Ceres in Cancer – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

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The three great female deities of ancient Olympus – Hera, Demeter, and Hestia, the birth sisters of the gods Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades – ruled this sacred Greek mountain.

These symbols, Olympian gods, have been suppressed throughout our history by strengthening the rule of the male creative principle.

Still, they are abundantly present as the most important parts of astrology readings.

These are the names of asteroids (some of them), and they are presented deeply in our natal charts.

Today we are talking of one particular Demeter or Ceres, like the asteroid that is in charge of the family, kids, and in general those relations.

Here we will examine its placement in the Cancer Zodiac sign.

General Meaning

This person feels best if he or she can do a lot of work at home, and when he or she has a lot of children, and to raise them with a lot of love.

There will be a lot of home work from cooking, washing, ironing to some hard repairs, etc.

This position of Ceres is very interesting in this way since when it appears in the Cancer sign, it shows that the person has or needs a lot of maternal care – giving or receiving, it does not matter.

This aspect brings so much greatness in the sense of family love. Those who have this position of Ceres are truly made to have families to cuddle and to give them a lot of love.

But, this position of Ceres in Cancer can turn into its opposite and become something that does not work well, in any sense.

It can turn into drama, where the person will feel unworthy, unable to love or be love, give or receive love, everything opposite of a healthy relationship with the family members or lovers.

In some way, this is an emotional madness. This position brings one feeling that no one can love you, that you cannot love anyone else that no one cares for you, etc.

Here we can see a lot of grief that is typically associated with the dramatic Cancer – and what is needed is to provide a lot of kisses and hugs. This will blow away all those ugly thoughts.

All of this does not carry any relevance, but you must be aware of it when you are a parent, and when you have a child with this Ceres position.


In this way, you will know, without a doubt, what your child needs, or in some cases, a partner.

And more importantly, do not neglect this need and behavior if you notice, but try to make it go away. Certainly, you have a lot of love to make it go away.

Personality and Soulmate

People with this position of Ceres in the Cancer sign create the most homely and comfortable atmosphere at home so that everyone will feel the best about them. You could imagine how the family of this person feels or a lover or spouse.

Here there is a pronounced need to take care of all people in their surroundings, and they certainly want to be taken care of in return. This personality is very needy; do not make a mistake about it.

So, if your soulmate has this position of Ceres, do not be lazy. Take care of them, and they will make you worthy for sure.

The problem arises when these people do not feel loved, they have a feeling that everyone hates them – in this case, a loving nature turns into its opposite, then they become needy, demanding, and boring individuals.

And everyone will walk away from this person if such behavior continues for a longer period of time.

One more thing is relevant – have in mind that a food play an extremely important role as this person likes to eat when he or she is happy and when is unhappy.

Those individuals with this position of Ceres, if they were well cared for as children, then they will be able to take great care of others, and if they neglected them or received too much love, they may become overly dependent on attention.

Neither of these cases is good, and they appear when Ceres is badly inspected with other planets in the natal chart.

The asteroid Ceres in the sign of Cancer gives a tendency to care about others, compassion, and discord in the expression of emotions – the reality in people’s personalities is somewhere in between.

Ceres in Cancer – Woman

First of all, bear in mind that Cancer is, in general, a passive but emotionally active sign, and in the natal chart of a woman, the position of Ceres in Cancer gives a sensitive traditional woman and housewife, full of tenderness, gentleness, and understanding.

When it comes to this lady, in her family role, she teaches her children family values, the values of home and hearth.

One of the most important traits for her is fidelity and loyalty to her husband, herself, and family. Family life is in the first place for her, so she will teach them to become that and to respect family values, know their relatives, home, and family tradition. They will instill family values in their children as the most important, introduce them to their roots. 

It is important to cherish all that lies in the past, so it does not get forgotten and to have a lot of tenderness that is all combined passed to her kids.

This Ceres in a Cancer sign gives a gentle, empathetic woman who will comfort, encourage, provide tenderness, warmth, and love not just to her kids but to the wider family and also her husband. With her, everyone around her will always have support and understanding.

This woman is able to teach them to be careful and not to trust everyone lightly, but he will teach them deep, loyal love towards those to whom he trusts.

This is maybe the biggest value, important, as long as she does not turn into one of those needy mothers who are not able to let kids out of her nest.

Ceres in Cancer – Man

Even in male’s natal chart, Ceres in Cancer shows one of the most sensitive fathers that can be a bit worried.

Not just questions are the kid is hungry and does his wife have all that she needs, but questions like he is a good parent and a person? Even when everything is fine, he worries, and this is something that is constant.

This man will pay the most attention to the child’s feelings, interests, as well as to the fact that everything is fine in the house where he lives.

Well, the next day when a child moves, when he grows up. He is always there to help, but also to give good advice. A true loving father!

A man who feels like he has not been taken cared of very well in the past may come to the feeling that he is at a low point in life and that he needs the most is any kind of emotional assistance. He would need a dedicated and woman with a lot of patience.

If you are with this man, you can make him or her with food, and cuddles, because he is very emotional. If he was loved as a child, he will, in turn, take excellent care of other people, including his wife and kids.

If such childhood love has been denied or if he was smothered with too much love can grow overly carnivorous.


If during this transition, you are able to avoid the deep need to become overly dramatic, then you can make a loving home and a lot of deep emotions.

This position of Ceres in the sign of Cancer most commonly comes as an indication of a strong family connection, even maybe a family company.

Here, Ceres is associated with the family business that can turn out to be very lucrative. What is needed now is an amazing organization, and there must be nurture for traditional values.

Here, Ceres wants to stay at home, and it wants to be in a safe environment, where all members enjoy and feel comfortable. Maybe this is the perfect timing to remodel your home and make a comforting nest for the family.

There will be a lot of hugs, kisses, and care – parents toward children and vice versa.

This position of Ceres proves that there is no place like home, it gives a great feeling of comfort in the home, and the communication here is very tactile and emotional.

Show the people you love how much they mean to you and how much you value their presence in your life. You will see how much you will get in return.

In a family, there will be a lot of hugs and kisses, and there is a deep need to be pleased and feel safe when embraced.

The negative connotation of this position of Ceres is that it brings a somewhat a crisis when they are not enough when there must be something more the just cuddles.

Then comes the drama, unsafely, fights, and a lot of problems in interpersonal communication.

Family can break apart, for sure, making all members feeling alone.

There must be a deep need to avoid this kind of dramatic behavior, and this can be especially hard for those people who did not have a happy childhood themselves. This may be, in this case, a very challenging position for Ceres.

Also, this does not mean that they cannot have a loving home if they try.