what is used.

The first pattern of a complete life after the fall of man was given in Genesis 5:24: “I walk, walk, walk with Dios and disappear, because I walk with Dios”. Enoch was the seventh since Adam and the primer hombre that did not try the death.

Number 77 in the Bible – Symbolism


Layer 18 and gives wealth, developed self-esteem, allows you to gain self-confidence, expands the possibilities of serving society.

And it is also an ancient sign of fate itself, which decides which path a person will take.

The carrier of eighteen is able to get rid of anger and irritation, all his actions are aimed at good deeds.

The main thing is to tune in correctly and remove all the little things and distractions from your life plan. Carriers of eighteen have a powerful energy field: people with problems and weak character come running to it, like moths to the light.

If 18 often appears in your life, this is a sign of a completed cycle and the beginning of a new round. This Fate gives you a sign and directs you in the right direction.

Do not be afraid of the coming changes and possible inconveniences: all the efforts spent will be rewarded a hundredfold.

Listen to your voice: out of a dozen possible options, you can choose the right path. Number 18 pushes

Spiritual meaning of Number 77

People towards religion and spiritual topics. Perhaps now is the best time to develop inner peace and spirituality.

People endowed with this number are distinguished by a developed spiritual world and an innate peacefulness. They get along great with their colleagues and those closest to them.

In addition to loving one’s neighbor, eighteen carriers have developed a sense of compassion.

They are often fond of animals and sometimes associate their lives with their breeding and protection.

These are people with well-developed intellectual abilities: they are easy to learn and have increased perseverance.

Among the famous persons there are many scientists, professors, inventors and talented businessmen. If you add up the prime numbers of eighteen, you get nine. She symbolizes one of the ancient Roman gods – Mars.

A warlike deity endows a person with courage, decisiveness and determination.

The energy represented by the numerology of the number 77 is, above all, an energy of expression of the liberal personal.

Interesting facts about Number 77

According to the Talmud, the universe is made up of 7 heavens, and the Qur’an often talks about them. Muslims on pilgrimage to Mecca walk 7 times around Qaba, the main shrine of Islam.

At Jewish weddings the bride often circles around the groom 7 times. In Hinduism there are 7 worlds above this, but also 7 worlds below.

The sun god, one of the most important Vedic deities, is drawn by 7 winged horses in a chariot across the sky, and the human body has 7 basic chakras.

Japanese mythology has 7 deities of happiness who are in charge of health, long life, happiness, knowledge, wealth of their protégés.

If you roll the dice at the casino, the chances are high that you will get a week, and if you shuffle the deck of cards 7 times, the cards will reportedly be fully arranged.

There is a common superstition that the word ‘7’ brings misfortune to the craps game. It is forbidden to pronounce it, so the players call it ‘that’ or even ‘the devil’.

Speaking of gambling, before sitting down for a table in Vegas be sure to go to the 7 happy, crazy girls who are at the Riviera Hotel. They are made of bronze and shown from the back, without clothing. Luckily in gambling all girls need to be petted.

The Hebrew word must serve for six years, which was the legal limit (Ex. 21: 2). The love I say that Jacob had wanted to serve his brother Labán for seven years by Raquel.

Only love can go beyond any legal limit and can encompass the full extent of time to serve. (Gen. 29:20).

After Easter, Israel’s pueblo should eat bread without yeast for seven days. They had to pay the levitation of his houses.

In the have to play yeast «from the first day until the seventh» (Ex. 12:15). Here, of course, you are highlighted for the implicit sanctity of all this.

The yeast means corruption and the real separation of Dios. After being saved, we must live apart from the levitation in our “7 days”, which represent our entire life.

The Tabernacle gold candle had six arms that came out of a central support, summing up the total, giving emphasis and harmony with the light that was the light of the Dios pueblo in the world, but it was divine.

In correspondence with the arms were also made of lamps. (Ex. 25-32, 37).

Before Aarón and his children started their priestly service, they were consecrated for seven days (Lev. 8: 31-36).

Aaron’s son who had taken his place as a priest should put on Aaron’s sacred garments for seven days. (Ex. 29: 2, 30). These are descriptions of a life completely dedicated to the service of the Señor.

There were 7 days of festival of the Lord: Easter, Panes without yeast, Primicias, Pentecostés, Expiación, Trumpets y Tabernacles (Lev. 23: 1-44). Here is a perfect type of Christ as a delight, a joy and a rest.

Seeing the number 77

When Israel took the city of Jericho, Dios les order that marched around the city seven times.

Then, on the seventh day, when she used to walk around, she completed her walk, completed her march.

This march was completed with the seven priests taking the seven bowls of leather from the ark (Jos. 6: 1-12).

Solomon took 7 years build the temple of Dios (1 R. 6:38). Salomon and all the pueblo dedicated the house of Dios. “Then I find Salomon fiesta 7 days …” (2 Chr. 7: 8) and “he lives there with the dedication of the altar in 7 days” (2 Ch. 7: 9).

Of the miracles of Eliseo were sealed with the number 7: the child that was the result of the many times before opening the eyes (2 R. 4:35). Naamán, head of the army of the king of Siria, “if he did well in the Jordan” before he was cured of leprosy (2 R. 5:14).

Failure in love or at work becomes a source of endless suffering. We can say that over time it is like a drug for a drug addict, and being on the needle of self-pity and their suffering, these people rarely voluntarily get off it.

Even the weakest failure, which no one would normally notice, here can be perceived as a sign of a lost destiny, raised to a cube or a hundredth degree.

Pessimisms are the extreme that must be feared. Because once there, it is difficult for these people to get rid of it.